Velamma 36 Savita Bhabhi And Velamma

Velamma 36 Savita Bhabhi And Velamma

When a bar girl mistakes Ashok for Ramesh, the two meet and bond over few drinks. As the alcohol takes over, they show interest in each other’s wife and wish to do a swap. However, they know that their wives won’t agree for such a thing and form a plan to live their wife swap fantasy!

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Holi Day Fun

Ours was a distinct group in our MBA class of 2009- the fun loving, easy going group. We loved traveling, adventure, hanging out in pubs and trying new things every time. We were 3 hungry hunks (Neil, Omkar and myself i.e Sai) and 3 glamorous sexy ladies (Sakshi, Surabhi and Neetu). It was a Holi-day weekend (Holi was on Saturday). People started playing holi in the traditional way in the campus. The campus was colorful. We too played holi for a while, but we thought it was no fun. We truly wanted to celebrate and reenergize ourselves as the exams had just ended.

We decided we’ll set off to lonavala for the celebrations. Lonavala was about 60 kms from our college and Neil owned a farmhouse there. We set out on three bikes – Surabhi was with Neil, Neetu joined Omkar and Sakshi sat behind me. Let me now describe the gals to you. All were hot, but I felt the hottest was Neetu. She was simple yet sexy. She knew to carry herself well and had all the curves at the right places: Vital Stats 36-26-36 Ht. 5’9. Sakshi, whom we also called sexy, was an extrovert. She had hooked several guys in the past and liked to expose her skin. She was a bit plump and was 38-29-39 with Ht. 5’7. Surabhi was a bit lean and short but she was an interesting person.

She was 33-24-32 and Ht 5’3. It was a good bumpy road and Sakshi, the seducer had grabbed me well as we talked about a variety of stuff while we moved on the bike. It was normal for her but I was getting a hard-on with the touch of her body and boobs on my back. I purposely took on the potholes and bumps to get better contact and the sexy gal didn’t mind it.

On our way, she had a nature’s call and wanted to piss. I was a hilly area, so I asked her to go on the roadside get down a bit and do it under a tree. She said she was too afraid and wanted me to come along. So I parked the bike and went along. I waited just beside her while she pissed under the tree. I was stunned to see that she was not at all shy to piss in front of me. She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. She moved her shorts and panties up to her knee, sat down and pissed while I turned to the other side. “Thank you Sai, you are a sweetheart”, she said and gave me a hug before we moved further. Velamma 36 Savita Bhabhi And Velamma

We finally reached Lonavala and few minutes after getting off the bike, my hard-on subsided. Neil and Omkar had already ordered food and beer at the farm house. We were sitting in the lawn when Neil pointed out that our party fund was depleting and we needed to generate money so that we could party harder. I proposed an innovative way to generate funds. We decided that each of us would perform to the tunes of desi music and the audience would hurl money on the performer to appreciate the performance (like in a dance bar).

The whole money will go to the party fund. Neil, the bastard that he was, added a twist to the story. He proposed that at the end of the performance, the guys could bid for gals and the gals could bid for the guys (like the IPL bidding) and the highest bidder will get to have some fun with the guy/gal whom he/she bids for. After some objections and apprehensions, the gals agreed and the formal rules of the game were announced by omkar after discussions and brainstorming.

The rules were like this – A person will perform on the tunes of 2 desi songs. The person has to seduce the audience and audience will reward the performance. The people in the audience can also fondle, play holi with the performer while the performance is on. Fondling charges are Rs 100 for 10 seconds. After all performances the final bidding will start and the highest bidder will get full access to the performer for 3 hrs. The second highest bidder for 1 hr and the lowest will get access for ½ an hr.

So the game began. Starters, food, beer were served. Color and water were brought for playing holi. Neil was the first one to dance. He is a good dancer and received some appreciation from the gals. He stripped during his dance from his shirt and jeans to just his underwear. The gals took turns and applied colour to his face and bare body. Sakshi also danced closely with Neil, and poured a mug of water over him.

Next was Surabhi. She was not a good dancer but attracted people somehow. While playing holi, we guys made sure that we poured enough water on her to expose her curves. She was wearing a Punjabi suit. Neil also applied good color to her face and then moved on to apply color to her body. In the process he made good contact with her boobs. It was a pleasant surprise to see Surabhi stripping for us. She came down to petticoat which exposed her thighs really well… We guys took a second round to colour her thighs and massage them well. There was a time when surabhi was lying on the lawn and we guys we moving our hands all over her body. Her legs were together and I was trying to reach her pussy through her inner thighs.

Then it was omkars turn and the gals were bolder this time to touch omkar. He also stripped to his underwear. He had a hard-on and sakshi made it a point to color his cock from over his undie.

It was the sexy sakshi’s turn next. She danced well to the tunes of beedi jalaile. The dance had just started and she had already started stripping. In no time, she was in her bra and panties. We poured water on her and took chances to have fun with her. She was really seducing us and making us mad. Omkar couldn’t control seeing her sexy moves. He moved closer to her and kissed her hard on the lips. The liplock went on for minutes.

They fell on the floor and had a round of violent kissing. He also squeezed her boobs over her bra hard while he was kissing. When I went, I was trying to apply colour inside her bra but was finding it difficult as the bra was too tight. Seeing this, sakshi asked me to wait while she unhooked her bra in the spur of a moment. Everyone was surprised and amazed to see her topless. I took to first opportunity to suck her boobs and press them hard. But I knew I had to pay 100 bucks for every 10 secs so I finished it quickly. Other guys followed. She was almost raped by the hungry hunks. Velamma 36 Savita Bhabhi And Velamma

Then it was my turn. I gave my best shot in trying to seduce the gals. The gals were pretty happy with my body. I decided that I’ll go completely naked to maximize the revenue. The gurls were crazy after seeing my 7 inch cock and took turns to give me a blowjob. I was surprised to see Neetu, who is usually shy and reserved, also involved in the act. While the gals gave me a blowjob, I did not miss the opportunity of massaging their boobs.

The last but not the least was neetu, my dream girl. I wanted to have her badly. I spent a lot of money in playing holi with her. I kissed her for a long time and she responded well. Neetu did the unexpected. She went topless and further went naked. Hers was the sexiest body I had ever seen and she was dancing nude to the tunes of Jiya Jale and seducing one and all. People were mad but the rules were clarified that no intercourse is allowed in open. I sucked her shaved pussy and her boobs and I told her that I am going to bid only for her and want to have her for 3 hrs. She said she would also try her best to get me. She earned the maximum money for the party fund and was also exploited the most.

Then the formal bidding process began. I won Neetu and Neetu also got me. So we had 3+3 = 6 hrs together. Sakshi got Neil and Neil got Surabhi. Surabhi got Omkar and omkar got Sakshi. We set out to separate rooms and made sure our money was worth it. I fucked neetu very hard in different positions and we really had a great time. In the night after dinner, we all got together in one room and also indulged in some group activity. The day remains as the best day in our lives. I’ll probably have to write another story for my experiences with Neetu. Velamma 36 Savita Bhabhi And Velamma