Velamma 33 The Funeral

Velamma 33 The Funeral

Velamma and Ramesh attend the funeral of his boss’s wife. There, she stumbles upon a weeping boy, the boss’ son Navaj. Velamma wants to help him get through the painful day but the boy’s unusual request puts her in a dilemma. A dilemma that she has grown used to by now.

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My neighbor virgin girl

Hi I am Rajesh finished a Degree course last year. This is the first time I am posting my real story that happened with my neighbor virgin girl, Sandya (name changed).We are living in the same colony in Amatur a village in vnr district tamilnadu. I am fair, Jim body person. Sandya though moderate color, she has big boobs and a very nice structure.

Coming to story, I have to say thanks to my friend. Since my friend dinesh loved her. He asked me to be a mediator. I always had a lust on her and so I agreed to act as a mediator. I got many chances to speak with her regarding the gifts, cards given by my friend. She rejected my friends’ love. By the side our friendship began. She is from a conservative family, so I made a very big plan and acted accordingly. First I came to know that she is fond of luxury. So I have given foreign chocolates daily. She became very close to me. We sat together and spoken a lot. I intentionally place my hand on her thigh. She won’t care. The surroundings won’t allow me to go beyond that. That night I used to masturbate thinking of her. Velamma 33 The Funeral

The first chance came. Her birthday is on Sep 10 it is Wednesday. I gave her a big chocolate and a rose. She became very happy. She asked what you want. Waiting for this chance I said “I want a kiss “. She stunned for a second and seeing around said that don’t speak like that again. I apologized for that and said that just for fun. I thought that I have to take her alone to some other area then only I enjoy her. So I asked her to come for a film in Madurai. She had not seen films in cities. She said ok immediately. Madurai is about 2 hours from our village .The next morning saying to parents we go college we went to Madurai. On that day she looked very beautiful… She wore blue churida with free hair. When we go Madurai we seated separately .She had a fear that any one could see us and it will create problem. Actually we planned for the latest hit film and there will be much crowd. She did not know about the city. I take this chance and saying that we are late for the movie, we went to a flop movie. As I expected only ten to fifteen people is in the theatre. One couple is also there. On seeing them she relaxed. We went to balcony corner seat.

The movie started. I placed my hand on her hand. She didn’t respond. After 15 min I said her “Normally my friends will put their hand on their girl friend when they are watching movie”. She smiled and said “O.K. but only inside the theatre”. I said o.k. And then placed my hands on her shoulder covering her back. She felt stimulated. Then I slowly moved my hand from her shoulder to hand. She is getting hotter now. I freely moved my hand on her back but slowly. Then I moved on her hair, ear, cheek, neck and she stopped my hand when I about to touch her nipple of big boobs. I got angry and taken my hand from her. Then after 2 mins she placed her hand on my thighs and smiled cunningly. I haven’t responded. She caressed and placed her hands on my couch. The pleasure was unbelievable. She rubbed it gently. Unfortunately it is the interval time. Suddenly a thought struck me. I went to canteen and bought only one cone ice cream. She said that she likes ice cream much (I knew this before). I said that only one cone is left in the canteen, so we share this. I removed her thupetta saying that ice cream may drop on that. I put the ice cream on her mouth with cone on my hand… I intentionally dropped the cone. It fallen on her boobs and then thighs. Saying that I need ice cream I licked ice cream and her breast. She is moving her breast up and down with excitement. I don’t know my dick also started getting stiff. She started giving me a very good hand job. I shot my load into her mouth. She swallowed it without spilling and she cleaned my tool with her tongue. Then I kissed on all parts of her body. The movie came to end.

We came out. I want to take full advantage of that day. I already got a key from my friend’s house in Madurai. He will be in college at this time and there will be no one. I said “Sandya today very hot, we take rest for sometime and then go. She nodded. We taken lunch and then went to the room, it was a lonely house. I switched on the P.C… To my luck I saw a XX Malayalam movie in the system. I pretended that I do not what movie and I played that and went to bathroom to have some refreshment. I came out slowly without her notice and Sandya is watching the movie deeply. She is becoming hotter and hotter. I placed my hand on her shoulder. I began to open zip of churidar on her back side. My mouth is watering to see her naked back. Gently I am pulling down zip. More I am pulling down more I can see her naked back with bra strap. I lick her naked back and kiss it too. She stands up from the chair. I hugged her from back. She is getting sexy sensation so she pushes her buttock out. Then her buttock hit my hard dick. I feel electricity current running my blood. I am going mad.

I turned her. I started kissing her face and then lips and then I came to the neck. I kissed on her lips and then started licking them. Then I shove my tongue into her mouth and licking inside her mouth. While we kissed, I felt her hand move to my couch. Then I take off her churidar full and then also the pajama down. Now she is only standing with bra and panty. She is looking so sexy. I never see woman body like this. Her buttocks are so full round and tight inside panty. I am feeling and massaging her soft smooth skin on back. She had worn a pink bra in which she looked very sexy. I remove the straps from her shoulder and skipped the bra down. She had a very big pair of boobs and pink nipples had made her like a sex goddess. Her nipples become rock hard. I caught her tender boobs in my hand and press them harder. She was constantly moaning aaaaoohhhh. She removed my shirt. My dick is tearing my pant zip and cumming out like hot rod. She removed my pant and jatti also. I continue to pull her panty down. When I doing that I am also kissing her ass. Now my Sandya is fully naked for me. She had a very nice hairless pussy. Velamma 33 The Funeral

I put my hand on his pussy and started rubbing it. Then I put my hand into her pussy. She cried uuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. She had a very tight and virgin pussy. I laid her on the bed and opened her hands. I was licking her badly. She asked to do it fast. After some time I put my 7’’ inch cock near her virgin pussy. I take her nicely in my arm and put her cunt on my dick and show her how to do it. She get afraid first than she is learning very fast. I slowly put my dick in the mouth of her cunt, made a harder stroke and one inch of my dick was entered into her pussy. She screamed uuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I again made a gentle stroke and her cries were increasing with every stroke. After two or three strokes my dick was stopped by some obstruction. I understood that it was her virginity seal. I made a harder stroke. A cry broke from her aaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiiiiii. I continue making smaller strokes and after my dick had entered her pussy completely. I again start making to and fro movements. She was again crying but I continue to fuck her. I made several harder strokes and loved to listen her moans. Then I rolled onto my back and she got on top and presented me with her breasts while she rode my lund. I loved the feeling of having her hug my lund with her choot. We peaked at the same time and she collapsed on top of me and pressed her body on mine. We are banging our sex organs continuously until it is become evening time. Than I tell her ok enough for today. We came to our village by bus. Velamma 33 The Funeral