Velamma 7 She Needs more than just Motherly Love

Velamma 7 She Needs more than just Motherly Love

Watching her mom cashing in on all the fun Veena sure feels left out. It’s time for her to get some sexual attention.

Wife Being Fucked By Colleague – Part 2

I am back once again. My name is Anil. I know u must have read my last story of my wife getting fucked by her own colleague. Now this is second part of the story. After seeing my wife getting fucked by her colleague Suresh i parted my relationship with her but we continued living in the same house for the sake of our daughter. If she comes to know she will be totally shattered. After this incident i started enjoying my life in a different way. I used to visit call girls have sex with neighbor ladies and I also enjoyed sex with my sil Priya several times. She had come to know about her sister Shipa adventure but all 3 of us decided to keep it the way it is and not disclose or even mention it anytime.

After 2 months i asked Shilpa how is your relation with Suresh going on. She told me that she tried to get away from him but somehow is not able to do so. He is not leaving her and wants to marry and produce a child with her since last time they had sex he came to know that she was carrying his child and Shilpa had to abort it. Now i asked Shilpa when you are planning to get fucked by him. She told he has been pestering me about it. I will come home but i told him that my husband is there at home and till he finds a job we can’t do it told Shilpa call him home. I want to see him fucking you with my naked eyes. Initially she did not agree but I told her that since I have seen you doing this why are you so scared now. You can call him telling that I am not at home and I will hide in the 2 bedroom and once you take him to the master bedroom I will make and entry and see to it that he fucks you in front of me.

So that Friday evening Shilpa called me and told that Suresh is coming home with her and they will have dinner and come home by 9 pm. I had closed the 2nd bedroom and was lying down switching off the light. I could hear the sound of the door opening and it must have been 9.30pm. Both entered the house and Suresh started fondling Priya. I heard Priya telling him wait for 10 minutes we will start our session. They had a wash and both of them entered the bedroom. The light was on. It was 9.45 pm. Suresh was telling Priya that he wanted to do it soon and go home but this time he wanted to do without any condom as he does not feel the enjoyment. I heard Priya telling him the period is safe since my period is due anytime. She told him he cannot go home tonight and wants Suresh to stay with her.

The door was kept open and I could hear Priya telling Suresh to unlock his pant and just be in undergarment. He removed all his clothes and Priya too removed her dress and was standing in panty and bra. She just moved towards the door. I could see her red panty and black bra. Then she just closed the door. I said now my time has come and I pushed the door and went inside they both were shocked out of their life especially Suresh since he must have never expected this. Shilpa new that I was at home hence there was not much change of expression. On seeing me Suresh went to pick us his pant and wanted to wear and told me sorry sir, sorry sir.

I am extremely sorry will not do it again. Even Shilpa told let him go. I wanted to catch him in action and i was able to do so. As informed earlier my relation with Shilpa was over and what ever she did was her decision hence i did not tell anything and told Suresh today show me how did u manage to take away Shilpa from me. He said no sir no s..R s……r I have not taken away her from you. Yes I have fucked her 4 – 5 times but that was only with the intention of getting very close and personal with her. In fact I want to marry her and have a baby with her. But I told him did you not think about our marriage. He did no have any words to tell. Now I told him you will fuck Shilpa in front of me. I want to see u how you enjoy sex with Shilpa. Velamma 7 She Needs more than just Motherly Love

Telling this he opened his undergarment and there i saw a 10inch cock dangling out. Shilpa too removed her panty and bra and in all that excitement i too removed all my clothes. They thought that we were going to have threesome. They both started to kiss each other and than slowly Shilpa opened Suresh’s mouth and put her tongue and started to suck. Suresh was holding Shilpa tightly and sucking her mouth. They both were enjoying it. I saw Suresh’s dick slowly coming up. After 10 minutes of lip sucking they both lay on the bed. Now Suresh started to caress shiplap’s body and kissed her all over. He began biting her big boobs and slowly the tips became pink. Shilpa was enjoying every bit of it. I was standing and stroking my dick which soon became erect but it was only 6 inch in length.

Then Shilpa got hold of Suresh’s dick and started to caress it. Within no time it stood erect like a gun. It was almost 11 inch long. Now i started to think why Shilpa enjoyed Suresh so much but then it was none of my business since we no more were wife and husband physically or emotionally. Then she took Suresh’s dick in her mouth and began to suck it. Then they went into 69 position and Suresh started to lick shiplap’s wet pussy which already started to bring out some juice. I saw Suresh vigorously tongue fucking Shilpa and her body went up in the air and she cummed. Suresh drank all her juices and he than took out his big dick and entered Shilpa wet pussy. With no time the entire 11 inch dick had gone inside and Shilpa was screaming fuck me fuck me you bastard who separated me from my husband. Suresh was feeling guilty but went on fucking her and I could see he was sweating profusely.

After 15 minutes of intense fucking him cummed all his white juice inside Shilpa’s cunt and both of them lay down on the bed. They had a wash and came back and now Shilpa told Suresh to fuck her in her mouth. She started to caress his dick so that he gets erection. She even took it into her mouth and after some 5 minutes the dick again became a gun. Now Shilpa was taking the dick in and out of her mouth and enjoying every bit of it. Suresh told Shilpa he wants to suck her pussy once again and she agreed and both of them were sucking each other. After some intense sucking they both cummed together and hit the bed. Suresh’s cum was still coming out and Shilpa was licking it.

In all this i went to the toilet 2 and released myself since I was seeing my own Shilpa being fucked by her own colleague. After that I went off to sleep. It was around 1 am in the night. Next morning when i woke up Suresh had already left for his house. I asked Shilpa did you have a nice time and she laughed off. Velamma 7 She Needs more than just Motherly Love