Velamma 22 Threes Company

Velamma 22 Threes Company

Velamma accidentally watches her neighbor Shriya fucking someone other than her husband. Before she could leave, Shriya stops her and reveals that she too knows about Velamma’s secret exploits. Now that they know each other’s secrets, they must trust one another and make most of the situation.

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Fucking the Maid again

I had been banging Indu now for well over 3 years, and Champa for two years. Even though I didn’t need to employ two maids in my house, the sex was well worth the expense. Plus I got great food, my house was always clean, and my bed warm. My business in that small town had grown quite a bit and I had made some great connections. In addition to become great friends with Ajay, Kaushal & Uddam — the 3 thakur sons — I had cultivated the most powerful politician in the region — Sharad Kapoor.

Over a period of 6 months, I had paid Sharad over 5 lakhs to get me key contracts from the state government. He had delivered each time. I had made a bundle of money from these contracts and wanted to thank Sharad Kapoor in my own unique way for his help.

Sharad had been coming to my house quite a few times over the past months and I had noticed him lustily eyeing my maids, particularly Indu. The thought had crossed my mind that perhaps it was time for Indu to serve a new master. I knew that Sharad was a married man, but not happy in that union. He had to keep up appearances, so he had gotten stuck in a sexless arranged marriage about 10 years ago. I also knew that he had a leaning towards rough sex with younger women. In fact, the first time I had met him was at one of Ajay Thakur’s maid orgies. I remembered that Sharad had been quite drunk and had brutally fucked — and smacked around — a helpless young bai. Indu would be perfect for him. Velamma 22 Threes Company

I invited Sharad over for drinks to my house to thank him for his help. It was about 8pm in the night when he came over. We started with some black label whiskey and fresh pakoras which were brought out by Indu. I had ordered Indu to dress traditionally in a bright red kasta-maharashtrian saree, with her hair in a juda, wearing bangles, a nose ring etc. She came out looking a very shy traditional, maharashtrian bai. Just the way Sharad liked his women.

By 9.30 pm, Sharad and I were getting quite drunk. I told Indu to serve dinner. I watched as Sharad hungrily eyed Indu walking around. Then I asked him “why don’t you just go ahead and fuck her?” Sharad was too drunk to be shocked by this and just continued to stare. “You know, I’ve been fucking her for 3 years now. I’ve taught her everything. In fact, I’m the only one who’s ever fucked her. I’ve got another maid now working here as well who I’m “training”. If you want Indu, you can have her. She’s yours. Take her with you. Keep her in your house. She’ll obey you and satisfy your every need & desire. Think of her as my personal gift of thanks to you.”

Sharad replied ” are you serious??” I said, “very serious. Take her.”. Without a word, Sharad got up and walked towards the dining table. Indu was bending over the table putting the food on the table. Sharad went up behind her and caught her by the waist and starting grinding his crotch against her ass. Indu was shocked and tried to break free, but Sharad held her tight and started squeezing her ample tits. Indu was struggling in his grip saying ” nahin, nahin. Mujhay jaanay do. Nahin nahin.” She looked at me pleadingly…”maalik mujhay bacchao”. I replied..”Indu, aaj kay baad tu Sharad sahib ki hai. Woh tara naya maalik hai. Chupchap unki baat maan aur jo woh kahay, woh tu kar. Samjhi??” Indu had seen this scene a couple of times before when I had handed over Urmila to the Thakurs and also when her mother & sister had been given to the Thakurs. She knew her fate was sealed. She was smart. She didn’t resist. Velamma 22 Threes Company

Sharad was amazed as Indu quietly stopped struggling to break free and obediently went down on her knees and started undoing Sharad’s pants. I shouted out to him…”she loves sucking dick Sharad. Its the best blowjob you’ll ever get..” Sure enough, within seconds she had his rock hard 8 incher in her mouth and was swallowing it greedily. Sharad’s hands were on her head and he undid her hair. It came cascading down to her ass. He started playing with it as she sucked him hard. Within a few minutes, he had squirted a huge load of semen in her mouth. It really was a big load because it was dripping down the sides of her mouth as she tried to swallow it all. Over the past 3 years, she had developed a taste for cum and knew that her master liked her to swallow it all. She continued to lick his cock clean. Sharad could not believe his luck!!

He ordered her to go clean up and pack her luggage. I told Champa to put out the dinner instead. Sharad had seen Champa around the house before but I knew he prefered Indu. The look of satisfaction on his face said it all. I told Champa that Indu would no longer be working in the house but will be moving to Sharad’s house.

After a hearty meal — and a few more drinks — Sharad was ready to leave. Indu was waiting by the door with her bags packed. I was slightly sad to see her leave, but proud of what she had become in a short three years. From an innocent virgin, I had made her a sex machine, you gave the best blowjobs ever. Velamma 22 Threes Company

The next day, I got news that 4 of my pending contracts with the state went through successfully. I was a crore of rupees richer. Indu was indeed been well worth it!

Sharad went onto become an every more powerful politician in maharashtra over the next 2-3 years. We did a lot of business that was beneficial to both of us. Indu still “works” at his house. Velamma 22 Threes Company