Velamma 24 Cooking With Ass

Velamma 24 Cooking With Ass

Velamma is helping her neighbour Deepika with her daughter’s B’day celebrations. When the caterer Sidharth’s wife fails to show up to help clean the bakery, Velamma volunteers to help instead, in return for some special complimentary treats!

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Sexy in Lungi

I am a handsome guy of 24 years of 5’8” height and not a very muscular body and fair. I am staying in Kolkata .We recently shifted to stay in a place where there are mostly muslim families living. I quite liked muslim guys who are usually quite handsome and stylish staying around the place. From my rooms window ,I could see the muslim guys sitting and gossiping amongst themselves. They were usually clad in lungies or tight jeans. I wanted to be friend with some of them,but there were mostly the basti level types and not from a cultured background like us. Out of the lot there was a guy,who was 6’ tall and very fair and well built. He had long hairs and was very handsome. He wore mostly latest designed shirts and polo necks on top, but underneath he’s mostly clad in printed colorful lungi. He also wore high heeled sandal,which were funny looking as it was flat and had a 1.5” heel. From the talks of the other guys, I gathered his name is Mustaq. I am not a homosexual till now,though I did like handsome men in a lungi,but somehow,I found myself attracted to Mustaq.One early morning, I was standing in the balcony and there was Mustaq having a bath at the roadside tubewell. He was bare bodied with only his lungi . He was applying soap all over his body and he was specially scratching and cleaning his abdomen area. While doing so,he was staring here and there to check if somebody was watching. I was up and he couldn’t see me.Suddenly,I noticed his lungi formed a big tent in front and his organ could be seen as his lungi was wet. I got very horny on seeing this as well. He kept cleaning his penis for a long time and I believe he was actually masturbating. My eyes were fixed on his lund, and suddenly when I looked into his eyes,he was staring upwards at me. I got ashamed and he gave me a weird smile. I went in and peeped thru my window to see him complete his bath. He dried himself and took a fresh dry printed lungi hanging from the top of the wall. I watched as he wore his lungi. He got into the lungi, stretched it wide, made eight or nine folds like a woman makes plits on her sari. He then divided the folds and made a knot and tied his lungi quite low on his waist. I also learnt the art of wearing the lungi from this. Since he tied the lungi very low, it was covering his legs fully and was flowing on the ground. Velamma 24 Cooking With Ass

He then put on his slippers and went back. I again came to the balcony and while going back,he turned back to see me again and was smiling again. This time I smiled back.One day when my parents were not at home, I tried to wear a lungi with my mother’s sari. It was quite a sexy move when I looked at myself in the mirror. I got myself a new colorful lungi from the market with floral designs and started wearing it secretly during the night. However, I noticed recently my dad also started wearing lungi at home and slowly I picked up the habit as well and now I keep wearing lungi at home. Now, I have 3-4 sets of lungi. In the meanwhile, Mustaq and I used to stare at each other whenever we crossed or saw each other,but never had the courage to speak to him. I used to watch him from my balcony talking to his friends and frequently scratching his balls and penis. I used to masturbate sometimes thinking of him and used to cum inside my lungi very often. I had to wash them myself so that my mother doesn’t catch me. I did not know what Mustaq did, but it seemed he was jobless.One day, my mother asked me to fetch milk from the booth as our maid did not come. I did not like the idea as I just awoke from my sleep. I was wearing a lungi and T shirt and I went to fetch milk in that dress and this was first time,I moved out of house in lungi. It was feeling weird. I also used to tie my lungi low on my waist and as a result the folds and the bottom part of the lungi are another 2” below from my toes and brushed the ground while I was walking. But it was the luckiest morning. In the que at the milk booth, I found Mustaq standing in front Velamma 24 Cooking With Ass

Of me who also came to fetch milk. The booth has not opened as yet and some 10-12 people were waiting. On seeing Mustaq clad in his trademark batik printed lungi,I immediately got horny and my cock started to jump. I did not wear any underwear under my lungi and so didn’t Mustaq. He turned back and gave a smile and we spoke for the first time. I told him my name was Raju and etc. While standing in the que,I closed on him and my erect cock was pressing against his butt. He also started to push his butt on my cock. In the meantime,the booth opened and the line was moving. Suddenly Mustaq pressed my cock with his hand, but he was looking ahead. He adviced me to stand in front of him. I understood his signal changed positions,and then I pressed his cock similarly it was a huge one and a thick one. But that day it couldn’t be more as there were other people around.While coming back,we became friends. He actually works in a saloon near our house, part time. He lives in a old house in the muhalla with a lot of other muslim families crowded there with his family. His parents, one sister and a younger brother lives there. He is 19 years of age and studied till class X and dropped out there after. His father does not live here at present as he works somewhere in Gujrat and comes home in 3 months. His sister and brother. So he has a freedom in his house. He asked me to come to his house one day . That very weekend, I saw him standing near our house and I came down in my jeans and polo vest. I asked him if I can go with him to his house and he was more than happy. Actually,I was interested to see where he lived. He took me to his house. It was a small 2 roomed flat with a separate kitchen and toilet. He and his brother shared a room. I saw in his room, there were posters of film stars and cricketers. I also saw the saloon where we worked.One day,I went to cut my hair at his saloon when he was in duty. I was wearing a lungi and a T Shirt. Velamma 24 Cooking With Ass

He was clad in a multi colored lungi and vest. I got horny on seeing this. I sat on the chair and he started giving me a haircut. When he got close to me my hand brushed against his front of the lungi and I could feel his dick. Since there was a cloth surrounding me my hands could not be seen. Slowly, I started fondling and playing with his dick which started to get hard. After the hair cut,I asked him to give a shave and he had to shave me standing by my side. This made my task easier and I started playing with his dick over the lungi. My cock was also erect and stood up. My lungi also became a bit of a tent and I think,he noticed that. He whispered me not to play any more,as he’ll cum inside his lungi and it would be embarrassing. He said to meet me in my house some day.That opportunity came soon and my parents were away for 2 days. I called him from my window to come to my house at 7 pm in the evening when I came back from my office. The maids also leaves by then. I came home early from office, had a quick shower and changed into my colorful lungi.A liitle later, the doorbell rang and I saw Mustaq standing there in a body hugging T shirt tucked inside his multicolored lungi and high sandals. I noticed that he also wore his lungi with a lot of care and the folds were very precise. I told him finally that I found him very sexy and he also told the same about me. He told he liked the message I gave him that day in the saloon.We sat on the sofa, side by side, and I started to message his thighs with my hand. He also did the same and started fondling my dick over my lungi straightaway. I noticed his cock was slowly rising from the folds of his lungi. I noticed a bit wetness in the front of his lungi, meaning his precum was already out. When his lungi became a huge tent and was throbbing in excitement, I took him to the

Bedroom and there we laid down . Both of our lungies formed a huge tents after we laid down. I turned towards him and took his lund into my mouth from over his lungi. He was moaning with pleasure and kept his eyes closed. Slowly, I lifted his lungi, and saw the monster. It was a huge 9” and 3” thick circumsized cock and was in a pulsating mood. I took it in my mouth and suck it and he burst his cum into my mouth. Now it was his turn. I was on the bed and in the excitement forgot to take off the high heeled slippers. He started licking from my sandals ,slowly moving on the top. He suck me from over my lungi and I released my cum there itseld inside the lungi into his mouth. My lungi got wet. I asked him to wait while I went to change. I took my mother’s saree and wore it like a lungi. Unlike the lungi which is stiched, the sari has an opening in the front and the lund could be taken out from between the folds without lifting the lungi.I returned to the bedroom and Mustaq was rubbing his dick from over his lungi to make it erect again. He looked at me and was surprised to see me in a sari worn like a lungi but he found it very sexy. We kissed each other for a long time and then lied down in 69 position. I was licking and sucking his dick and he was doing the same and he did not have to lift my lungi just move it a bit sideways. We were now on each other and were fucking into each others mouth by moving our cocks inside and outside simultaneously. It was gr8 and we were making groans and moans and then burst our cums out. He bid me goodbye that night and we had many such sessions. Velamma 24 Cooking With Ass