Velamma 47 Night with Surya and Nammi

Velamma 47 Night with Surya and Nammi

When Velamma shows up at her sister’s house announced and discovers their parents also visiting, it cramps the sleeping situation. Nami gives the folks the spare bedroom while offering to share her bed with Velamma, like when they were kids. But when they were kids, they didn’t have Nami’s horny husband Surya in the sack with them!

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It happened one year back & changed our lives. Let me tell you about my self. I am a happily married of 32 years old with good body 5’10” fair complexes, little bit on heavy side person with charming personality. I am working with an mnc as sr. Software professional. I am married to a conventional, good looking, sexy punjabi woman Tania. She is 30 years old with whitish complexion, she has volupotunes figure. She holds 40 boobs on her chest & her butts are most attractive part of body. When she moves in saree or jeans its treat to watch her from behind. In nut shell she has every thing (aage & peeche) to attract men (sometime women too) towards her. Some time she complains to me why men always talk to her boobs than to her.i just laugh at this by saying you have best boobs of the world every one has the right to appreciate the things in the world. Just enjoy their stares. She blushes… after six years of happy marriage with good double income, own house in second India silicon valley Hyderabad. All seems to be sign a perfect life. While our sex life was like of any working class couples sex on weekends & twice in year holidays to hills. Parenthood & going to malls was taking priority over watching blue movies together. Everything was getting routine & also getting bored. Somehow i felt my wife also loosing sex drive & never bothered for more innovations in the bed no matter how hard i tried. This was leading for more tension & frequent quarrels between us & i was getting frustrated. I wanted to do something new to spice up our life. I loved tania very much & never wanted to hurt her let alone betrayed. I could easily gone to prostitutes or go for an extra marital affair as i had many such opportunities both at work & neighborhood. But i wanted something mutual & sensational something which gives a fresh leaf to our love life. And swapping was the best remedy came to my mind. I knew it was the hardest thing to get a conventional middle class indian woman to get into swapping act…but i had made up the mind. This suited me morally also as everything shall be fair to her also plus it will give the zing thing badly desired by our relationship to survive. God is great!!He knows that i was looking for looking for other ladies.we had to go to nainital for marriage of her first cousin. We went upto delhi by flight and were picked up by an innova sent by tania’s uncle, the journey was fantastic and we reached the place by early evening. We drove into a huge kothi with big garden in the outskirts of the town; they had taken the kothi on rent near the bride’s locality. Tania’s uncle welcomed us and introduced me to both his son’s – elder one neeraj & younger one dheeraj who was getting married. Our luggage was moved inside & we were offered welcome drink, we were asked to freshen up and have some rest. We came down after that for evening snacks in the dining room and here i was introduced to all others – prakash uncle’s son-in-law, urmi their daughter, aunty, elder daughter-in-law divya who was neeraj’s wife and urmi’s kids. Even neeraj & dheeraj were there, & i observed that neeraj & prakash were like good friends. Though neeraj & dheeraj were very average in looks, divya was a beautiful lady of around 30yrs of age with 5′-5″ height and perfect curves, must have been 34d-30-38 body. I would say she was a stunner. We were taken around the house and the garden & shown all the arrangements for the cocktail party of the night. The ladies took tania along with them as she was very close to the family, to show the jewellery, clothes and all other things bought for the bride. I just roamed around the garden to spend time, as i being the son-in-law of the house was not supposed to work, i was more of a guest than relative i thought. Later in the evening we all dressed up in traditional dresses, i wore a shervani and tania wore a heavy embroidered silk saree. In some time the party reached its colors and there were people talking and having drinks in small groups. Tania got busy in meeting & talking to all her aunts, uncles, cousins etc after introducing me to them. I was just sipping my vodka and enjoying the drink looking around at the colourful crowd and the beautiful ladies in the crowd. People were in small groups and all were catching up with old friends, relatives, gossiping etc. I saw neeraj & prakash had opened their whisky bottle and sat in a corner laughing, joking n busy away from others. In some time the dinner was served, which i was eagerly waiting for. Being only a social drinker i just had two of my favorite vodka. After the dinner, i was getting bored & i told tania that i would like to go and have early rest as we had been thru a long journey all the way from mumbai and it was getting cold outside. She told me to wait till she found which room we were supposed to stay in. I saw her talking to her aunt, who discussed something with uncle and seemed there was some confusion. After 10minutes tania came back & told that our luggage was being shifted to 2nd floor room as neeraj wanted a room closer to prakash’s room as they wanted to play cards all night. Velamma 47 Night with Surya and Nammi

I said good night to uncle & aunt and left for the room which was more like an attic with attached bath than a room. I changed my clothes, removed my shoes and pulled the quilt over myself. I pulled the quilt over my head and don’t know when i fell asleep. After around an hour i woke up with the sound of the door as tania opened the door and entered in. She dimmed the light and told me that she’ll join me in the bed soon after taking the makeup off, freshening up and changing her dress. She went into the bathroom and latched it. I pulled the quilt back up my face and closed my eyes waiting for tania, half awake half asleep. It had become quite cold and the thought of tania coming in bed made my cock slightly hard. In a minute i heard the latch opening and the lights were switched off, she got inside the quilt, getting inside the quilt from the bottom side, where my legs were and opened my pyjama string and kissed my cock over it …… Soon she pulled my pyjama down and took my cock in her hand and started stroking it and gave it a few kisses on the cock head and took it in her mouth licking and sucking it like a hungry tigress. She was still inside the quilt and took it out of her mouth and said “you are tasting sooooo yummy dear, ……… Ummmmm” and got back kissing it, licking it and stroking it hard. Velamma 47 Night with Surya and Nammi

In between her breasts touched my legs and i could feel the perky nipples on my thighs ….. Then she moved upwards kissing my navel running her tongue around and stroking my cock in her hand and suddenly brought her boobs around my cock and took it in between her titties and started rubbing my cock in the cleavage holding her boobs around my cock. I was enjoying it all ……. And felt the cold climate had acted fast on tania …… She again took my cock in her hand and started licking my balls and took the salty nuts in her mouth one by one, was enjoying it all ………… But feeling soooooooo different. Velamma 47 Night with Surya and Nammi

Suddenly the lights turned-on and i heard tania screaming “who is it ?????”, …… I looked at tania standing a few feet away at the door of the bathroom only in a short towel wrapped around and turned towards the quilt to see who was there ……. At the same time the quilt got turned the other side and we were stunned to see divya fully nude on her knees bent forward on my bed with her boobs hanging down. I looked at tania and said, “i thought it was you sucking on me”. By this time divya got down on her feet and pulled the quilt from the floor to cover herself, her face flushed with shame. I pulled the pillow to cover my tool which was hard & stood out like a rod. Tania asked divya what she was doing in our room and divya said she thought it was their room as their luggage was kept there since morning and started looking around on the floor but couldn’t find their luggage. Then tania realized and told her that prakash wanted to move to room next to neeraj’s to play cards and their luggage had been shifted there. Divya was still standing there with the quilt in her hand to cover her torso, only her boobs, waist & pussy were covered but her sexy, smooth, silky legs and upper part of her milky boobs & cleavage were still visible. I was still on the bed and divya being on my side standing on the floor covering her frontal, could see her sides and the shapely round ass and the shape of her breasts from the side. She saw me looking at her and immediately wrapped the quilt around her. I told tania that i was just lying on the bed in dark when she went inside the bathroom and i was under the impression that it was tania, who i thought had come out of the bath and must be in a romantic mood because of the nainital weather, but it was divya who came in undressed, got into the bed and started sucking my cock. Velamma 47 Night with Surya and Nammi

To that divya said she thought it was there room & it was neeraj in the bed, who in the morning had asked her to give him a blowjob in the night. She said normally she doesn’t like doing it. I quipped in saying that divya was enjoying it and had even said that it was yummy, but as she was inside the quilt i could not differentiate her voice from tania’s and thought it was tania saying that. Then divya told us that normally she doesnt like it as neeraj doesnt maintain very good hygiene and today she liked doing it, that’s why she said so. There was a sense of enjoyment on her flushed face as she was saying that. Tania understood that the lady was enjoying what she was doing and looked at me with a naughty smile on her face, still holding the towel wrapped around her. Here i was, a pillow covering my manhood, my wife standing close by only in a towel and a lady with quilt wrapped around who until a minute back was licking & sucking my cock and rubbed my cock between her titties. Divya’s eyes were lowered but in between she would take a peek at me n the pillow which was covering my cock. Then she turned and bent down to pick the clothes which she had dropped on the floor while undressing. As she stood back up with her saree in hand, tania held her hand, looked at me smilingly and then at divya and said, “if you really liked it and were enjoying it so much, why not continue it and enjoy as much as you want to”. Divya got stunned hearing that, tania continued saying, “see, if you leave & go like this, you will always have a guilt feeling within you ….. Forever ……. And you will always feel ashamed of this moment whenever you see either of us …. Hai na …… So why not willingly do it and enjoy it fully …….. At least you will not have any guilty feeling as you do it for fun with everyone’s choice …… Totally willingly …… And don’t worry kisi ko pata bhi nahi chalega …..” tania pointed her finger at me and indicated me to come closer & pulled the pillow off me, exposing my 8″ fully hard dick to the 2 of them. Tania grabbed my cock in her hand and started stroking it slowly pulling the foreskin back and revealing the cock’s strawberry shaped head. Then she asked divya to get down on her knees & take over. Divya hesitated a bit & looked at me, i gave a very warm smile to her, placed my hand on her cheeks and asked her to go ahead. She got down and took the cock in her hand and started stroking it, and then she kissed the cock head and started licking the full length of the dick from base to the tip. She got fully engrossed doing that and i was looking at how much she was enjoying it. I started pulling the quilt off her and threw it aside; i could see her lovely rounded firm d sized boobs from top. Now divya was spitting saliva on the cock head and licking it up, stroking the base with her hands. She took the cock in her mouth and started moving her head back & forth wrapping her lovely red lips around the cock. I held her head and started pushing my cock into her mouth each time she took it deep in. It was now almost as if i was fucking her mouth. Velamma 47 Night with Surya and Nammi

I looked up at tania, who was still in the towel and asked her to come closer. As she came closer i pulled the towel off and threw it on the quilt, and cupped her boobs. I bent forward to took one of tania’s nipple in my mouth and started sucking it and biting it while fondling & squeezing both her tits. Divya took my cock out of her mouth and looked upwards at us …… I moved a hand down towards her boobs & grabbed one and caressed n fondled it, and then pinched her taut nipples between two fingertips making her moan. I told divya that she was doing a great job on the cock, she blushed a bit and then gave a kiss on the tip of the cock and said “this lovely hard thing is making me do all this nasty thing”. Now tania too got on her knees next to divya and took the cock in her hand and said, “let me see how much it has been changed by being with another lady”. Tania rolled her tongue in a circle on the tip of the cock squeezing the cock with her hand & stroking it in between. She then took in cock in her mouth and started sucking on it; divya was a few inches away and just looking at tania giving me a blowjob. Tania raised herself up on her knees and pulled my cock upwards exposing the hanging balls fully & asked divya to lick them. Divya bent further down and got beneath the balls, raised her face up and started licking the balls while tania sucked on my cock. Divya took the balls in her fingers and pinched her nails into the soft skin, then she took one ball fully in her mouth and rolled her tongue on it, she took it out & took the other ball in her mouth a bite on my balls …. She kissed my balls still cupping them and asked tania to interchange positions. Velamma 47 Night with Surya and Nammi

Then divya took the full length of my cock in one gulp and started a very hard blowjob while tania was licking my salty nuts. Tania stood up & sat on the bed raising her legs apart exposing her smooth & lovely pink pussy lips to me, she rubbed her pussy with her fingers & called closer. As divya was still busy in the blowjob, i just bent forward kissing tania’s inner thighs, started licking the skin around her pussy ….. Smelling her love juices. Then i flicked my tongue on her pussy a few times and started licking it, slurping my tongue all over. Spreading the pink pussy lips which were nicely wet, i pushed my tongue inside to taste her juicy wet cunt. Divya by now was sucking hard on my cock, squeezing it nicely in her hand & i was pushing my cock in her mouth and banging it. In sometime i released my precum and divya licked it all up. Divya took my cock out of her mouth, still stroking it in her hand, she too got up on the bed next to tania & started watching me work-up on tania’s pussy with my mouth while. Divya’s mouth was open in gaze, as she saw tania moaning. She told tania that she had only seen anyone eating pussy like that in bluefilms & said neeraj sometimes and rarely gives a gentle kiss on her pussy and nothing more than that. I moved a hand between divya’s legs and started rubbing her pussy while continuing to lick, roll my tongue & lips all around and inside tania’s pussy. Divya was very wet by now and i could feel that with my fingers, i changed over to divya & sparead her legs wide apart, bending forward giving flick of my tongue on her pussy. Divya had a nice rosy red bald pussy very nicely shaved with a patch of small trimmed curly hairs above. I rubbed my fingers over the hairy patch & kissed her pussy twats …… Looking up into her eyes, i started licking her cunnie lips, slurping my tongue over them. She was enjoying it ….. A lot ….. & then i spread her lips apart exposing the pink wet hole inside …. Pushing a finger in to feel the wetness & making way …. Inserting another finger in ….. I started finger fucking her …… And started licking her pussy around the fingers, which by now were working magic on divya. I pulled the fingers out and pushed my tongue in her pussy hole, spreading the twats with my fingers, i started licking and sucking and eating her juicy cunt. Tania now was fingering herself, & i moved my hand to her pussy and began fingering tania on one side and eating divya’s dripping wet pussy on the other. Divya started moaning with pleasure & was about to scream as she cummed, tania put her hand on divya’s mouth to stop her from screaming as others might come to know. I licked the love juices off her pussy which almost dripping by now, thin sheath of juices were formed on the pussy hole, i slurped my tongue over it and licked it all up. I asked divya if her lovely pussy was ready to take my cock inside it. She said she would love to but she had already cummed and cannot take it anymore. Tania told her not to worry and give it a try as ladies can have multiple orgasms one after the other. Divya said she had never ever tried it after cumming once. Tania looked at me as i lifted divya’s legs spreading them wide apart exposing her pussy towards me, i positioned myself on top of her. Tania held the base of my cock & pushed it slightly inside divya’s pussy …….. I gave another push and slid it further in …… I could feel the pussy gripping my cock gently with juices all around it. I withdrew my cock an inch and gave another thrust to push my cock fully inside divya. Now i started riding her and looked at her d sized boobs which were wobbling as i rode her and fucked her hard. I shifted my weight on my knees, pulled one of her leg up on my shoulder ……. Still pumping my fully hard & throbbing shaft in her juicy wet cunt and grabbed her wobbling boobs and started groping her & kept fucking her very hard and fast. Divya held her lips tightly closed but still her moans could be heard in the room. I bent forward & started sucking on her dark red rosy nipples and fondled & squeezed her tits while thrusting my cock in & out, deep deep down inside her cunt. I held my shaft deep inside her for a few moments and started swirling the cock in circular motions inside her pussy, making her squirm as i did that. She could not control it anymore and opened her lips moaning. Velamma 47 Night with Surya and Nammi

Tania stood up on the bed & got in front of me, she pulled my face up and came closer offering her pussy to my mouth. Now i was fucking divya as hard & fast as i could and was eating tania’s wet pussy at the same time. My cock was throbbing hard by now and had started pulsating as it dug divya’s cunnie. Divya’s legs started twitching n shaking and soon she had cummed again. I withdrew my cock out of her cunt and asked tania to wellcummmm my cock in her pussy. She kneeled and turned on the bed getting on doggy style offering her pussy to me for a good fuck. I spanked her ass cheeks & the crack with my cock which was very hard & throbbing and placed it on her smoothly waxed pussy. Held tania by her waist and pushed my dick into her pussy and started banging it hard. I was pulling tania to myself each time i would thrust my cock into her cunnie. Even tania started pushing herself backwards onto my cock each time i pulled her waist & banged into her pussy walls. Her c sized firm tits were swaying in air hanging downwards freely and i held them & kept fucking her harder and faster, squeezing her boobs as i pounced her pussy. My upper thighs were colliding with her ass cheeks and a slurping sound was emanating from tania’s fully wet pussy as i rode her. I smiled at divya who had recuperated by now ……. And seemed very happy & pleased at all she got. She came closer to me, smilingly & opening her lips slightly offering a kiss to me. I responded equally passionately to the kiss, locking my lips with hers and soon the kiss turned into a passionate smooch as we started feeling each others lips wildly while i was still fucking tania with all the might my cock & legs could gather. Divya pulled one of my hands which were holding tania’s waist and moved it over to her boobs …….. I cupped her boobs and started fondling and caressing them, as i offered my tongue inside divya’s mouth. Our tongue’s were playing each other as i squeezed her boobs hard and pinched her nipples, between my fingers. I could feel that my cock could no longer hold fort anymore and holding tania tight i released the first load if cumshot into her pussy, and continued banging her releasing a few more shots of warm cum into her. Then tania pulled out and turned towards us. She was me locked in a passionate smooch feeling divya’s luscious lips, which i then released. Tania called divya onto my cock and asked her to share the cum with her, as she kept stroking my cock hard with her hand. Divya lied down on the bed on her back with her face right below my cock …….. Tania pressed my cock head making my cumshots fall on divya’s boobs and on her face & lips. Tania in between licked some cum off my cock and even took some in her mouth. I got up on the bed, on my feet, took the cock in my hand and started jerking off, releasing the last few drops of cum on tania’s tits and divya too got on her knees next to tania. Then both started licking my cock clean as i looked into divya’s eyes which were sparkling with content & pleasure. We all got off the bed on the floor and i asked divya if she was happy with the misunderstanding and getting in our room by mistake. She said she was never happier & said she still wanted something from me, saying that she hugged me tightly with her boobs squeezed against my chest and my cock touching her and told that she wanted to feel my full body against hers. I pulled her closer by grabbing her ass, pressing her boobs further, feeling her perky & taut nipples on my chest and kissed her lips, then i turned her around and now my cock was between her ass cheeks, i slowly moved rubbing my cock up her ass crack pressing myself on her. I pulled tania closer and made her also to turn her back towards me, to look into full sized mirror on the wardrobe, as the two sexy ladies stood stark naked in front of me with their full frontal view visible in the mirror to us. I cupped their boobs in each hand and said, i’ll never forget this kodak moment & wished i had this pic. Divya laughed and said, “in your dreams”, saying that she picked her clothes and started dressing. Divya washed her face and finished wearing her saree. We kissed her good night, and she opened the door and we could hear aunty calling divya’s name. Divya said “coming mummyji, i was doing chit-chat with tania”, and ran downstairs towards aunty. Tania and i had another good session after that in bed, and slept off. Next morning tania asked me if i enjoyed divya more than her…… i told her, i enjoyed tania the most …… which brought a lovely smile on her face ….. And she smooched me hard. Velamma 47 Night with Surya and Nammi