Velamma 32 The Peacemaker

Velamma 32 The Peacemaker

At babu’s football game, Velamma meets a depressed Anshul who had a break up recently. Velamma knows how to cheer him up and takes him to the locker room for some fun where they’re caught red handed by babu. Velamma must play the peacemaker before the boys hurt each other by fighting over “their aunty”.

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My roommate

She had been my friend from work and it was a Friday night where everyone was meeting for drinks and some relaxing.I had a few drinks and so did she.We were always a bit over the edge at work and so we did the same here. I invited her to come to my house after and she did.On the way home we both took off our panties. We knew this moment would happen at some point. We got home and began to kiss, and touch. It was time, I wanted her bad.We went upstairs to my room and stripped down. I pushed her down to the bed and climbed on top. We kissed, we rubbed, her breasts were so full and firm. I licked her nipples but what I wanted was further down. I moved down her belly to her bush. I parted her lips and pressed my lips against her pussy. I flicked my tongue against her clit and she reacted, I pressed harder and began to suck it into my mouth, to toy with it as my tongue wrapped and licked and probed her flesh until she was crying out.My hands pressed her thighs farther apart so she could not stop me and I ate her until she arched so high and cried out so loud, I knew she had cum. But she wasn’t finished, and neither was I. I got my vibrator and rubbed it against her sopping wet pussy, it was filled with her moist juices so I slid it slowly into her pussy, filling her completely. Then I turned it on and held it there watching her clit vibrate so slowly from the pulses coming from inside her.I leaned in close and blew on her clit then I began licking slowly, she was still sensitive and the vibrator was beginning to pick up speed.

I turned up the speed a bit and began sucking her clit in my mouth even more. She bucked and arched but I wouldn’t stop. I licked and sucked as she was penetrated by the vibrator.She grabbed my hair and pushed me hard against her pussy, allowing me to suck in her juices …. She came all over my face. We rested while I stroked her inner thighs. Blowing cool air over her pussy, I watched her throbbing, quaking.We lay there for about 20 minutes, licking each other’s nipples, stroking each others thighs…. I could tell she was calmer and coming down from the orgasms… It was time for another. I turned on the vibrator again and moved it around her pussy lips… Pausing on her clit for a moment. She was game, I slid the vibrator into her pussy once again and pressed my tongue onto her clit and just held it there… No movement, just hot wet pressure. The vibrations moved my tongue so slightly she began to quiver and move, humping my mouth. Pressing the vibrator deeper inside her I began massaging her clit with my tongue flicking so fast, sucking so deep, she was humping and thrashing so hard…. I stopped for a moment and she cried out not to.My fingers pinched softly the flesh of her clit. She pressed against me. I asked her if she wanted me to continue, and I did.I licked her for twenty minutes fast and hard then slowing as her orgasm subsided, never letting go completely. She was spent. I loved eating a woman. I want to be eaten like that!