Velamma 79 A Betting Scandal

Velamma 79 A Betting Scandal

In episode 79, when Ramesh’s casual predictions at work about a cricket game come true, her colleague convinces him to try his luck by betting some cash in the bar. Ramesh wins more bets that he loses so the bookies want their money back. He doesn’t want to be fooled by bookies, but all the savings he has are Velamma’s. And he knows that he would end up losing more than just money. Money, which Velamma has saved from her night cam job. But she is willing to get the money back from the bookers on her own by going down with them. Is it a small price to pay?

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Swedish Massage

Hi ya all, this is my first story on this site, but firstly I must say thank you to all those of you who have written and given me the encouragement to do mine. Anyway here goes. My name is Jay I’m 29 yrs old and live in London, UK. I have lived here all my life. Over the last few years I have decided to go into the property market and thank god it has done well. One of the properties that I own is a two bedroom flat that I was looking for tenants for. A Swedish girl by the name of Dani applied, she was 22 and new to England. She was studying medicine at a local university. She was very interested in the flat and took it. Everything went fine for about 6 months; she paid her rent on time. I would go round every now and then to see her; she was very pretty, blonde hair, sexy fit body as she spent a lot of time at the gym. She was always happy to see me as she was new to UK.

Anyway, around six months I went to collect my rent. Dani was very sorry as she could not pay the rent; she was having a few financial problems and was waiting for money from her father. She knew this was breaking the contract and she was very upset as she thought she was going to get thrown out. I said it was ok and id collect next month. Next month there was still no rent, and this time I was not happy. Any way whilst I was talking to her about this she got very upset and started to cry, I gave her a hug. As I was hugging her she held me closer to her and said that I was very sexy. I fancied her from day one. She was in a slim, small top which showed her stomach, shoulders, and arms, I could see down the top and see her sexy cleavage. Her body felt so nice close to mine. Her ass was small and firm, the type you could fuck for ours and feel like it’s the first time you’re fucking it. Velamma 79 A Betting Scandal

I looked at her and she started stroking my back saying that maybe we could settle this another way. I was quite shocked yet getting very excited, I could feel my cock growing in my pants and she could as well. She knew that I was going to agree to do this now. Her hands moved across my back to my ass and she kissed me. I wanted to rip her clothes of and fuck her crazy, but I thought let me hold on and let her lead. As we kissed her tongue massaged mine, and she started rubbing her body against mine. She put her hand on my cock in my pants and started rubbing it, oh that felt nice. She asked if I had ever had a Swedish massage, I said no. She asked if I would like one and I said of course. She still had her hands on my cock, and I was desperately trying to not touch her yet so that she could lead. She kissed me again and then took of her top, her beautiful tits where only hidden by that sexy bra and I could no longer resist, I took her tits in my hand and started to caress them, they were so soft and the perfect size, fitting into my palm perfectly. As I caressed them her nipples started growing and she was letting of small moans of pleasure. I took her nipple into my mouth and started sucking on it, my hands now wandering all over her body. I undone her jeans and pulled them down revealing her so sexy legs, ass and pussy to me. My fingers parted her thong and gained access to her pussy, I stoked gently up and down, her nipple still in my mouth and getting so erect to felt like a sweet. I rubbed her clit slowly up and down and felt her juices building up. Dani was going crazy now moaning “oh yesssss, that’s soooo good…..”

I kissed down Dani’s flat gorgeous stomach until I reached her sweet heavenly spot, she was shaved and her pussy smelt so good, I just lingered taking in the smell. My tongue gently licked her clit, just flicking it softly whilst my finger played with her hole. She arched her back, aching for my tongue to fuck her, but I wanted more, I wanted to take her somewhere more pleasurable then she had had. I continued liking her clit, nibbling on it and taking long stokes right from her asshole to her clit, each time applying a little more pressure. She was screaming right now! Her pussy was so wet and tasted so sweet! I then started to fuck her with my tongue, getting it right inside her hole; those pink pussy lips were so tasty. I slid my finger into her whole and they soaked up her juices, I took my fingers and started to play with her asshole, using the moisture from her pussy to help ease my finger into her ass. I fucked her pussy harder with my tongue until I felt her orgasm building, my finger worked her ass hole hard and then she cramped up, her stomach became real tight and she let her orgasm over take her, she was shaking like she was having a fit, but I carried on with my tongue, not letting her take a breath! Her body shuddered with her massive orgasm. She pushed me off so that she could relieve the pleasure that was taking her way to far. Velamma 79 A Betting Scandal

She recovered and looked at me and said that she was supposed to be paying me and ordered me to lie down. My cock was rock hard now and the slightest touch made me feel like I was going to cover her in my cum. She took my cock in her hand and stroked it, my pre cum was dripping now and she used he tongue to lick it all out of my piss hole. She then took the head of my cock in her mouth and looked up at me; this was her Swedish massage that was about t happen. She put the head of my cock in her mouth and started to swirl her tongue round it, building the saliva in her mouth to make a mini pool. The warm saliva felt so good around my cock head. When she had a mouthful of saliva she opened her mouth and it all ran down my cock, that was the most amazing feeling I have experienced whilst getting a blow job, she the started sucking on it licking up all her saliva again. Her head bounced up and down on my cock, her hands stroking my balls and fingering my ass hole. I couldn’t hold anymore and shot my load right into her mouth, she didn’t stop sucking! Every drop! I collapsed onto the bed thinking that was definitely the best blow job I had ever had!

Dani still sucked on my cock and before long I was hard again, ready fore more. She parted her legs and climbed on to me, taking my cock in her hand she guided it towards her pussy. She rubbed it against her clit first and then I felt her hole on the tip of my cock. She slid down onto it and the heat of her pussy nearly made me erupt again. There she was, this slim sexy Swedish girl riding my cock. Her gorgeous tits bouncing with her every movement. I grabbed her little tight ass and squeezing it, pushing her into my cock real hard, Dani was bout to have her next orgasm. She started going faster and harder on my cock, and her movements were those that you see in porn movies! Her orgasm and I felt her juices dripping down my thigh, she looked at me and smiled, leaning forward to kiss me and then whispering in my ear that her ass was ready. I pulled her off me, and bent her over doggy style. Velamma 79 A Betting Scandal

I ran my cock along her pussy and her ass hole, trying to get more moisture in her ass. I put my hard brown big cock at her ass hole and pushed it slowly, feeling it go through her ass ring. She screamed as a penetrated deeper. Once I had got my whole cock inside I started to stroke her in and out, opening up her ass and helping her to relax, as she relaxed her ass more my cocked slid in with more ease, it was so tight and so amazing! I fucked her ass for about 5 minutes and the started to alternate between her ass and pussy in the doggy position! I could feel my balls swelling up now and was about to cum. I shoved my cock deep into her ass and exploded, shooting my hot creamy cum deep inside her ass. As I withdrew my cock I could see my cum dribbling out. Dani turned round and started cuking up the cum on my cock and cleaning it with her tongue. We both lied down and she looked at me.

“I guess that’s the rent paid” she said. If you lie what you read then please score this I will write more soon. Ladies you can contact me on [email protected], or also if you would like to see my spicy kebab check me out on hi5 using that email address. Ladies in UK, I’m up for a meet if you are! Velamma 79 A Betting Scandal