Velamma 21 Peeping Uncle Tom

Velamma 21 Peeping Uncle Tom

Sameer, an old man, and Velamma’s new neighbor misses her housewarming party so Velamma decides to visit him. There, she realizes that he spies on women with his binoculars and confronts him. Sameer explains his situation and urges Velamma to help him overcome his habit.

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Threesome with couple

Here Rohit from Punjab tell you a real threesome exp. Happened with me. I am fair 28 years slim, good looking, sexy guy with 5.10 height and athletic body guy. I go gym regularly so my body is quit fit and good in shape.

One day I am chatting in yahoo Punjab room there; I gets a guy name Vishal who is looking some sexy good-looking guy for doing threesome. He is looking any guy who can fuck his wife in front of him. I asked their details He told me they are 28/32 couple vishal and ruchi and tell me his wife is very much sexy and looks like model. I accepted his proposal. We start chatting than he tells me he looking some trusts worthy friend for doing threesome. I become ready than he ask me my details, which I tell him. He ask me my cock size I told him its 9 inch long and thick and I can hold in fucking more than one hour. He ask me I am telling truth or lying him than I request him dear if the start of friendship is lie than how they become good friends, than he believe me and ask one more question we both are strange to each other, so he ask me how he can trust me? As its question of his reputation as they belong to reputed family, they just want fun not any problems.

He asks me how they can trust me? As I am gentleman and trust worthy to them this is big issue for him as he sharing his wife with me. I say him lets be friends and know each other few time and keep in touch by chatting and phone. Which he agree and we both start talking to each other and knowing each other’s behavior. It goes 2-3 days than He asked me that he want to meet me personally and want to see me. How I look like than we both agree to meet at one common place than he takes me to some small ride in his car and ask me to show my cock. Which is shown him than he gets happy and say me they looking guy like me. Velamma 21 Peeping Uncle Tom

Than he say me let him discuss with his wife and than they call me or leave offline message in yahoo to meet. I say ok. Than I night I meet them in yahoo chat again and ask them what’s program they tell me they will tell me soon. Than after one day Vishal call me and ask me I am free today? I say yes. What’s program? He says they are alone home today till evening and free to do fun toady if I come. I agree and vishal say me to come at some Place. I reached their and see he is already their waiting for me in his car than i sit in his car and he start to his home in next 20-25 min. We reach his home. He park his car in his house and say me to come with him than we both reach inside house as the door’s are open he take me to his bed room and say me to sit. Than he go in another room and come after 5 min. And ask me I like to have water or anything I just say its ok.

Than I asked him where is she? He say me wait ruchi is coming in next 5 mins. Than me sit on chair in his room and vishal sit on bed and tell me ruchi love 69 and getting sucked her choot. Its first time when vishal talk to me in non veg. I just lission him and ask anything else she like he told me if I can satisfy her than they love to fuck with me long terms. We just talking in between ruchi come inside room. I just get mad after seeing her. Vishal introduce me to her rohit I say hi to her she give me hand say me Hello, I catch her and push her near to me. Ruchi is about 5.5, looks like sex bomb. She is 36/27/36 too much perfect in figure. She is just wearing fully transparent nighty and black bra and panty, which is see thru from his nighty, as she is much more than my expectations. As she is just looks like 23-24 years girls.

Than vishal say me to take her wife to bed and let him see our love.

I take her near to bed and standing there I put my lips on her lips. She responds me by allowing me to put my tongue inside her mouth. I hold her from back and put my one hand on her boobs and start pressing boobs and lip kiss. She enjoying this and also giving her tongue in my mouth. She also giving some moans uu….. Uhhh…… uhhhhh.. Uh……. Uhhhhhhh.her eyes were close and I am sucking her juicy lips. I leave her lips and after sucking her lips 5-6 min. She open her eyes and than I again start sucking her lips and put her on side of wall now she standing with support of wall and I start sucking her lips again and my both hand pressing her boobs and my cock is fully erected touching inside her thighs than my mouth move toward her navel and I press her both boobs with my hand and put my mouth in between her boobs she getting hot. And her hands are on my head I suck her cleavage and than again come on her lips and my hand busy in pressing her boobs about after 7-8 min. I again levae her and put her near bed Vishal is watching all in excitement he pressing his cock over his pent. Velamma 21 Peeping Uncle Tom

Than I remove my cloths and stand naked just in underwear. My cock is fully erected jumping in my underwear. She see this and put his hand on my cock and press it. I guide her head to my cock which she understand and sit down and put my cock out of underwear her eyes flashed after seeing my manhood long thick and fully cleave shaven.

She put her hand on it and kiss my balls and than put her tongue on my cock and start sucking. I am in heaven. She take my cock fully in mouth start sucking I am pressing her boobs. She gives me good blowjob. In next 5 -6 mins she suck my cock put his tongue on head of my cock and start looking me my naughty smiles.Than I remove her nighty and goes down. She laying on bed I put her legs on my soulders and start sucking her pussy by making her penty on side.When I put my tounge inside her choot she moan …….. Ahh……..haha…….. Ohhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh……… I start sucking her sweet pussy and she start moaning…oh…ah. Ahhhhhh………. .Yes.

Rohit please …uhhhhhhh…. Yes…………. Her hands on my head pushing me to suck her more and eat her pink choot, than I stop once and se her face it turns red hot and she say me please suck me more. Than I turn 69 and give her my lollypop to suck. I remove her panty and through at vishal. He caught and put on his cock.

Its was to hot we doing 69 and vishal masturbating sitting in front of us. I am fucking his sexy wife and he using his hand than in next 5-6 mins we same position ruchi close her legs more and discharge. But eating my cock hungrily so I can also come but she got tired but my cock fully erected and hand become like big road. Velamma 21 Peeping Uncle Tom

Than come on up and remove her bra and we both start kissing each other and I start sucking her lips. And I start sucking her bobs suck her nipples suck and chew them. Than I rider on her back and start sucking her neck. I am now laying on her back and messaging her back and my cock is on her ass I put this on her ass and push little she say ahh……please no …….she say she never done anal before please not here.I say ok and than I move on her top and put my cock in her choot walls slowly I start going in and she start ahh.

Rohit please showly…i do not hear anything and push this more and grip her both hands. My lips on her lips. She is feeling pain as her legs moving up and down. Than vishal come and push her legs up and say me push inside her fully. I put my full cock in her choot and she is saying ah……….ahhhhhhhh………….ouch………. Vishal please its paining me …… please leave my legs…but he say come on enjoy.. Ahh………oh.

Than vishal leave her legs and I start pumping my iron in her sweet tight hole. She take this fully than in next 1-2 mins she is moving her hips and I am fucking her. Than I put her legs up in air and fuck her fully with full force. She start saying me rohit……….. Ah……..fardo……… please meri choot fardo………..I am pumping it hard. And she is moaning.  Ah uff yes ahhhhhhhhhhhh…….ah….ahh…ahhhhhhhhhh….. Uuuuuuuuu…uhhhhhhhh…… yes…… I put my lips on her lips my han on her boobs her legs up and my cock in her pussy….. Ruchi is moveing in enjoyment…..ah ahhhhhhh.

She is fully co-operating me to screw her…………she again come……….and hold me tightly…but I am pumping her………I put my lips on her nipples and my hand move on her thighs I put her legs on my shoulders and start pumping with more force after 7-8 mins ruchi say she is tired now. But I am still fucking her than I ride on her top and start pumping more fast and she say please rohit its paining me leave her.but I am fully hot now and pumping with full force. She start crying please rohit… Its paining… vishal say me rohit do not leave her. Puri tarah chood ke hatna. I am fucking her hard and she start ahhhhhhhhhhhh…..please.

Its paining……..but I am pumping than after 2-3 mins I discharge in her choot and lay on her………….. After 2-3 mins I get up and she also kiss me and hug me. Vishal ask her is it ok that is what she want she just smile. That we 3 sit their and talk few times Than I go to toilet for pie she come behind me and kiss me on my back and say he you are really marvelous. Than vishal left me at the same place he pic up me .on the way he asked me howz her wife I say its great. Now we become good friends may times when ruchi alone home call to fuck her. Even we have 3 some many times ruchi vishal and me. Velamma 21 Peeping Uncle Tom