Velamma 2 Final SUbmission

Velamma 2 Final SUbmission


Once Prakash got the taste of Velamma’s hot body, nothing could stop his lustful desire. Will he be able to get Velamma down in free episode 2 The final submission of Velamma comics?



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Velamma 2 Final SUbmission

I was 32 when I got married and he was 35 and he is a software eng. So he rarely gets a chance to fuck me and after two years of marriage he is in US for some project. I live alone in a apartment so I thought to have sex with someone who can satisfy me so I logged in to yahoo chat and after a couple of days I saw a id of a gigolo in Ahmedabad he was in Ahmedabad I chatted for some time and after some time I decided to hire him he charged 1500 per night. I asked him to come to my home and gave my address he came at 10 pm in night because that was the safe time for me to not get into any problem.

I was wearing a sleeveless night without any inner garments. We greeted each other with a hug. And I asked him to sit in sofa. He sat there. I offered him some drinks and cigarette. I sat opposite to him we chatted for fifteen min and I asked him to begin. He came close to me gave me a kiss in lips and entered his tongue in to my mouth and we kissed each other for 10 min after that he kissed me in my neck ear lobes which made me to moan a strange voice came out of my mouth. Suddenly he kept his both hands in my feet and raised my night slowly I can see his dick getting harder.

He lifted the night above my pussy making it visible he kissed me their wow what great feeling I am having their he licked me fucked me with his tongue I came more than two times that was the great orgasm I ever had. He tore my night and made my boobs visible he was massaging it very slowly pinching my nipples .then he got up and sucked my left breast and massaged the right one the other hand was rubbing my pussy I was in heaven at that time. For the grip I tried hold his cock wow what a great size he had it was almost 7″ inch long dick and 2″ inch thick. It was flowing with the some kind of liquid I asked him what is that he told me that was his pre cum which comes due to excitement. I don’t know about it because never allows to hold his dick.

He was doing it very slowly which I liked very much. Then I took him to my bed room where he made me to lie straight in the bed he removed his t-shirt he asked me to spread my legs I did it after that he start to ran his fingers all over my body I am not able to control myself. Goose bumps came all over my body I asked him to fuck me. He asked me to wait and kissed all over my body. After some time he removed his pant my mouth watered after seeing his dick I asked can I suck it he told me it’s all yours I hold it wiped the pre cum which was flowing like a water fall. I opened my mouth and inserted his dick wow what a sweet taste I kept it sucking for fifteen minutes. He had applied some chocolate their before coming to my home.

Then he took his dick in his hand and pushed in to my mouth deeper I giggled because it hit my end of my throat. Then he kept his dick in my pussy and pushed very hard felt pain their it looked as he took my virginity. Because my hubby has a small dick. Then he fucked harder I was moaning ahhhhh uuuuhhhh I LOVE YOU fuck me. I was begging to him after that he made me in doggie style inserted his dick and fucked me like wild dog fucking his bitch yes that night I was his bitch. It was hitting inside and I was cuming rapidly.

Then he laid down I ridden his dick something was happening inside my stomach. He was playing with my boobs creasing it biting it pinching my nipples then he told me that he was going to cum. I stood up and lay in the bed and he took all the cum in my face and boobs and he hugged me tight. And we laid their but his dick was still strong. I started playing with his dick shook it he kissed me his cum which was on my body was all over his body.

We were cuddling each other in the bed. Then I went to the bathroom to clean myself I took bath suddenly he came from behind and holed me and he kept his cock between by ass cheeks and rubbing it and holding my boobs and kissing me in the neck which I was feeling great. I asked him to fuck me in my ass hole he agreed. We both took bath and came to the bed room I saw the clock it was 12.30 now. He made me laid on the bed my back facing towards him he parted my ass chicks and I asked him to apply some oil he told there will be no fun without pain.

He said (no pain no gain) he kept his cock at the end of the anus I thought he will do it slowly but I was wrong he pushed it at once I thought I was dead it caused lot of pain I shouted at him but he was smiling at me tears ran out of my eyes and I was crying now he slowly started to pump me for more than half an hour he pumped and he came in my anus my shit was out and some was on his cock and some sperm was also their so it looked like some sort of cocktail. We cleaned our self and took some rest.

After some time I was in a deep sleep when I woke up. It was four. He was watching TV in the hall. I went there and I climbed the sofa and I kept my pussy in his mouth and he was sucking it like beast he bite me there and I cumed in his mouth after that again he inserted his cock in my pussy fucked my for 20 min he kissed me playing with my boobs and this time when he was about to come I told him to come inside my pussy.

Then we rested their for some time he left his cock inside my pussy. After some time it was 5 I told him to leave as everyone in the neighborhood will get up and he left me giving a good bye kiss in pussy. He was great fucker. I ever seen till now I fuck him whenever I get chance to get fucked. I paid him 1100 bucks. He is available for all of you. He is good looking with long and hard cock, etc. He is now in Salem.