Savita Bhabhi 135 New Years Resolution

Savita Bhabhi 135 New Years Resolution

Episode description

At a cozy New Year’s Eve party, Ashok prods everyone to reveal their New Year’s resolutions. No one tells the truth, least of all Savita, who has decided to only have sex with her husband in 2022. But as we all know, New Year’s resolutions are difficult to keep.

When Ashok surprises his wife by bringing a work peer home unannounced, expecting Savita to cook and entertain them, she does so dutifully. But after Ashok passes out, Savita bhabhi once again finds herself a victim of her desires! Ring in the new year as Savita struggles to stay faithful to Ashok in this hot Savita bhabhi comics episode 135.

Do keep an eye for the sexy GIF panel in between the pages.

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