Velamma 20 Payback

Velamma 20 Payback

Creditors come knocking at Velamma’s home to collect the cash Ramesh owes them. Velamma requests time for payback but they are not ready to go without collateral. When Velamma says she doesn’t have any, the horny men suggest otherwise. Check out episode 20 from the Velamma series now!

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Stranger’s are fun

Hello Guys, Gals, Bhabhis, Aunties, This is kshitiz frm delhi. This site has given more encouragement for the people who like to share their experiences with their friends. The story, which I am writing, is true and it was a year back. I was 20 at that time and now I am 23. Now let me come to the story when i was in Bangalore. Velamma 20 Payback

Once I had been to my friend’s house. On my way back to my house, I had to come to Majestic to board the bus to my place. As there was no bus, I had to wait there till I get the bus. A girl came running towards one of the bus. While she was nearing to the bus she slipped and was about to fall. But I went and caught her from not falling down. She thanked me for saving her from falling. I asked her why she was in a hurry as to that particular route there are many buses.

Then she told that it was not that bus and she had confused. Actually she was from our area. So we started to chat for sometime and finally the bus arrived. We both got up into the bus and sat side by side. The bus was not much crowded and we were free to chat. The bus left and we started to chat on different topics. I came to know that she was having a boy friend and she had broke up. By then her stop was nearing and she asked me to come to her house now. She was staying with her mom. I hesitated a bit and after she requested me a lot I agreed and went to her house. As we were on our way to her house, we had cool drinks, as the weather was very hot. We reached her house and I got introduced to her mom. Her mom’s name is Anupama and she was a widow. Oops I forgot to tell the girl’s name. Her name is Ranjani. Ranjani was 18 and her mom was 35. Aunty asked me how we met and I told her the incident that happened. She thanked me. When I was about to leave Ranjani came towards me and asked me to have lunch with them, as they were sick of having lunch lonely. Even aunty forced me a lot and I agreed after sometime. I called to my parents and told that I would be late as I am in my friend’s house and we are studying. Velamma 20 Payback

She agreed and asked me to reach home as soon as possible. We three had lunch and again started to chat. As the time passed it was evening. Aunty told us that we could go out and shop something. We went out. Aunty and Ranjani brought for themselves some make-up things. We were back home around 6:30PM and we took some rest. When I was about to leave aunty and Ranjani again forced me to stay there tonight. After some hesitation I agreed and again I called to my house and told mom that I won’t be coming tonight. She asked me the reason and again I lied her. They were happy now and aunt started to ask me about my college and girls. I told that I had no girl friends. Hearing that aunty and Ranjani were shocked and told me that I was lying. I told the truth and they believed. I asked about aunt’s personal life too. She told that hers was an arranged marriage and her husband was very happy with her and her daughter. But suddenly he died in an accident leaving her and Ranjani alone. It was 8:00PM and we had our dinner. After our dinner, we started to watch the TV. Aunty switched ON the channel to Z MGM and there was an explosive scene in that. Girl being kissed passionately with a guy. At that moment I closed my eyes and Ranjani and Aunty asked me “Vaibhav, why are you shy?” I told that I was not shy and started to watch the TV. I want to tell you people one thing that both mom and daughter are like friends. Now the scene was getting more romantic. Guy never stopped kissing and girl was enjoying as well. He started to remove her top and kissed all over her neck and face.

Suddenly a question was on air by aunt, Vaibhav have you ever smooched a girl. I told no and she asked me why? I told her that I never got an opportunity. Then she asked will you smooch if get an opportunity? I told why not aunty. Then aunty told me why don’t you try with me? I told aunty that why not aunty. Velamma 20 Payback

Then I went near by her and asked her that can I sit on your lap? She told me yes and we started to smooch. This went on for 10 minutes. Then Ranjani asked me why you don’t smooch me Vaibhav. Then aunty told me to go and smooch Ranjani too. I went near to her and smooched her too. Again smooched her for nearly 10 mins. By that time the guy in the TV had removed all the dress of the gal and was kissing the boobs. Aunty looked at me and asked Vaibhav why we don’t try out that one as well. I asked aunty that Aunty I think you have had an experience with your hubby and she told that Yes Vaibhav but it was quite a long time. By that time Ranjani went towards the door and locked it. Now again aunt and me started to kiss and I started to circle to belly region of aunt by my finger. We were getting hotter and hotter. I pulled aunty and Ranjani towards me and started to remove their sarees. They were on their blouse and petticoat now. I went to aunty and started to unhook the blouse and untied the not of petticoat by my teeth and then I did the same with Ranjani as well. Now these two bitches were in their bra and panty. Now Ranjani started to remove my shirt as I was removing aunt’s bra. As soon as I removed aunt’s bra the boobs thronged out and I was astonished to see the boobs. Aunt’s figure was 38-28-36. Amazing right!!! I took one of her boobs in my mouth and squeezed the other one.

Aunty started to moan aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh… That moans made Ranjani horny and asked me to unstrap her bra. As I freed her boobs even hers thronged, as her size was 34-26-32. I took Ranjani’s one boob in my mouth and the other was being squeezed by me. She too moaned aaaaaahhhhhhhh… eeeeehhhhhh… Uuuuuuhhhhhhhh… I told aunty why don’t we go the bathroom and drench our self in water and start it again. Ranjani told Mom it’s a good idea. Even aunty liked it. Then we three went inside the bathroom and I freed their long silky sexy hairs. You know I am mad for girls who have long hairs. Shower was started and water was falling. I started to squeeze one boobs of both aunt and Ranjani. By then Ranjani removed my pant and I removed both of theirs panties. Velamma 20 Payback

They both had nice shaved cunts. I then bent and licked aunt’s pussy first and then went on to Ranjani’s pussy. Ranjani’s pussy was much taster than aunt’s. Then I stood up and shampooed the hairs of aunt and Ranjani. By that time aunt removed me underwear and cock thronged out and made a contact with aunt’s lips. She was gasped. She masturbated my cock and took it inside her mouth after being cleaned and I was sucking Ranjani’s boobs. She moaned harder and louder. This made me hot more n more. Now we all went to the bedroom after being cleaned by each other. Now I took my cock and inserted into aunt’s pussy and started to fuck her. By the time I asked Ranjani to get some honey or ice cream or cadburies. She brought all the three within no time. I told her to apply it on her mom’s boobs and start to lick it. She did as I said. Now aunt’s moans aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh….ouch…eeeeeehhhhhhhh…..aaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhh….. Became louder and louder and hotter and melodious. When I realized that I was about to come I told aunt that hey darling I am cumming now. She then told me to remove my cock and I brought the cock near to her face and I cummed on allover her face and she tried to lip smack it. But she was never succeeded in it.

Now it was Ranjani’s turn. I inserted my cock into her pussy and it went easily and later I came to know that both mom and daughter used vibrators to satisfy themselves. Ranjani started to moan more melodies than her mom. The moans of both mom and daughter were so melodious that even melody queen Lata Mangeskar’s voice was ZERO in front of them. I told to aunty to apply some cadburies in my ass and lick it. She was surprised and within no time she applied and licked it. By the time when I was about to cum I told Ranjani that I was about to cum. She wanted my cum in her mouth and she got it. Now I took some ice cream and put it inside Ranjani’s cunt and started to lick it. She was enjoying like anything. She cummed and I drank all the cum. She screamed due to happiness and this made aunt more and hornier. Now aunt pulled me towards her and asked me to lick her cunt by inserting ice cream. I did the same. And she started to moan again harder and louder and hotter and faster. Now Ranjani put some honey on my ass and started to lick it. Just imagine guys how the situation would be. Velamma 20 Payback

Me licking aunt’s pussy and Ranjani licking my ass. Great right!!!!!!! I drank all of the aunt’s cum and took some honey in my fingers and turned to aunts back and inserted my finger into aunt’s ass and she applied honey on my cock. I was about to enter her ass but I suggested that we could enjoy this in a doggy position. She was scared. I slowly inserted my cock in her ass and she screamed with pain. I told Anu this pain will be for some time and later on she feels as if she is in heaven. She controlled her pain by yelling out loudly aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh……. This made Ranjani hotter. I took some honey again and inserted my finger into Ranjani and made her ready for the next anal fuck. She was waiting and waiting and she pulled my cock out of her mom’s ass and told me to do the same with her. I inserted my cock in to Ranjani’s ass and fucked her and at the same time I squeezed her boobs as well. She moaned and moaned and moaned. We were exhausted and we slept naked lying head on each other’s body. I think the time was around 2:45 by then. Aunt woke up around 7AM and woke us up and brought coffee. Before drinking coffee I sucked Ranjani’s boobs and she gave me a nice blowjob. By then Anu came and I sucked her boobs and gave me a nice blowjob too. We drank the coffee and went to bath and cleaned each others body. I promised Anu and Ani that I’ll be back tonight. Velamma 20 Payback

While I was on my way to home I met one my friend and he told me that we are going for a trip and if I am interested I could join them. I told him no and went to home. As went to home mom was waiting for me and asked what u did yesterday. I told her that as my exams were near we were studying. I told mom that Mom my friends have planned a trip to My sore for 4 days and told her that I wanted to go with them. She agreed and gave me 1500 bugs and told me to take care of my food and belongings. It was evening and I was about to leave. I took my mom’s and dad’s blessings and left. But I never went to My sore but I went to Anu aunt’s house. They were surprised to see me with the bag in my hand. When they asked for the reason I explained them and they became very happy. Now we started to discuss about the last night experience. Aunt told that it was a long since she had sex and her hubby also never satisfied like this. She wanted to taste the cock but her hubby never allowed her to do. But she was very happy about overnight as she and Ani had a great fun with me. I suggested aunt and Ani that “why don’t we act as couple?” They were happy to hear this. Then I told them that “Look Ani and Anu darlings, the marriage would be naked, I’ll be sitting in the center and to my right it would be aunt and to my left it would be Ranjani.

They both agreed. I even told them that revolving 7 rounds will be in such a way that my dick will be in their ass each time. Means first I’ll round with Anu holding my cock in her ass and next it would be Ranjani’s turn. I also told them that for taking my blessing you need to suck my cock and touch my feet. They both were very happy and agreed to the plan”. We then made ready for the bed and went to take bath. There we cleaned each others body again and came out to the hall nude and only nude. We sat in front of god and lit a candle in the center so that we can revolve around it. First I tied the mangalsutra to aunt and then revolved with her inserting my cock into her ass. She then fell down and took my cock inside her mouth and that was blessing to her. Now it was Ranjani’s turn and even she did so as what her mom did. Now we three went to the bedroom and started the whole fucking, sucking and licking sessions. This we made in such a way that none had experienced it previously. Velamma 20 Payback

We used Cadburies, honey, ice cream, cool drinks to licking sessions. They licking my ass and I licked their cunt and our mouth was filled up with cums of Cadburys, honey, ice cream and cool drinks. The moans made us hotter and hotter and we had sex in bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, dining hall, hall, and everywhere where it was possible. We enjoyed on all the 4 days and later on went for 6 months before aunt was being transferred to other place. Still now we miss each other a lot. I had heard that both mom and daughter had become pregnant and they had aborted the child, as they would face some problems. Now we enjoy through mails, phones, webcam, they are lesbo now and I have heard that her daughter will be married to a guy. I was very happy hearing that. They are expected to be in Bangalore in June and we would again enjoy till they stay here. Velamma 20 Payback