Velamma 15 The First Interview

Velamma 15 The First Interview

It is Veena’s first ever interview and she dearly needs the job. However, the recruiters Robin and Shamim won’t just take anyone for a job with such a hefty salary. Veena must highlight her talent, especially her “oral” skills to impress the two and secure the job.

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This story is based upon my recollection of true events. I’m Sam 24years old I had Muslim girlfriend .she was from UK. Her family moved over to India when she was very young. When my girlfriend (Sherbanu) introduced me to her mother (Rani) and I fancied her straight away. She’s is 45 and in really good shape. As they where from abroad they don’t mind there girl having Hindu friend Initially, I was afraid to let my feelings be known because Rani’s husband is rather old fashioned and could barely tolerate a like me dating his daughter. I couldn’t visit when he was home and he was always trying set Sherbanu up with ‘good, decent boys’. I didn’t think Sherbanu would exactly be too pleased either if I started coming on to her mother. I decided to wait until the time was ‘right’.

One day, I was round at the house and both Sherbanu and her mother were in the garden. I crept up to Rani’s bedroom and had a quick rummage in her drawers. Sure enough, this foxy bitch had a plentiful supply of lace underwear and skimpy cock-tease outfits. She maybe dresses and acts noble in public but she sure is a slut for hubby. Then I found an envelope, and yes… Polaroid’s! Rani sucking her husband’s cock and being taken every which way, with pretty much nothing missed out.

I thought that maybe I could get some action from her too and decided to make a move on her. Next day, I visited again when Sherbanu had gone shopping. Rani was washing up at the kitchen sink and I said that I’d give her a hand. She was wearing a tight, white sari and her big tits (40 size) were jutting out, stretching the thin fabric. I couldn’t resist any longer and grabbed them from behind. She was taken completely by surprise and let out a scream.

She was shocked, not angry. “Sherbanu will murder you if she catches you carrying on like this.” she said.

“It’s more your husband that I’m worried about, he would really kill me!.. But that’s a chance I’m willing to take.” I replied and led her to the sitting room. I stood Rani in the middle of the room and sat down in front of her. “If you don’t want to, tell me now… But I want you to strip for me.” I said, wasting no time because Sherbanu would be back in a couple of hours with the shopping. I pulled down my jeans and started pumping away at my cock. Rani couldn’t take her eyes off it and slowly started to sway her hips. I reckoned that if she was going to play ball, then she probably expected to get treated like a tramp.

“I didn’t tell you to dance, I said to strip… So STRIP!” I said forcefully.

She glanced at the floor and then back at me. She smiled and removed her clothes. What a sight… Her silky, sandy skin and those massive breasts with big brown nipples that were stiff and protruding.

“Oh god,” I muttered, “You could hang your jacket on those things.”

I then got her to squat between my knees and toss me off and we both got carried away, So much so that neither of us heard Sherbanu come in with the shopping as she had come in the back door, not the front. She went crazy, catching me titty-fucking her mother in the front room. Rani burst into tears and blamed it all on me. In the end, it was actually Sherbanu that calmed everybody down by stripping off and joining us!

Like mother, like daughter, both were exceptionally well endowed with large breasts. Titty-fucking had been a staple diet in my sex life with Sherbanu. She got down between my knees and wrapped my prick with her breasts. She gazed up at me and smiled as she started to boobs up and down, gently fucking my dick. To see such a pretty girl do that to you is beyond comparison. Before I could cum, Sherbanu got up and sat in the armchair where I had been and draped her legs over each arm, fully exposing her sex. As I got on my knees to fuck her, Rani perched herself on the back of the chair and was affectionately stroking her daughter’s hair. I was soon giving her a serious humping. My knees were not exactly winning the battle of ‘wear and tear’ as they rubbed on the carpet whilst fucking. I stopped for a minute to change to a more comfortable position. But Sherbanu got up and turned to her mother, telling her that it was her turn now! Velamma 15 The First Interview

Amazingly, Rani was even tighter than her daughter was and I reveled in the sensuous caress of her inner pussy. It was so tight that I could feel it flexing around me every time I pushed in. Sherbanu knelt behind me and was gently pushing my buttocks as I thrust, helping me penetrate her mother even deeper. We kept switching and fucking for over an hour. They eagerly swallowed my cum as they were forbidden to use contraception and didn’t want to get pregnant by me. The big finale for me was to stand up and get both of them to kneel in front of me and take turns to lick and suck my dick clean. They kept sucking me long after my knob had been cleaned and I started to get hard again. Pretty soon my semen erupted in a huge watery cascade… Covering their faces and beautiful hair. Whilst they admitted that they had enjoyed our escapade, both Sherbanu and Rani swore never to repeat the event and demanded that I keep it a secret.

But I had something far more sinister in mind… I had them… I could use them… Pervert them… Turn them into sluts that they only dreamed of being in their fantasies… I could turn them over to SANDIP for a day… “OK… On one condition… Just for today… You must do what I say, no questions or hesitations… Is that agreed?” They looked at each other for a minute and then they both nodded. Velamma 15 The First Interview

“Right… Get yourselves cleaned up and put on your best saris… You’ve got twenty minutes… And I want you both looking pure and virginal.” They both giggled as they ran upstairs to get ready. As they were changing, I made a quick telephone call to SANDIP and quickly filled him in. When they returned, my cock stiffened just looking at them.

“Excellent,” I said, “let’s go for a little drive.” We piled into their family car. I drove and they both sat in the back seat. I pulled up at the side of the road in the middle of the city.