Velamma 23 Dessert For Three

Velamma 23 Dessert For Three

Velamma’s sex life with Ramesh turns spicy as she enjoys Sameer watching her in the act. To show her appreciation, she decides to serve him some cake and surprise him with a sexy lingerie. But little does she know that Sameer has a surprise waiting for her too.

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My First Experience

Hi I m Harsh Dave, about me I m 25yrs old, reside at Jogeshwari, Mumbai. I m 5’10 in height, average in built and my cock is of size 8 and I think it’s a good size. I am very shy when I usually get introduced to any girl or lady. But after few meets I m very free with them. I feel I m very romantic, very hot kind of person as far as love, sex are concerned. There where many occasions when I got a chance to fuck a girl but b’coz she being a friend of mine I never wanted to do it but there where few ladies whom I really wanted to get for a fuck, but always hesitated or u can say scared. About them, few where slim and few were bulgy. But had no courage to ask them. To be honest I like bhabhi’s more than a girl, and that to with a figure 34-40 for breast, 26-34 for waist and 34-40 for ass. This is what I watch for and want to have sex wid. And b4 this incident I was virgin. B4 this incident I have tried to contact few woman 4m d site 4 sex who has posted their stories, but I got a bad and no response 4m them. Bad may not be the right word b’coz I think we are friend now, at least I think. And now about incident it took on 11-08-09. Yes its true, very recently.

Now to the story, it’s not faked its very real. I always go walking to station and then I catch a train and go to my office, on the way to station I always watch a lady washing clothes and almost everyday I enjoy her cleavage. Yes, she is d heroine of the story. Her name is Seema. About her figure she is 36-28-38, 5’5 in height, her weight would be around 45-48 kgs.She is married with 2 kids, a girl and a boy. Initially she uses to hesitate whenever I used to pass her while she washes her clothes. But gradually she was ok and she started allowing me to see her cleavage, one day I almost happened to see her left boob’s nipple rest all was visible.

This thing happened 4 almost 2mths. I go, watching her washing her clothes. But this time I made a plan and prayed that it clicks. I dropped my visiting card near her while removing my hanky 4m pockets when I passed her, and didn’t look back. The day ended and I didn’t receive any call. Other day I again went same way but nothing new I noticed everything was same. Bt I got a call, around 1.30 in d afternoon. She said I m seema, and said she has got my visiting card. I said its ok I have many more and she can keep it. Actually I m into investments and she said she wants to make sum investments that’s the reason why she has called. I said ok lets meet but she said we will not meet at her place but sum other place, I said v can meet at bhayander I have a flat there and ask if she is ok. She got agreed to meet at bhayander. I thanked god and was confident that she wants me and not any investments. She agreed to meet me next day at 2 at bhayander. Next day while passing her I gave a smile and received a smile. This gave me lot of encouragement. And I was waiting 2 meet her. As it was my first time I was very nervous as well as excited.

I went to office first and told my boss going at a clients place for investment purpose. I was at bhayander by 1.45 waiting for her to cum, and she was also punctual she came by 1.55. I greeted her and told her I have a flat nearby only, we will go there and discuss about investments. She agreed and v vent there. On d way I asked her about her investment plans just to be on a safer side and I dint wanted 2 be very fast. She answered my questions but I came 2 know that she is not interested in this topic.

By that time v reached my flat. As we don’t stay there, there is no furniture just a Mat, 2Pillows, 2 chaddars and Matka. V sat on mat. I opened my laptop to give her presentation on investments. Oh sry I didn’t tell u what she was wearing. She was very simply dressed. Blue saree, matching blouse, and black bra, which was visible. As v very just on d mat while watching presentation her pallu came off 2-3 times giving me invitation to suck them. Slowly I started to touch her hands and she didn’t reacted. I got confidence and kept my hand on her thighs what a feel that was but quickly took my hands back and said sorry, but she said its fine. Hearing this I vent closer to her and gave her a kiss on her lips. She asked me is this first time and smiled, I said yes and ask how do u know, she again smiled and returned my kiss, I was in heaven; my heartbeats were as fast as jet plane. I said I have many girl who r friends, with few of them I also got chance but I always took it as a sin, having sex b4 marriage, with any one whether a girl or a lady I treated it as a sin. But slowly I just got attracted more towards married woman. She said I will teach u how to do it and removed her saree, blouse and now she was in bra and petticoat and also in panty.

Now she started removing my clothes and now I was left only in jockey. Then she told me to remove her bra and suck them I did and started sucking them, after few minutes she told to remove her petticoat and panty. I removed her petticoat and panty and to my surprise she had shaved b4 coming. I was feeling embarrassed as I have big jungle. She said now to kiss and lick her cunt, I started doing it but my hands were caressing her boobs. Seriously I enjoyed more with her boobs then her cunt. By this time v both were getting wet down. Now she took my undy off and took my cock in her hand and took it into her mouth and started sucking it. This went 4 sometime. Then she said chodo mujhe, I came prepared I had taken condoms 4m medical store vanilla and strawberry flavor and ask what she wants she said strawberry and I put it on and she took it into her cunt, as it was my 1st time it pained me a lot. I was slow initially while making strokes but then she said to increase speed and I did. After few fast strokes I got bit tired and all my strokes were in doggy style.

Then I stopped 4 sum time and started 2 kiss again on her boobs, cunt thighs, ass I gave a bite on her boobs and also on ass, I really enjoyed it, now she sat on my cock and started going up and down, our 2nd fuck vent 4 lesser time as I was feeling tired. She understood and stopped den she cleaned her self with a napkin which she bought 4 her and gave me towel which she bought 4 me.

By dis time it was 4.30 and till date this 2-2.30 hrs was really d best time of my life. She said her husband has stop doing sex since 2 yrs as they live in a joint family they don’t get chance of having sex she complimented me by saying I was really good as it was my 1st time and said my cock size is just excellent. And said v will do it regularly. Den she vent to her home and I vent to office as I have 2 reports my boss. Den I came back home and visualized about the days incident.