Velamma 69 Velamma Cam Online Now

Velamma 69 Velamma Cam Online Now

Ramesh warns Velamma that she’s been spending too much money, so she decides to earn a little extra cash by getting a secret job as a webcam girl. But when she gets recognized in public, Velamma has to make a sexy deal to keep her identity confidential.

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Unsuspecting Wife

If you are a husband from Kerala having the same dreams and wish to make it real, Let us collude and make our fantasies come to life. Let me narrate a recent incident which happened and looking back at the incident I feel that my wife might just be opening up without her knowing she is changing. This happened on a trip to Kanyakumari. My wife Priya always wanted to visit trivandrum. During the pooja holidays here, I suggested we make a temple visit at guruvayur. She thought for a moment and said well, why dont we go to trivandrum and see the places there, I have never been to trivandrum. I thought over it for a moment and said, Well first lets go to guruvayur temple then we shall think about trivandrum. Since she already had made an offering to do at the temple,she readily agreed. I was planning guruvayur to repeat the incident of exposing her to some unknown face at the hotel we would stay at Guruvayur, But fate had other plans. We along with our kid went to guruvayur and unluckily or should I say luckily for us there were no rooms available. We started enquiring at almost all good hotels, and the result was the same. At the reception desk of one such hotel, while I was asking the receptionist regarding availability of room. A couple walked in and asked him the same. Velamma 69 Velamma Cam Online Now

He responded bys saying sorry sir, all booked up. The guy too was muttering what a pity this is the third hotel we have come to. I joined in saying our situation is the same too. He asked whether it was possible to get any room here in guruvayur, I said we too are trying. They walked to their car and me to mine which was parked near theirs. I told my wife hey it looks as if there is going to be no room. The guy walked up to me and said look, Iam going to check out some other hotel and if you find any room in any hotel do give me a call and I will do likewise. I said ok and we exchanged cell numbers. I said Iam suresh, He replied saying Iam Sreeraj. Meanwhile his wife had walked to where we were standing and my wife seeing her come got out of the car and smiled at her. I asked him where he was from, he said he was from trivandrum. I told him where i was from. Meanwhile our wives had introduced each other and were talking on the non availability of the room. After about 10 minutes of talk we both went our ways in search of a room. As I was asking yet again at another hotel, I recieved a call from sreeraj saying that there were two rooms at the hotel he was enquiring should he book the rooms. I said ok, shall meet you there and got the address of the hotel he was in and we went there. Velamma 69 Velamma Cam Online Now

They were there at the reception waiting for us. Since we had already introduced ourselves the stranger feeling was all away. We did the required formalities and checked into our respective rooms as we got out of the list. I checked out his wife, she was trim slim and had a large ass , she was pretty in her way. AS I looked away from her I could see sreeraj was checking out my wife who was a bit plump at her ass and amply endowed in her breast region. My eyes met sreerajs as he looked away and we grinned sheepishly. I knew a bond had been formed and there my devious mind started working. I started fantasising about him , me , his wife and mine. I really had a dirty mind. We visited the temple of course seperately and joined at the restaurant for supper at the same table. We got talking and our families were getting to know each other. As we were eating my wife said she always wanted to visit trivandrum and his wife responded that we were always welcome and could stay at their place if we ever came to trivandrum. I mentioned we would be coming soon. A friendship bond had developed. I dint want to spoil anything as I dint know what type sreeraj was and if I did anything naughty it would spoil the relation. Later after leaving guruvayur and while we were at our place, one day my wife took a call on my cell, it was sreeraj, He asked my wife all the normal decent things and enquired when we were coming. She in turn asked me and I said we would come next month. I said tell them that we shall come next month. She told him just that and he asked her to hand me the phone. I took the phone and tentatively fixed up the date for 2nd of the month and told him that we would be there for three days and hope it would not be a problem. He said no not at all. He asked me if I had an yahoo id where he PM me about the tourist attractions and other plans. I told him my id was fusion_dreams. Next day after checking my emails. I logged into my yahoo id and I found a add a friend box of one id “Innocent” with a message that it was sreeraj. I added it and I could see that he was online too. We started our chat formally and I asked him what was he doing so late at night on the net. He replied the same thing which you are doing. I told him well you dont even have the slightest idea what iam doing. He replied ha ha well we guys are not so old to stop browsing the net for naughty things. I replied in agreement. I told him look there is an id “couple” which is making naughty statements, its saying do you want to do a C2C. Sreeraj asked me to say yes and see what they replied. I replied yes and the next PM came “wife sleeping i can expose what about you”. I forwarded the message to sreeraj. His PM came stating hmmm… What are your thoughts. Velamma 69 Velamma Cam Online Now

Now that the topic had come. I quickly ignored the other user, and started my private messaging with Sreeraj. The PM’s were as such

ME:”not a bad idea but the message was what the other guy sent”

Sree “well the message does have some great content what do you think”

Me: “well but its quite risky”

Sree:”hmm… Means you dont have any objections”

ME: “well we all have our fantasies”

Sree.. “Tell me yours”

ME: ” As you know me it wouldnt be that nice to disclose”

Sree “its ok , you shoot, or shall I tell you mine”

Me; “go ahead the ball is in your court”

Sree “well you have a real pretty wife”

Me “yours is not bad either”

Sree “I really checked her out that day at the hotel she has great tits yaar”

Me ” I too did the same I jerked off imagining your wifes large ass”

Sree “would you like to see it in real”

ME ” is it possible”

Sree ” we can work out something”

Me “will she agree”

Sree “no way, we can do it without her knowledge. Would you show your wife’s to me too”

Me. “defenitely”

Sree ” ok Let us make the trivandrum trip a memorable one.”

Me ” ok gud night”

Later the next day sree came online and asked me to show my wife on cam ot him and I showed him Priya who was sleeping in her churidar top and pantyies only. He in response showed me his wife who was literally naked cause they had just fucked before she slept ane he came online after that. Now having developed an intimate friendship bond. I started planning on making my trivandrum trip memorable and I was sure sree too would be planning to make it great. We reached trivandrum as planned we were recieved by sree and family and were taken to their place. We were given a room next to theirs and we bathed and got fresh. While serving us tea Sree,s wife asked were would we like to visit first. I replied that Sree was the guide and that they would have to guide us around. They agreed and said lets leave after lunch to kanyakumari. They too packed their luggage and we left for kanyakumari. Sree was driving and his wife was sitting next to him , me and my wife were in the back seat of the car. During the journey I started to caress her thighs over her churidar, She knew that they could not see from front so did not object. As I was caressing her thighs over her saree, We saw a foriegn lady walking on the footpath wearing Tshirt and shorts, It was evident she was not wearing Bra as her breasts were jiggling, I jokingly said Hey looking at that foriegn lady one can understand that Bra was invented for indian ladies only, all laughed that remark helped loosening up the situation. Sree replied if you go to Kovalam you can see ladies with bikini and if you are lucky you get to see them naked too. I said is theirs quite different from our indian ladies. All laughed and sree remarked well they have to always expose it to the sun to keep it warm. We all laughed. Now the situtation had an informal atmosphere and we were freely talking, and Sree and myself kept commenting on any beautiful or shapely ladies as we passed. Meanwhile my hand was still caressing my wifes thigh and I knew she was slightly aroused. Sree too later I came to know had kept his hand on his wifes thigh and was squeezing rythamically as we commented on the ladies passing by. The drive was about three hours, so after about one and a half hour, we stopped for tea. I secretly told sree that after the ladies get in the car Let us switch places to drive. He said ok. As planned the ladies got into the car, sree got into the drivers seat and as I was the last one to get in , the moment I reached near the car sree got out opened the door on the back side and got in saying now you drive Iam going to rest. I got into the driving seat immediately started the car and put it into motion without giving time for the ladies to get out and change seats, Now I had srees wife beside me and My wife was seated beside sree. We resumed out chatting and after about 15 minutes a well buit foriengn male passed by my side, as he was passing, as if to call her attention to the man I placed my hand on srees wifes thigh and said look a beautiful muscle man from germany saying this I took my hand off her thigh. She must have thought it was accidental but her thighs were really soft. She must have been alarmed but she did not show it. Velamma 69 Velamma Cam Online Now

We reached a place were a guy was selling apricot on the road I moved the vehicle near to the wagon on which he had the fruit. I had parked it in such a way that my wifes window was near the wagon, Using the power window option i lowered the window on my wifes side and asked her to ask the rate. She enquired, and Sree as if to bargain leaned towards my wife side and I could see his hand which was placed on the seat between him and my wife while leaning had the finges slightly slip under my wifes thighs, My wife dint react as she too thought it to be accidental. And sree handed a 50 rs note to my wifes hand in the process had touched her palms. The guy gave us apricot and the balance amount, to my wife, she offered the return amount to sree and while he was taking the coins he let a coin slip to the ground, and immediately as if to take it he bent down and as it had falled before my wife, his shoulders were now on my wifes thighs as he took the coin. The sight really made me horny and my wife dint object as she felt it to be accidental. We continued our journey and as evening was approaching we said would it be difficult to get a good hotel at kanyakumari. Well lets go and see even a dormitory would do which can accomodate four. We reached kanyakumari and started searching for rooms. At each hotel Sree would get out go to the reception enquire and even if there were rooms he would come back and say no vacancy. Finally we reached a very good hotel which Sree knew would always be full and he had in advance without the knowledge of even his wife had booked one room there through someone. Reaching there he got down as if to enquire went in and came back and said there is only one room but can accomodate four people as it is quite a large room. I said that would be fine because it is only after all a nights stay. Now the situation was set, Sree quickly without giving us time to respond or get out of the car went back to the reception and completed the formalities. We got out unloaded our luggages, the room boy took the luggages to our room. The room was quite spacious had two double cot beds and was amply furnished. We checked in and selected one bed for each, we offloaded our luggages and I rummaged through the bags and said we shall have a bath and then leave to see the city. All said ok , meanwhile Sree ordered tea. I had opened my bag and took out my lungi and towel, sree too was doing the same, The ladies were seated on the bed, watching us. I removed my Shirt and banyan and now I was standing only in my pants, next i removed my pants modestly covering it with the lungi and then removde my underwear after wearing the lungi and as if for the ladies to see I held the underwear and placed it on the hanger, I knew both ladies were now aware that I was naked undeer the lungi, Sree too had done the same. I said whos going first, Sree replied you go. I went into the bathroom , once inside I saw that I could not hang the towel as well as the lungi inside the bathroom. I removed my lungi wore my towel and then stepped outside the bathroom and said you cant hang this inside so let me keep it here and I kept it outside on the cot near my wife, As I walked to the bathroom in a towel covering my ass and cock I knew srees wife would see my large ass and protruding shape of my cock which jiggled as I walked. I went it showered and made sure the towel was quite wet so that it would stick to me while I came out. After toweling myself I immersed the towel in water, made it quite wet squeezed excess water out, then I pulled on my cock to make it semi hard so that it would show a bit lenght and then wore the towel and looked in the mirror, The sight was great i had dishevelled hair, hairy body, a wet towel showing my ass shape and a large cock shape stuck to the towel in front I stood near the door a moment before opening visualised where srees wife was siting and opened the door positioning my body with cock shape in front focussed to srees wifes full view. Velamma 69 Velamma Cam Online Now

As I stepped out I could see my wife and srees wife watching Deliberatly and slowly chatting to them about the water hardness I walked to the place where my lungi was and in the process to keep srees wife attention I kept talking as if to her and I could see her watching my ass and cock shape. I wore my lungi and now it was srees turn to do the same and he did it wonderfully and I knew my wife too had seen sree in a similar state as his wife had seen me after bath, Now it was the ladies turn and srees wife went in bathed and came and my wife too did the same of course keeping their dresses inside the bathroom. We then dressed and now as we had bathed and dressed with utmost care not reavealing any nudity our families felt free with each other. That night after our visit to many places we reached our hotel back late and went to sleep. While in bed I started playing with my wifes tits and ass and Slowly made her horny. The lights were off and the room was in pitch darkness and she knew no one could see, so I slowly removed her panties she now only had the churi top on. I put my finger inside her pussy and started finger fiucking her, this made her horny and she started to pull on my cock, I slowly climbed over her and pushed my cock into her and started pumping, we remained quite silent but she would not know sree and me had an understanding, I had said after I cough you just get up without making a noise and switch the light on you will see us fucking and you off the lights. I knew if he did that our fucking would stop and my wife would be angry. So as I was fucking her I made a cough sound, giving us about 5 minutes after the cough Sree got up an d switched on the light , I had already slipped the cover off us as were fucking, I gave two or three strokes with the light on and We saw that sree and his wife had seen us naked and fucking, immediately sree switched off the light and we covered ourselves. My wife pushed me over and lay angrily covering herself. Later during the middle on the night sree made a coughing noise and I knew something was on, my wife was deep asleep, I switched on the light and I could see srees wife was deep asleep and he had moved the covers aside and I saw her lying with her churi top raised and her legs spread a bit with her hairy pussy all visible, I kept thelight on for a minute and watched the scene, I had in the process of rising slipped our covers off too and my wifes nudity below her wasit too was visible we kept the light for about a minute watched each others wifes nudity and then switched it off and went back to bed. Velamma 69 Velamma Cam Online Now