Velamma 34 Another Family Affair

Velamma 34 Another Family Affair

Velamma’s sister Nami, is shifted to hospital after some complication with her pregnancy. Her husband, Surya, is stressed out so Velamma tries to soothe him during which the two share each other’s worries and reminiscence their good old days which inevitably gets them closer than ever.

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It is not necessary to tell something about me, but I guess it will help you to visualize the incident in a better way. I’m a 29 year guy, working in MNC and with handsome look and lifestyle. Life is cool in Kolkata with friends and girlfriend. I had a break up last year, so really not interested in serious relationship at this point of time. But I am missing her, specially the passionate sex life we had. The incident that I’m going to tell you today just took place few days before. On the 13th Feb I had to attained my friends engagement party, on pretext of that I went to shopper stop to collect some gift coupon at around 5:30 in the evening. Who knows Kolkata they must know about City Center, saltlake. It’s a nice place to roam around for the couples. It was a pleasant evening and the place was crowded too. While I was busy with the customer care officer to buy the gift coupon, one lady came in the next counter to collect her dress material which she has given for altering. It’s not that she is stunningly beautiful and anybody can dream about her. But she is attractive. She knows very much that she has some gifted asset. She also knows how to make them more beautiful and attractive. She is a wonderful with her acquired beauty. Velamma 34 Another Family Affair

A lady with 5feet 4inch height, glowing fair complexion, who has a magical voice and a seductive style of speaking should attract a man who is standing her next counter. So am I. I looked to her with more interest, she enticed me crazily. She was amazing with the hanging strand from side faced, with the little smile in her luscious lips and obviously with the beauty of her eyes. As time going on she was driving me madly. She noticed that I’m looking to her for a long time, even also the customer care person which whom I was talking earlier. She left me no choice but to introduce myself and know more about her. I don’t know how to start the conversation, but I desperately need it. Suddenly the delivery boy gave her the garment that she gave to alter. She brings out the garment from the packet and was checking the same. It was a salwar having some sophisticate stitch material in it. I don’t know but all of a sudden I just spoke out that “you need to be very careful about those loosely stitched material”, she look at me with surprise, ”I guess, this stitched materials are the crown jewel of your dress and will be looking nice on you ”, I continued. She smiled and said “Thank you”. I felt relaxed. “So, what you are by profession?” She just continued the conversation.“I’m a fashion designer”, I lied. With some satisfied feeling she concludes “That may be the cause, you noticed the dress material that way”. “Not exactly only because of that” I’m bit bold.“Well then what else the reason is there behind your generosity” she is bit inquisitive.“I guess, you know that you are beautiful. But in fact it’s not only your native beauty, rather it’s your acquired beauty that entice me a lot. I need some issue to talk with you.” I have no other way but to tell the truth. “Actually I’m in great infatuation the moment I saw you first”, I concluded and looked to her eyes to see her reaction.

It seems she is very smart or quite habituated with such comments, whatever there is no reaction from her end. She simply said ”very funny”. We ware roaming in the store and keep talking. After some time, I offer her a cup of coffee. I got some sense that she is not going to refuse me. So we went for the coffee. In the mean time I bypass my friend who came with me to buy the gift coupon for my friend marriage and told her that i’ll join later in the night. With the coffee we talked a lot, it’s nice to talking with her. She looks very lovely when she smiles. After some time she suddenly become serious and asked me that why I’m spending so much time with her. And I don’t have any clear answer for her to give so I remain silent. She broke the silence, she told that she is married. I looked to her with inquisitive eye. She told That she is Christian and her name is Olive. The first thought run through my mine “It’s good to have short term relationship with a married women”. I asked her why she said that? What is there in her mind? Why she is spending time? But I didn’t receive no answer. I looked to her eyes and try to read the unspoken words. She looks bit indifferent and lost in some world. I guess something and that gave me a chilling current through my spinal. But I want to make sure about it. It’s almost 7pm. I asked her about her plan for rest of the evening. She was silent. I’m not sure that whether it’s decent to offer her for a movie or dinner or something else on that very day. So I asked her for a walk, if she doesn’t mind. She told me that “If I’m here with you for past an hour or so and having coffee then what’s the hell is there to go for a walk. I would love to go for it. In fact this place is very much crowed”. So we move on. It’s spring time and the weather is pleasant and romantic. I took her one of my favorite place. It’s a place surrounding very large lake. There is a road on the other side of the road, all the cars are moving very fast and their shadows and lights are leaving lots of magical and whimsical images on the lake water surface. The little rippling effect in the water making the environment even more magical. We walked a long path with absolute silence. “Can we sit?” It’s after quite long time she spoke. So we sat on a lake side wooden bench. After some time she broke the silence with a romantic voice, “ I have a feeling that I’m seating with someone whom I know for a long time, it’s very difficult to think about that it’s not in actual”. “You know, you are very good in talking, the moment you starts talking you are dragging me towards you, and it’s nice to talking with you so long”, she continues “now you bring me here, I never know such a beautiful place rather exists, you know, you feel me great Mr.”.

“Mr. Siddharth” I answered. “Isn’t the place bit cold?” She asked simply.She was sitting on my left, I put my left hand and put around her neck and hold her close. “now you will feel better” I told softly. She didn’t tell anything but rests her head on my chest slowly. It was a heavenly feeling to around with a women of such a degree of beauty and in such a romantic place. We were speechless for quite a long time. Suddenly a cell phone rang. She got a call. Then she told me that she got to go. I asked “do you really need to go?”“I don’t want, but I have to. After all I’m not yours. ”It’s a pain that I felt in my heart, I hold her tightly. She turned towards me and gave me a deep hug. I do respond on her move and whisper to her ear, “I would love to say that I love you so”. She nodded and told that “I love you too”. After two/three long deep embrace I gave a soft kiss on her fore head. Then we moved towards the main road. I gave her my business card. “When can you meet again?” I questioned. She didn’t tell anything but showed me the business card that I gave. “well, give me a call when you wish, but it would be better if you can be my valentine on the very next day”, I spoke to my mind. Before step in to main road I just embrace her from back and gave her a light wet kiss on her neck. She suddenly turn towards me and gave me a lip kiss. It was awesome feeling. I do gave her a French kiss with continuation of her initiation. We played with each other tongue for quite a sometime. I held closer to me, her breast touched my chest and my right hand is firmly holding her butt and pushing her hard towards me, and my left hand in roaming on her back. After a long kiss of around 10 min, she just broke out, and I hugged her tightly. “It’s the best kiss I have ever so far in my life“, she told happily and was bit excited too. “Do you really have to go?” I questioned again. “I’m sorry, in fact I don’t want, but I have to. Please believe me. I would love to stay with you but I have no choice, please ” she pleaded. “Can you be my valentine tomorrow?” I asked. She was silent. Velamma 34 Another Family Affair