Velamma 19 House Play

Velamma 19 House Play

Ramesh has to travel to Ajmer for an important meeting along with his colleague Shalini, who comes to stay before they could leave together. In the dead of the night, the housemaid, Neha, discovers that Ramesh and Shalini seem to share more than just work. Let’s find out what in this episode 19 of Velamma comics!

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Fucking hot Shikha in hotel

I was in my car, and the car stopped at the red signal. I took my laptop and was looking for the recent rss feeds on my feed reader and came along one title saying famous bollywood actress landed, i was a fan of her and i sportily opened it among the several tabs. The car was now moving.

I read the blog post while my driver was driving. My envy for meeting her was growing but i preferred to keep away as the stars usually keep on throwing their starry attitudes. I had a meeting with a client a hotel. At destination, i took my coat in one hand and my laptop bag in another and headed to the reception.

What could be better than that, as usual mr. The client was late, the boy took me to the lounge and got me a drink. Settled down, i reopened my laptop, connect my wi-fi adaptor and resumed my surfing. The boy came and informed me that my client called to inform me that he will be late by an hour, and asked if i would wait or cancel the appointment? Velamma 19 House Play

I decided to wait as i had nothing important to do. I was ‘you-tubing’ some videos when i heard a sexy voice at my back asking me if i had internet connection. A bit impolite but i did not turn to look at the person but i replied yeah. The voice then asked me if i could connect her to the wi-fi of the hotel.

As i turned, i saw her, wearing a pink short dress and a curvy laptop on her [but not as her]. My mouth was left open but i managed to recompose myself and extend myself to help her. I decided not to stare at her and miss my possible chance, i made as if i was comfortable and that there was nothing ‘that’ special in her.

I took the laptop and tried to connect but there was a problem connecting. She had nothing to do and wanted to surf a bit to let the time pass by. The boy came and informed me that my client just arrived and that i could meet him. I proposed her my laptop with the connection while she could lend me hers as firstly it was my dream laptop

[mine was coming by shipping] and secondly i could be my chance to meet her again. She readily accepted and i handed her my lappy and took hers and went for my meeting. In the meeting room, i took my pen drive and plug it in her laptop. As i opened it i found a beautiful picture of her as background maybe downloaded

From the net as it had many graphics but i preferred to switch it to a basic bg due to some reasons. After a good 30 minutes, meeting over, the deal was finalized and work had to begin. I took my things, and went back to meet my angel. She was there hitting my keyboard with her delicate fingers.

I sat next to her and opened the laptop. “work over?” She asked, “ya” i said looking at her with a strong eye contact and a sigh smile. She presented herself, “hi, i’m shikha [modified of course!] And i replied with my name…etc. It took no time and she was not throwing any attitudes as i thought. Velamma 19 House Play

I complimented her for being that gorgeous, she smiled. She was here on vacations alone and will be later joined by some friends. I mustered my courage and asked her for dinner, and she agreed which i thought not really to be the case. I met her at the hotel to pick her; she was wearing a sexy white low-cut mini dress revealing her curves.

She was as if bent on getting me hard with her actions like playing with her hair…etc but i controlled myself. I did not had in mind to have sex with her on the first meeting so we talked a lot and drank some wine. I later dropped her to the hotel and she thought that i was not good enough to drive home as i was bit sleepy and invited me to her room for a coffee.

My wicked mind woke up and went with her. It was a cozy suite; we sat on the sofa and chatted while the coffee was coming. I suddenly missed my line and said what the fuck! And the conversation turned to fuck, we started to talk dirty and talk about our sex drive and so on. She was not that in in sex but she admitted that she was horny and wanted me.

I was amazed and lost control of myself. I kissed her lips and started to relate how badly i wanted her. She cancelled the coffee to prevent disturbance. I kissed her lips the neck, she was already aroused and she started to undress me. I hold her tightly, kissed her cleavage and remove her dress. Velamma 19 House Play

She had like a cover on her boobs which she told me that it is used to prevent peeks from her nipples, i removed that and caressed her boobs. She was in her panty and had her high heels still on which made her appear sexier. I took her in my arms and straight to bed. I was in my boxer and my erection was showing.

I removed her wet panty and to smelled it. She pressed my heads inside. I licked it and started to put my tongue inside. She was moaning with pleasure, after a while i inserted my finger inside. She was enjoying. Suddenly she pulled me on the bed and got on me. She removed my boxer and holed my cock.

I was nice that heavenly experience and i could understand why she was moaning that much. She holds my cock and kissed the head, then my balls, put it in her mouth and swallowed it. I could not hold it further and i cum in her mouth. She swallowed everything and got up. Velamma 19 House Play

I called her and went to her feet and proposed her without thinking of the consequences. Her expression changed and this worried me, she said yes and came down and we kissed. I was really in heaven. She was at my side, we both nude kissing each other, the general was ready with the force and i got on her.

That night is was not like i had sex but it was like i made love to her. I got on her and inserted my cock inside, then stroking harder, i kept on kissing her lips as squeezing her boobs. The next morning i woke up, her head on my chest and hugging me, i kissed her on her head and good morning!

This is perhaps one of my luckiest days of my life. We are still together, my company is flourishing and so is her career, parents have agreed to our couple, what could be better? This more my love story than an existing sex story but i hope that you have enjoyed it and comment on it as it counts a lot.