Velamma 39 When It Comes To Poker Game

Velamma 39 When It Comes To Poker Game

Surya plans to win a poker game by using Velamma as distraction by making her wear a skimpy outfit during the game. But things don’t go as planned and he loses everything. There is only one way he can win everything back. By using his innocent sister in law Velamma.

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First Night

My name is Sujatha. It is my wedding night. I am 22 years old with fair and smooth complexion. I am married today to Sathish, 27 yrs, fair and well built, who belonged to a cultured Andhra family. He had concentrated on his studies, fitness, yoga and sports and had remained a virgin, even though he had some girlfriends. I was brought up in a very protected environment. I had just finished my graduation. I always wore either a saree or salwar kameez with dupatta covering myself fully. I went to a girls school and later to a girls college. My only male companion was my brother. My parents had taken care that till my wedding I did not interact with any boys of our neighbours or relatives. Velamma 39 When It Comes To Poker Game

Now here, I was sitting on my big bed in the bedroom. I was in my white bridal saree with wide gold border and white blouse. I was wearing all the possible jewelry as per Andhra custom. The pallu of my saree was covering head. I was waiting for my husband, you. You had told me to wait in the bridal saree with all the jewelry. I was very tired after the wedding ceremony. I always wondered about the first night of a wedding. My mother had vaguely hinted about the approaches by a husband. I had also gathered some knowledge from my friend who had married few months ago.

Curiosity of this first night was getting much deeper, which was keeping me waiting for my husband. Finally, you entered the bedroom. My heart started beating faster. I had always slept alone or at the most with my mother. Now, I was to sleep with a man whom I had known only for a short time. You came and sat next to me. You removed pallu of my saree covering my head. Took my face in your hand and gazed deeply in my eyes. This was an amazing experience for me. Slowly, you brought your lips near my face and kissed my forehead. I closed my eyes. You kissed my eyes and then kissed my lips. That sent an electrifying shiver down my body. Guided by my instinct, I quickly embraced you. Slowly, we opened our lips and continued our deep kiss. As this made us short of breath, we slowly released ourselves.

You said, “you are the most beautiful lady” and took my hand, brought me in front of the full-length mirror. Standing behind me you put your palms on my shoulders and slowly moved down towards my hands. Clasping my hands in front of me, you kissed my neck and said, “many people must have said how beautiful you are, but today, I will make you feel beautiful.” I could not say anything. I was having an experience that was beyond any words. Just by your kisses and caressing of my hands I felt a spasm between my legs and started to feel wetness in my panties. Looking in the mirror, I met your eyes and gave a sigh. Slowly, I gathered the courage and said “I have never been touched by anyone like this. Please stop. I am feeling embarrassed.”

You told me “do not worry. Whatever you are experiencing now and will experience later is natural and most beautiful. Trust me and have faith in yourself and enjoy the most beautiful moments of our life.” You started to remove my jewelry. First you removed the gold chain from my head arranged along the hair partition and kissed my forehead. Then you removed the earrings and fondled my earlobes with your lips and gave a gentle bite. I could not control myself and bit my own lips. After removing all the necklaces, you removed the nose ring and gave my nose a nudge with your nose. Slowly, you began to remove the bangles from my hands. After removing the bangles you started caressing and kissing my hand. Next, you moved your hand to my slim and delicate waist. You caressed my waist and then removed the golden waistband tied along my waist. After removing the golden waistband you started kissing my waist. Velamma 39 When It Comes To Poker Game

I felt as if butterflies were dancing on my waist and goose pimples all over. I felt tingling sensation inside my panties. You then went down and touched my feet. I was shocked to see my husband actually touching my feet, which was unusual in our society and I stepped back. You assured me not to have worries about such matters and enjoy what you are doing. You removed the anklets from my feet and kissed my feet. I was totally zapped and wondered what would come next. You stood up took my hands in your hands reassuring me and kissed them. You released my hands, took a step back and came behind me. Standing behind me in such a way that in the mirror I could see only your face over my head and outer part of your body. Rest of your body was totally blocked by my body. You said “now please do not move and keep your eyes open.”

You started unbuttoning your traditional knee length coat. You had arranged a clothes stand near the mirror so that there is no mess of clothes on the floor, and there is clear view of only you and me in the mirror. You removed the coat and stretched your hand to keep the coat on the cloth stand. You saw my eyes in the mirror. I had a surprised look in my eyes. Next, you removed your silk kurta over your head and kept on the stand. All the while taking care that your body is blocked by my body in the mirror. You wanted to keep me guessing how a nude male looks like. My exciting eyes were making you aroused. Now, you proceeded to remove your silk dhoti. You could see the shock on my face. You smiled and told me to be still and look in the mirror. I could feel my heart beating faster. I wondered at this rate my heart would explode by the end of the night. You finally untied the knot of your silk dhoti and carefully kept on the stand. You said, “I am through with my clothes. Now, let me do away with yours.” Perhaps u had removed your underwear before coming in.

I could see myself in the mirror fully clothed standing in front of my husband who was by now completely naked but could not see his naked body. You came a bit close to me. You removed the pallu of my white silk saree from my shoulder and kissed my shoulder. Slowly, you started removing my silk saree. My white, fair and smooth midriff excited you. You kissed my now exposed lower back taking care that your body remains blocked by mine and your erect manhood does not touch me. After removing my saree, you kept it on the clothes stand. I stood there in my white blouse and cream coloured petticoat tied at my waist above my navel. My blouse was covering my breasts completely. You could not even see the cleavage. Velamma 39 When It Comes To Poker Game

Today, my waist-long thick black hairs were rolled into a big bun with lots fragrant flowers on it. You had always seen my hairstyle in single pleat. Now you proceeded to remove the hairpins and flowers from my hair. The hair fell down on my back. That excited you more than you had ever experienced. Even though it was not visible to me, I sensed blood rushing to your manhood making it hard. I could see it on your face, which showed your body’s reaction. I saw your face and felt my legs tense. The hooks of my blouse were at back. You parted my hair at the back, kissed the silky thick black hair. The fragrance of the flowers had mingled with my hairs. You kept on kissing and moving my hair on your face. Then you pushed my hairs to my front on either side. The hairs now totally covering my ample breast fell up to my waist.

You started to unhook the blouse. Slowly, one by one you released all the six hooks. I was feeling very shy and felt like closing my eyes. But I liked the twinkle in your eyes in the mirror and that kept me from closing my eyes. You slowly opened the blouse and moved your hands on my shoulder under the blouse. You moved your lips forward and started kissing my back that was now exposed. I couldn’t stop myself from giving a deep sigh and momentarily closed my eyes. You stopped kissing my back and moved your hands down from my shoulder and in process removing my white blouse. I could see you removing my blouse in the mirror. That in a way was exciting me. You kept the blouse on the clothes stand and started caressing my bare shoulders and arms. You could feel the straps of the silky white bra. You wanted to see the cups of the silky white bra covering my breasts. You pulled back my long hair from the front. I instinctively brought my hands to cover my breasts.

You smiled and put your palms on my palms. You started kissing my neck taking care not to let your erect penis touch me. I once again closed my eyes. You continued kissing my neck holding my palms for a while. Slowly, you pushed my hands down along my breasts. I did not resist you. I could feel a tingle in body as my own hands were caressing my breast over the silky white bra. You brushed your hands lightly along with my hands over my breasts. I sensed my nipples getting hard and my thighs getting tense. You brought my hands on my side and said, “do not feel shy in front of me. Try to enjoy every moment.” Velamma 39 When It Comes To Poker Game

I could not get the courage to tell you that, though I was feeling shy, I was enjoying every moment and wanted more from you. You for the first time saw my beautiful breasts cupped in the white silky bra. The bra was fully covering my breasts. You could see only a little cleavage. The thick white silky bra did not give you any indication of the state of my nipples. I saw myself in the mirror in my white silky bra. I could see the excitement in your eyes feasting my breasts with a little cleavage that you had seen for the first time.

You put your hand on my waist. You slowly started caressing my waist. You could not see my navel as I was wearing my petticoat above my navel. You brought your right hand on my stomach while caressing my and your left hand caressing my left thigh. Slowly you brought the left hand on my stomach and right hand on my right thigh. After a while you started caressing my stomach with both the hands and started to search the knot of my petticoat. I now sensed that you were about to remove my petticoat. This raised my excitement and my heart beat. You found the ends of knot of the petticoat and pulled them letting the petticoat to fall at my feet. You now saw me in my white silky panties. You could now see my small but deep navel. That excited you and your penis was getting rock hard. You caressed my bare stomach and put your finger in my navel. That gave me a thrilling sensation inside my panties. I was looking very beautiful in the thick shining silky white bra and panties.

The thick panties did not show the wetness. You put your hands on my thighs and started caressing them. Slowly you went down stroking my legs. All the while I could see in the mirror you going down behind me stroking my legs but could not see your nakedness. The caressing of my legs was making me more wet inside my panties. You slowly lifted my legs one after another and took the petticoat and placed on the clothes stand. Seeing fair and beautiful me in my white silky bra and panties with long black hair lose on my beautiful back and standing behind my fully naked body with your penis rock hard, dripping with precum, you were finding difficult to control yourself. You felt like ripping my bra and panties and ravage my body like an animal. But you hold yourself back. You wanted to honour your promise of giving me a most beautiful moment. Velamma 39 When It Comes To Poker Game

All the time, with very little words between us, you and me were having our greatest time of our life. Then, you started playing with my hair that was now on my back. You kissed my hair, my back and slowly once again pushed my hair to my front covering my breasts that were cupped in my white silky bra. You started caressing my shoulders and kissing my neck. Then, you brought your hands on my back. Slowly, you took your hand near the bra hook. I gulped and closed my eyes. You did not say anything. You unhooked the bra. Moved your hands to the bra straps and gently pushed them down. You removed the bra and kept it on the clothes stand. I was without my bra, but my long black hair was covering my breasts. These near naked breasts were driving you wild. Your penis was throbbing. Keeping your patience, you came slightly near me but not touching me with your penis. You slowly started caressing my shoulders through my hair. You kissed my neck, moved your hands down slowly towards my breasts. The feeling of caressing my silky hair over my breasts was driving me wild. I was getting wetter inside my panties. You reached my breasts and cupped them from behind. I opened my eyes.

I saw in the mirror you caressing my breasts through my long black hair. I saw your eyes and our eyes met. I was stunned by the look in your eyes. You slowly parted the hair from my breasts and continued stroking and cupping my breasts. Then, you pulled back my hair on my back. I was standing only in my white silky panties. My naked breasts were proudly standing without the support of my bra. My nipples dark and erect had mesmerizing effect on you. You took both the nipples in your fingers and started rolling them. Now, I was also finding it difficult to control my feeling. I also wanted to hold you tightly. I started to turn towards you. You immediately stopped me and whispered in my ears “wait, only one piece to go.” I came to my senses.

Now, you will be removing my panties. My naked and wet pussy will be exposed to you. My proof of sexual excitement will be before you. My gaze went down to my panties. By that time, you had moved your hand to my hips. You were caressing my buttocks covered by my panties. While caressing my buttocks, you slowly bent down behind me. Then, you slowly started pulling my panties down. I clenched my hands. I bit my lips but kept my eyes open. As the panties came down, my wet pussy was getting exposed first time to my husband whom I had known only for a few days. You pulled my panties completely down and kept them at my feet. Involuntarily, I stepped out of the panties. Velamma 39 When It Comes To Poker Game

You stood behind me taking the panties in your hand. You felt the wet spot on the panties made by my juices from my wet pussy. You were now confident that I will willingly participate in the lovemaking and will always long for you. You pulled me close to you tightly pressing your hot hard and throbbing penis on lower back just above my ass. With left hand roaming on my breasts, you moved your right hand over the hairs above my pussy. Stroking my pussy hair, you now guided your fingers over my pussy. Slowly you stroked pussy lips. I turned my head and gave my lips to you. You locked your lips on my lips and gave me a deep kiss. While kissing me, you continued to explore my virgin pussy lips with your fingers. That was exciting me to my limits. I could feel your hot, hard and slippery penis on my back. I wondered how it looked like. You slowly released the grip on me. Still kissing me and you turned me towards you brushing your hot and hard penis on me.

Now, both of us were facing each other. You brought me still closer to yourself. That made my soft and smooth breasts with dark hard nipples press on your bare body and your hot and hard penis pressing on my stomach. For both of us, it was our first divine experience. We stopped kissing and took a deep breath. You took a step back. Both of us started admiring each other’s body. We started to caress the bare body of our partners. You started to caress my soft but firm breasts adored by dark and hard nipples. I could not keep myself from staring the proudly standing erect penis and started to explore the hot and hard penis of my husband. You experienced for the first time a woman’s hand stroking your penis. It was now your turn to close your eyes while enjoying the gentle strokes from your wife’s hand over your erect penis. Velamma 39 When It Comes To Poker Game

After a while, both of us hugged tightly. You then lifted me in your arms and carried my to our bed. I was now eager to experience the next move of my husband. You laid beside me and started caressing my face, then my breasts and slowly moved to my navel. You fingered my navel for some time.

Then, you moved your hand, started to stroke my pussy lips. Slowly, you entered your finger in my nether lips finding my vital spot. You started to stroke me gently on that spot. I started breathing heavily. As soon as my breathing became rhythmic, you mounted me and started to insert your hot hard and slippery penis into my virgin pussy. Juices from both of us were now mingling to give smooth feeling. I instinctively spread my legs to welcome the invasion of your penis inside my virgin pussy lips. You now increased your thrust while kissing me on my neck and earlobes. Now, both of us were breathing and moving our bodies in a uniform rhythm. We were now in seventh heaven in a blissful union. Velamma 39 When It Comes To Poker Game

You finally gave a thrust to enter me fully, and I tightened my grip on your back pushing my long fingernails. The feeling of pleasure and pain to both of us was something beyond description. I lost control of myself, and I could not hold myself back, and you felt the spasms of my virgin pussy on your hard penis. I reached my climax and gave a bite on your shoulder. You immediately ejaculated inside my virgin pussy. We continued hugging and kissing for a while and then relaxed by rolling on our sides. We never realized when we slept experiencing the most beautiful moment in our life.