Velamma 78 Digital Penetration

Velamma 78 Digital Penetration

While Velamma is in episode 78 uploading her pictures online from the vacation with her husband, she unwittingly opens a spam link and her pc breaks down, refusing to boot up. She calls a technician to fix it and while he is trying to find the reason for her broken computer, he suddenly finds out her nude picture. He doesn’t want the hacker to share her picture online, that’s why he wants to hack the hacker’s pc illegally exchange for the sex with Velamma. When the pc finally starts, Velamma tries to make sure that her nightly profession remains a secret.

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Swimming Coach

Hi all ISS readers! I am Suasnt, 28 years Male, again want to share you a real experience of Natasha, a teen virgim which will make you mad. I repeat, I love to fuck teen virgins below 18 and experience their screaming, moaning in pain and pleasure. I just share the experience of such teen virgins when they got fucked by monster cocks. Again this is also a tale of an innocent teen girl who got focked furiously by her coach I am Lisa Bhatnagar, 14+, daughter of a hi-profile officer. At this age I was fully grown up with 34-28-34. As my boobs were very big I was comepelled to use bra. Due to frequent transfer of my father my education was suffering and at the age of 10th standard I had to read in 8th. So my parents decided to admit me in a boarding school so that I shall not be dependant upon them and also my education will not suffer on account of their frequent shifting. The boarding school was meant for aristocrat families, I mean the expense was so high only a high profile parents can afford. Being the only child and the school was bery much renowned my father preferred me to admit there. I had to stay in the hostel within the campus. The school was from 6th to 12th standard and although I was in 8th but since I was new I was feeling alone. There was a swimming pool in the campus and a coach was also there to train the students. From my childhood I had great ambition to learn swimming as I love to play in water. When I found the opportunity immediately I requested my class teacher to get entry in that class. My class teacher was very kind hearted and introduced me with the coach. He was about 40 years and handsome looking man of 5.8’ height. The coach asked me “How old r u “ I replied “14 years”. He stared at me and ran his eyes from my head to toe and murmered “unbelievable…..” He again asked do yo have any knowledge of swimming” I said no. Then he said “see as you are a beginner you have to take training with the 6th standard students. Further they are just between 10 to 11 yrs old, so you have to work hard and give more time to be at par with your age groups”. I nodded.

The training was running only on Sunday and for beginners in the afternoon from 2pm to 4 pm. I was provided with a swimming suit which was in 2 pieces even though all others were in one piece. I thought, probably due to my phisique such different costume was given. On the 1st day I went to the pool, seeing the little boys and girls I felt very awkward. My craze for learning swimmimg smeared away and I was about to return, the coach called me “Hi Lisa, where are u going, come in” I looked behind. The coach was in the pool and smiling. I hesitantly went down. Since I was 5’4” tall Sir asked me to go to the deeper area where it will be easy to swim. All the little guyes were in one side and I was alone in other near about 30ft. Away. Sir came to me and handed me an air tube and told me how with the help of that I can float in the water. He held me from my waist and asked me to shake my legs. I was feeling embarrassed with his touch. He was touching my ass and time to time moving his hand on my belly and back. I felt very uneasy and scolded him whispering “Bastard”.On each Sunday the mischivious acts of coach was increasing day by day. He gradually started to touch my boobs and fondling them. He knowingly tries to rub his harden dick on my body. I was helpless, did not also disclose with fear that I may loss the chance to learn swimming. When I reach there the coach immediately comes to me leaving the little kids. He also forces me to remain more time after the other children left. Velamma 78 Digital Penetration

On one Sunday after lunch I was taking rest. My room mate Richa was snoring. Suddenly I heard dogs are barking and I felt as if they are quarreling with each others. I opened the window and saw that 4 dogs were after 1 bitch. As it was mid-day there were no one in that area, I stood there and watched them. At last one strong fat dog rode over the bitch and pushed his penis from behind. Other dogs were Barking at the fat dog but no body had courage to fight with him. The bitch was probably a virgin she was unable to take the dick of such a huge dog and crying with pain. At last the dog buried his dick inside the pussy of the bitch and sticked with the bitch. I was enjoying watching and feeling excited. I saw the watch it was 3 o’clock. Oh God! I am late by 1 hr. The coach will definitely bang me. I hurridly went to the pool & after changing my dress entered into the pool. The coach looked at me and scolded me and told “if u will be careless like this u can never learn, u know u have to make yourself at par with your class fellows & seniors, hence today you have to remain 2hrs extra”. I did not tell any thing and tried to swim wth the help of the air tube. Except us there was no other person. After some time the coach came to me and stood some time near me. That day he was in a towel. I was holding the air tube facing down to the water. The water level of that area was just little high to the waist of the coach. Pretending teaching me he came in between my two legs. He held my waist and asked me to shake my legs fast. I was feeling some thing different and the burning sensation of dogs’ fucking was running in my mind. Slowly he lifted his hands and took upto my breast. As my boobs were in the water no body could be aware of the act of the coach. He fondled them with his hands and telling loudly… “yes that’s like……. Yes…yes” to distract the attention of other children. I didn’t know when he had removed his towel. His dick was long erect about 9” and 3” thick. It was touching my crotch. He started massaging my boobs with the bubbles. Velamma 78 Digital Penetration

By this time I lost control over me and started moaning. Ummmm, ahhh, he was rubbing his dick over my wet body. I liked that very much. He got courage as I was reacting positively. He then lifted the top part of the dress and my nude boobs floated in water. He then cuped my naked boobs and pressed hard. I pressed his waist with my legs in excitement. The kids were playing and not giving any attention towards us. The coach slowely dragged my panty from the waist down to the legs and made my lowere part completely nude. Since I was upside down my body form waist to legs was drowned in the water and the waist part of the coach was also under the water. So it was not visible to others. He, then, slowely kept the head of his dick on the door of my virgin cunt and pressed tightly. I was already wet and water was adding the wetness. His dick entered in my pussy like a hot thick shaft. I cried with pain ahhhhhh…….. Noooo….. The children suddenly became silent and stared at us. Sir told them “you continue your practice, didi has got some problem in her waist, it is ok”. He stopped some time and pressed my boobs and nipples. He was half in me. After some time the pain reduced. He slowely but steadly pushed again, his monster cock entered fully in my cunt this time. I was feeling very hot even in the water. His huge dick tore my hymen and blood came out from my little helpless pussy. Slowly he moved up and down started to ram his rock hard cock back and forth in my aching pussy. “Oh God, you feel so good! So tight, So hot!” He said as his cock sawed in and out of my cunt slow at first but then harder. Velamma 78 Digital Penetration

His hands grabbed my ass and he pounded away, fucking me with all his might. The tube could not help me I was drowning in the water so I was not able to lay like that. He told the kids that their time was over and lto eave the pool. He then took me to the side of the pool and kept me on the steps used to get into to the pool. I sat there and he entered his dick in pussy and fucked me like a wild horse. I was as hot as I met his thrusts, moaning every time his balls slapped my clit. He was doing very fast so that I could not control myself and he made me cum and I shivered as I came but he did not stop he was ramming His rod with a great speed. Toward the climax his thrust was so hard I was loosing my control. He ejaculated and filled my pussy with his white fluid. I was totally exhausted. But he was not satisfied. He wrapped both of us in one towel and with his dick touching me je took me to the changing room, removed the towel. He throwed me on the floor and started kissing my lips. He kissed me very tight. Our tongues were dancing inside. He asked me to hold his dick. But I felt shy and hesitated but he came near my face and rubbed his cock on my face. I looked in to his eyes; they are very wild, red with lust. His eyes told me what to do, his hands inserted his cock in my mouth… it was so big and long that it was touching my throat. I felt I’m eating a Chaco bar, started eating it like a Chaco bar only. He told me… “it is so sensitive part, u should not be so harsh” he tought me how to suck his cock. Then I licked it and moved my head back and front. He was moaning wildly, ahhhhhh , Lisaaa…….felt very happy and lusty to have his cock in my mouth. After 10 minutes he said he doesn’t want to cum before I. So he pulled out his dick from my mouth. And now he was sat between my legs massaging them. He made one of my leg up and started licking it, I felt sooooo good. Later kept that leg on his shoulders, again started licking second leg and kept that also on another shoulder Ohhhhhhhhh my God…. Its sooo good. Velamma 78 Digital Penetration

He started eating my pussy like a hungry mad person. I kept my legs around his head and tightened as he increased the speed of his toung fuck. Its hell or heaven I am not able to control myself. He came on me. Slowly kissing me all over. Massaging all over. Cerasing my boobs. Licking my boobs, rubbing his dick on my crotch. I was ready again, I also started responding. He started licking my nipples and pressing my hips towards him, while doing this only I wide opened my legs and leaded his dick inside me. As it is all wet now it entered smoothly gliding inside. What a feeling. A hot rod gliding inside giving me heavenly pleasure. By this time he became very hot and started fucking me very fast. I was shaking in pleasure and screaming, mar gayiiiiii mummy bachaaaaao sir plzz chhod dijiye mujhe mar jaaungi main bahut dard kar raha hai aaaahh, Plzz z dheere dheere chodiye. The sounds were thap thap thap. In between he is kissing my lips and sucking my boobs. Pch pche pche. Thap thap.. I am moaning, , siri m pressing his hips inside me so that he can go deeper and deeper, I folded my legs around his lower part and giving strokes from down as I leaned during the last time, I was getting mad every time his cock was tearing me up and going deeper and deeper. And finally after 30 minutes we both came at a time. He threw his fluid all over my body. He collapsed on me and slept on me. After 10 minutes he woke up and gave a deep kiss on my lips and told “oh! What a cunt u r” We took shower bath. It was alresdy 6.30P.M. I returned to hostel room and lay on the bed like a dead person So readers how are u feeling now? Horny! Velamma 78 Digital Penetration