Velamma 14 Falling Prey

Velamma 14 Falling Prey

Someone has witnessed Velamma’s encounter with Vicky and knows all about her secret make out sessions with men other than her husband. He blackmails her to visit Hotel Humraahi, a seedy establishment, where he commences his grand plans for her.

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Bangkok mein threesome

Hi guys I’m 30yrs old now 6fts 1″ 70 kgs, 31 waist, 7″ big cock, been into gay sex since I was 12. It all started with my cousin brother but that’s a different story. Today I am going to tell you about a hot encounter in Bangkok when I got more than what I asked for. I was in Bangkok for my higher studies when I was 23 and it was a heaven for me, everyday new guy and every night honeymoon night. I love chinky boys and this were no less than a treat. I would normally find guys on internet but there was no end to options, I met them in streets, malls, saunas, movies u name it.

So this one fine day I was just chatting on internet and came across this gorgeous looking guy about 19yrs old and dying to be with a hung Top. Well we started chatting and decided to meet up later. So I asked him to come to my place. Around 11:00 in night he arrived. I had the security let him come to my room and we started casual chat. He looked absolutely amazing. So sexy in his clothes. I think he was wearing ladies jeans. But not feminine. A very tight T-shirt showing his nipples. But I noticed he was not feeling very comfortable. So I asked me what’s the matter and he said he had never been with an Indian guy before and was a bit scared.

I assured him it was fine but then he revealed that he actually came with a friend just to be safe and he was waiting for him downstairs in his car. Well I was a bit surprised but then I asked him if he was gay too. YES was the answer. So I said well do you want him to come up too. He was more than happy for that, so he called him up too. Now this guy was probably 20yrs again very good looking, little chubbier than my friend but he was great looking. I liked both of them and now was thinking how to get them both in bed. But well it was pre decided by these two guys, little did I know.

So slowly and steadily they moved into my bed and the guy I met on net, let’s call him Tee and other one was Not. Well that’s the kind of names they have. So Tee got close to me and kissed me while Not was still just watching. We were all inside the blanket. I felt a hand moving on my shorts and into them. Then another hand fondling my balls. I was getting hard. Not was looking at me still with a shine in his eyes. Suddenly he disappeared under the blanket and I felt my shorts going down and something coming on my dick with my undies still on. Now Tee was still kissing my moving from my lips to neck and nipples. He kept going down, kissing my naval and continuing his journey to the destiny. He also disappeared under the blanket and now my undies were going down, I can’t see either of guys and my balls and other parts were licked and kissed like crazy. Velamma 14 Falling Prey

Suddenly my dick felt wet and a mouth was on it, not sure who it was but the other one was expertly sucking my balls and licking all over till my ass hole. Now I was really HOT and decided to remove the blanket. Tee was still all dressed while Not was naked under the sheets. He had a big cock for a Thai boy. I called Tee up and started undressing him. WOW he looked great smooth spotless body, very slim. not a single hair anywhere. His cock was normal size and fully erect. He was the one sucking my cock and he wanted more of it so he went back to his job. Now I pulled Not up and I was dying to get a cock in my mouth so I just pulled him all the way up. made him sit on my chest and got his cock in my mouth. No was I sucking and cock and getting sucked as well.

We continued all this for some time changing positions. Now I was ready to fuck and I was dying to fuck.

I wanted to fuck Tee but he was not ready yet, he was scared that my big cock with hurt him. So I asked Not, he agreed. I put him in position and lied him down on bed and I got on top of him. Moved tee to the top of bed where I can kiss him while fucking Not. I put some gel on his ass and got a condom on my dick. I was rock hard and his ass was ready. I pushed myself into him and was inside in no time. Can feel that he has done it several times before. Now I positioned myself in such a way that I was on top of Not with my dick into him and Tee was sitting over his head where I can reach his lips. I asked Tee to put his cock in Not’s mouth.

He said NO he’s my friend I won’t do it. So I pulled my dick out of Not and said I won’t fuck unless they do what I say. So after some hesitation he agreed and Not started sucking him and me fucking Not. We all were enjoying it like anything. After about 15 minutes I was ready to cumm. I told them, Not said cumm on my chest. So I took my dick out of his ass and removed condom and he made me shoot on his chest. I asked if he wanted to cumm, he said not yet. So he went to look to cleanup. I pulled Tee towards me, I just cleaned myself with tissues. I started fondling him and licking his nipples. He was getting Hot. Now I got down, sucked him a little and then continued towards his Hole, kissing and licking all the way, he was moaning. I started fucking his hole with my tongue, he was moaning loud now. Still no sign of Not he was still in shower. Velamma 14 Falling Prey

Now I moved myself up, got another rubber and out some gel on his ass. He was resisting a little but I forced him down and started pushing my cock into his ass. He was very tight. Slowly I entered he was almost screaming, I heard none of it and started moving in and out and kissing him in between, now I saw Not standing outside bathroom looking at us, he was hard, I called him towards me and made him stand next to me on the bed. Got my mouth on his cock and started sucking him while fucking Tee. I was really in heaven now and after about 15-20 minutes I was ready to cumm. Tee said cumm inside me, I was masturbating him and sucking Not at the same time. I wanted both of them to cumm with me. Surprisingly enough Tee was the first one to cumm squeezing his ass on my dick and finally making me cumm. Not withdrew his dick from my mouth and started cumming all over me and Tee. WOW it was amazing.

We all moved into shower and had some fun there, kissing and licking and washing each other. It was almost 4:00 in the morning by now, they wanted to leave, I said OK but we will meet again soon. And we did meet again a few times.