Velamma 6 Visit from An Old Friend

Velamma 6 Visit from An Old Friend

Velamma needs to talk to someone who can help her deal with all these new developments in her life. Who better to help her with sexual problems than our own Savita Bhabhi!

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Sex With Clients

Hi this is Usha. I got an opportunity to read the erotic stories in this site. Immediately I got an idea of sharing my experience with the readers.

I am Usha aged 32. Divorced two years back. I am working as a receptionist in a insurance company at Chennai. To meet out the expenses I was doing the insurance consultation for my company products as part time. Getting appointment and doing the consultation at their doorsteps is my part time. Through the consultation I used to get a reasonable amount and with that I lead a happy life.

Once I got an appointment to meet a gentle man Manish for consultation. He is a businessman well settled in his life. His approach was very nice and gentle. He spoke to me and asked various clarifications regarding our insurance products. I explained him very well. He is tall, fair and well build physique. He applied for two of the products and the deal was completed successfully. He was very jovial in nature. Velamma 6 Visit from An Old Friend

After two days he called me on my mobile and we talked for few minutes. Then it became a routine that every day he used to speak to me for few minutes. I also liked talking to him. Later he introduced me to his friend Gaurav, who is also a businessman. He also opted two of our products. He was also jovial. In course of days it became a routine for us to talk to each other. Sometimes they will be talking to me in the night for a long time. Initially our conversation was very formal later we started discussing all the topics in the world.

I started going out with them. First we started going to restaurant then we went to movie, beach. Each time one of them take me out and sometimes we all go for dinning out or movie. When we go for movie, they will do all the naughty erotic things with me in the dark. They will kiss me, crush my boobs over the clothing, sometimes they even fingered my pussy also. I always liked that and love to be with them. One day Manish asked me “Usha, shall we three go for day outing to the Club Resort located at the City outskirts? I hesitated. But Gaurav said “Nothing wrong Usha dear, one day we will go definitely”. Velamma 6 Visit from An Old Friend

Manish fixed the date. Gaurav booked a cottage in a Club Resort located at city outskirts. I put leave to office on that day. Manish pick me up in his car. I was little nervous because for the first time I was traveling with two guys and decided to spend time with them. . On the way Gaurav joined with us. It was a travel of one hour. We reached that resort. After completing the check in process, we were taken to the cottage in a club car. Velamma 6 Visit from An Old Friend

Manish ordered some snacks and beer through the in room dinning. Manish opened the beer bottle and start pouring in three glasses. Manish took one glass, Gaurav took one glass of beer and moved the other glass of beer to me.

Manish said “Usha, let us have some beer”

I said “No Manish, I never had this habit”

Gaurav laughed loudly and said “Usha, we also didn’t born with this habit”.

He placed the beer glass on my hand. I was looking at them. Gaurav winked at me. I sipped my glass. It was the first time for me to have beer. I felt very different. I was not able to drink. They two were enjoying their drink. They started smoking. I just had two more sip of beer and kept quiet. They finished two bottles of beer.

Manish said “Usha, come let us go for swimming”

I said “No, I don’t have the swimming suit”

Gaurav said “Bra and Panty is also a swim wear Usha”

I refused to swim but they forced me to swim with bra and panty. I removed my dress and wrapped the bath towel on my body inside the towel only white laced bra and laced panty. They both were wearing shorts.

We went to the swimming pool. No guests were there at the pool except us. The swimming pool attendant welcomed us. Manish and Gaurav stepped in the water. They started swimming but I sat on the swimming pool cot. Velamma 6 Visit from An Old Friend

After few minutes both of them came out and dragged me to the water. Manish removed my towel and Gaurav threw me in the water gently. I don’t know swimming. They too get into the water and balanced me. I hugged Manish and breathing heavily. Water got into my nose and I was choking. Gaurav was laughing at me. My nipples are visible through the laced bra and pubic hair also visible through my white panty. I felt shy. Both of them winked at me.

Manish asked “Usha, you don’t know swimming?

I said “No”

Manish said “Ok, I will teach you swimming dear”

He started teaching me how to swim. He moved me to the steps and asked me to hold the rod. He said “Usha, you hold the rod and move your legs in the water as if swimming”.

I did so. He was standing near me and observing me. Suddenly Gaurav came and smacked my ass suddenly. I screamed at him and said “You dirty dog, don’t disturb me when I am swimming”

He said “How dare you called me as dirty dog? Do you know what a dirty dog will do?

I said “I will kill you Gaurav”

Gaurav said “Change your position facing the sky and practice swimming, it will be comfortable for you” I changed my position.

I hold the rod and moved my legs in the water. Suddenly Gaurav came closer and pulled my panty down. I tried to balance my position, but without giving enough time he removed panty from the body. I released my support from the rod and stood in the water. Velamma 6 Visit from An Old Friend

I shouted at him “Dirty Gaurav give my panty please”

He said “No”

I moved to Manish and asked him “Manish, get me my panty please”

He said “Gaurav, give it”

Gaurav threw my panty on the other end of the pool. My panty was floating on the water. He came towards me very fast. I moved towards Manish and hugged him. Manish placed his hands on my waist and hold me. Velamma 6 Visit from An Old Friend

Manish asked me “Usha, already you are semi-nude now. Why cant’ I make you nude completely?

Without wasting time Manish unhooked my bra and pushed me towards Gaurav. I fell on Gaurav. My bra was with Manish. Both of them were laughing. I shrunk myself inside the water up to my neck. The swimming pool attendant was watching us interestingly from his cabin. Manish removed his shorts simultaneously Gaurav also removed his shorts. Both of them tossed their shorts on the rod. Velamma 6 Visit from An Old Friend

I said “Please give my bra and panty please”

Gaurav came behind me and hugged from the back. He cupped my boobs and kissed my mouth. His hands were playing on my boobs. My nipples became hard.

Gaurav said “Usha, your boobs are perfectly sizeable”

Manish came to me and lifted my legs. He came between my legs and widened. He placed his right hand on my hairy pussy. His fingers played on my pubic hair zone and inserted his index finger. I was shocked because of their activities. In the swimming pool, all of us were nude. These guys started the foreplay. I was scared because somebody may come to the pool. But luckily nobody came for swimming. Slowly I was also enjoying their play and started co operating with them. Velamma 6 Visit from An Old Friend

Manish inserted his middle finger too inside my pussy. I was aroused due to their activities. Manish moved very closer and kissed my lips. I also kissed him. He inserted his tongue inside my mouth and probed. He was finger fucking me nicely for few minutes. I reached the orgasm and released pussy juice. He bent little down and sucked my left boob. He removed his finger and inserted his dick inside my pussy. He started moving inside me.

Manish said “Usha, you are tight dear?

I said “After a long break a nice dick entered my pussy, that’s why dear”

He laughed. Gaurav was fondling my boobs, pinching the nipples. He was kissing my neck, cheek and rubbing his dick on my ass. Velamma 6 Visit from An Old Friend

I asked Gaurav to hold me tightly and jerked little forward and clamped Manish’s waist with my legs. Manish was fucking me with constant speed. Gaurav turned my face towards him and kissed my mouth. He probed my mouth with his tongue. I moved my right hand towards Gaurav’s dick and started stoking his dick. He cupped my boobs tightly and massaged. I played with his dick, balls and his pubic hair zone. Manish was pondering my pussy.

Manish said “Usha, I am about to cum”

He hugged me tightly and moved towards the wall of the pool and fucked me hard. Both of us were moaning. At last he ejected his sperm inside my pussy and hugged me tightly. After some time he relaxed his hold and released me. We were gasping for air. Both of us laughed.

Gaurav said “Usha, now this is my turn to fuck you in the pool”

I said “Gaurav, this is enough dear, the swimming pool attendant is watching us. Let us go to the cottage”

He said “No dear, I want to fuck you in the pool like Manish”

Gaurav came towards me and hugged me. He asked Manish to support me from the back. Gaurav came between my legs and rubbed his dick on my pussy. He inserted his dick inside my pussy and started moving inside me. Manish was holding me from the back and playing with my tits. Gaurav’s dick was little longer and thicker than Manish. I felt the tightness. My pussy muscles stretched little more to accommodate his dick. I started moaning. Gaurav gently moved inside me. I felt I was flying in the heaven. His dick went deep inside my pussy and made me to reach the orgasm. It’s nice to have a fucking session in the swimming pool with them one was holding me and one was drilling my pussy. The atmosphere was romantic. The attendant was aroused seeing this scene. He was restless and moving here and there inside the cabin. Velamma 6 Visit from An Old Friend

Gaurav said “Usha you are very tight dear”

I said “Gaurav, your dick is much bigger than Manish, that’s why you feel tight”

He laughed and increased his tempo of penetration. I was gasping for air. He moved me to the wall and fucked hard. His dick went deep inside me.

Gaurav said “Usha dear I am going to cum inside you”.

He moaned loudly and hugged me tightly. He released his stream of sperm inside my pussy and kissed my mouth. He released his dick from my pussy and relaxed.

Gaurav said “Thanks a lot Usha, Today my dream came true. I was longing to have a fucking session in the swimming pool during day time. Is it possible to have a session on the swimming pool grass dear?”

I said “You dirty dogs, you don’t even bother about the open atmosphere and fucked me in the swimming pool. I never thought of this fun session. But great adventure”

Manish gave my bra and Gaurav went to the other end of the pool and got my panty.

I wore my panty and bra and came out of the pool. The pool attendant allowed his eyes to glance on my body. He gave a sarcastic smile on me. I too smiled at him and picked up my towel and wrapped my body. We all went to the cottage. Dressed quickly and went to the restaurant to have lunch.

We had lunch and came back to cottage. Manish switch on the television and we started watching. After some time I came to the bedroom. I removed the hair band and allowed my hair to dry. I felt little tired and lying on the bed having the head board of the bed as my back support. . Gaurav came to the bed and sat near me.

He asked me “Usha, Do you want to sleep?

I said “Not exactly, but feeling little tired after heavy lunch”

He started caressing my toe. He massaged my calf muscles. I was in Churidhar. Slowly his hand reached my thigh and massaged. I was enjoying. He slowly untied the knot of my pant and pulled the pant.

I asked “Gaurav, what are you going to do?

He said “I want to suck and lick the pussy which I fucked at the swimming pool”

I laughed loudly. He kissed my toe. He licked my toe, then calf muscles, thigh. He brought his face close to my pussy and kissed my pussy over the panty. I moaned lightly. He inserted his tongue through the side of the panty and licked my pussy. He got up and started pulling my tops upwards.

I said “Hey, why are you trying to remove my tops let it be”

He said “I want to see my angel 100% nude. OK”

I raised my hands over my head and made myself convenient for him to remove the tops. He released the hook of my bra and made my boobs free from the clothing. Velamma 6 Visit from An Old Friend

He said “You have very good lovely boobs dear. I like eating those mangoes”.

He rolled down my panty like a elastic band and removed from my body. I was totally nude. He was wearing only his shorts. He pulled me little down on the bed and made me to spread on the bed comfortably. He widened my legs and whistled in joy.

Gaurav said “You look so pretty in this pose dear. Looks so sexy”

He started kissing me from my toe and reached my pubic hair. He kissed my pubic hair and pulled the hair with his lips gently. I moaned. He kissed my navel and poked his tongue in my navel. I hold his head with my hands. He crushed my waist and rubbed his face on my tummy. Slowly he moved his face towards my boobs. He kissed my right boob and bit my nipple. He sucked my right boob and crushed the left boob with his hand hard. I jerked. He made circle on my nipple with his tongue. My nipples became hard. He pulled my nipple with his teeth.

I screamed in pain and said “Dog don’t hurt me”.

He said “Dear your boobs are in exact size so that I can hold and crush nicely”.

He crushed my boobs with his both hands. He slowly moved to my pussy zone. He kissed my pubic hair and kissed my pussy lips.

He said “Your pussy smell is very nice dear”

He licked my pussy lips and opened the pussy lips with his fingers, inserted his tongue inside. He rubbed his tongue on the walls of my vagina. My pussy was absolutely wet. I was moaning due to pleasure.

Gaurav said “Usha, you smells nice and also taste very nice”

He inserted his tongue inside my pussy and started licking. I felt the pleasure and started to moan. He put his hands under my ass for support and continued his licking. Due to pleasure I was crushing my boobs. I lifted my hip little up due to pleasure. He slowly moved his thumb near my anal muscle and rubbed gently. I pressed his head on my pussy due to pleasure. He slowly moved his thumb around my anal hole. I reached the extreme excitement. So far I never experienced such a feeling. I felt a bomb blast inside my head. He continued licking and his both thumbs are caressing my anal hole. I was experiencing great pleasure which I never felt in my life time. I reached my orgasm and released the pussy juice. He licked my juice eagerly. He continued the exploration of my pussy with his tongue.

Manish entered the room. On seeing this scene he got aroused. He removed his shorts and came to me naked. He cupped my boobs and kissed my lips. He inserted his tongue inside my mouth and explored. He hold his dick and rubbed on my forehead, cheek and lips. Pre-cum oozed on his dick. He collected his pre cum on his finger and rubbed on my lips. I licked it and winked at him. He rubbed his dick on my lips. I kissed his dick. Velamma 6 Visit from An Old Friend

Manish said “Usha, Please give me a blow job dear”

I said “No dear, I cannot give you a blow job”

He pleaded “Please Usha Please”

I opened my mouth and wrapped his dick with my lips. I slowly moved my head forward to take his dick completely. I started moving my head to and fro and started giving him a blow job.

Gaurav was saturated with sucking my pussy and he got up and removed his shorts and became 100% nude. He came between my legs and partly spread on me. He rubbed his pubic hair on mine. I placed my right hand on his waist and pulled him closer and widened my legs so that he can rub nicely. My left hand was caressing Manish’s thigh.

Gaurav rubbed his dick on my pussy and patted my pussy with his dick. I enjoyed that. He opened my pussy lips by rubbing his dick on my pussy and slowly inserted his dick inside me. I raised my legs and encircled his waist so that he can penetrate me nicely. He started moving me inside. Manish was moving inside my mouth. Both of them were fucking me up and down. Manish was playing with my boobs. He crushed my boobs and pinched my nipples. Gaurav was playing on my abdomen.

He crushed my waist and poked my navel with his fingers. Gaurav increased his speed of penetration gradually and fucked me. At one point of time Gaurav cupped my both boobs and went deep inside me. I pulled the bed spread of the bed due to pleasure. On top Manish inserted his dick inside my mouth completely and fucked my mouth. I was licking and sucking his dick. They were moaning heavily. I understood they are about to cum.

Within seconds they both ejected inside me. Gaurav partly spread on me and ejected his seeds inside me. I felt the warmth of his sperm inside me. Manish pushed his dick inside my mouth completely and hold my head closer to his pubic zone. His sperm went and hit my throat directly. I licked his dick and cleaned with my tongue. Gaurav spread on me and we rolled on the bed. We hugged each other tightly. Gaurav kissed me passionately. I too kissed him with passion.

We all were tired due to heavy work and slept on the bed for about an hour. Suddenly I woke up. I felt someone caressing my pubic hair, I lift my head and saw it was Manish. Manish was caressing my pubic hair with his finger.

I asked “Manish, what are you doing?

He said “Your pubic hair is soft honey”

I replied “So what?

He kissed my pubic hair and pulled gently with his lips. Immediately he spread on me and hugged me tightly. He kissed on my cheek, earlobe, neck and lips. He sucked my boobs. His right hand moved to my pussy area and caressed my pussy lips. He opened my pussy lips and guided his dick inside my pussy and started moving inside me. He put his arms under my shoulder and entered deep inside me. Velamma 6 Visit from An Old Friend

I asked “Manish, Do you guys thought that I am a sex machine?

He said “No Dear, we never thought like that. But today we got the opportunity to have nice time. That’s why we don’t want to miss any chance?

He was moving inside me and kissing me vigorously. I was moaning due to pleasure. He was biting my nipples and licking my boobs. He pulled my nipples with his lips gently. He was also moaning heavily. He lifted my legs and placed on his shoulder and fucked me deep. He moved deeper and deeper. I was moaning loudly. Pussy juice started flowing from my pussy and he released his sperm inside me. After ejaculation he collapsed on me and hugged tightly.

Now Gaurav was ready to drill me.

He said “Usha, I want to fuck you in doggy style dear?

I said “No dear, I am very tired. Please leave me”

He said “Before we leave here, will have one final session dear. I want to do doggy style”

I agreed and kneeled like a dog on the bed. Gaurav came back and hugged me and cupped my boobs. Kissed my back, licked my neck. He pinched my nipple and hugged me. He rubbed his dick on my ass. He touched my anal hole with his erect dick. He fingered my pussy, caressed my pubic hair with his fingers. I felt very nice. I spread my legs little wide for his easy access. He rubbed his dick on my pussy gently. Then slowly he inserted his dick onside my pussy and started moving. He pulled my hair with his right hand and played on my boobs with left hand. He increased his speed and fucked me like a horse. After drilling my pussy from the back he ejected his seeds inside my pussy.

We all entered into the bathroom and opened the shower. We started enjoying shower meantime each other rubbing others private parts. We were kissing each other and hugging. Manish applied soap on me and I did the same to him. We were washing others private parts. Gaurav was standing under the shower. I sat on the floor and started licking his dick. I slowly opened my mouth and started sucking his dick. He pushed my head towards him closely so that his full length dick went inside my mouth. He enjoyed keeping his dick inside my mouth and felt the warmth. I mildly chewed his dick. He moaned heavily. I gave him a nice blow job because I don’t want to disappoint him since I already gave a blow job to Manish. For me both are same.

Gaurav released his sperm inside my mouth and I swallowed completely. I sucked his dick for some more time and cleaned with my tongue. Sucked his balls and licked his thigh. He was really happy and kissed me passionately.

We came out of the bathroom after sometime and got ready to move. We finished the check out process and started moving. Manish drove the car. Gaurav and I were playing on the back limitedly like kissing and smooching, cupping the boobs.

Manish asked “Usha when will be our next outing?

I said “Very soon”

We all laughed. They dropped me near to my house and left. I was happy to have a good fun session.