Velamma 3 How Far Would You Go For Your Family

Velamma 3 How Far Would You Go For Your Family

Velamma 3 How Far Would You Go For Your Family When her sister and her horny husband comes to visit, Velamma is faced with a hard decision. What will she do? And how far would you go for your family? Find out in this free episode 3 of Velamma comics.



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Velamma 3 How Far Would You Go For Your Family

Hey All ISS readers my name is Sameer I live in Pitampura, Delhi I’m a handsome tall guy and this happened to me when I was in college and I was seducing my dad’s friends daughter Sarah, she liked me too but she was younger to me by like 3 years Now ill describe her nice tits white complexion slim n sexy. This happened at a party , we have parties with them almost every fortnight so it was normal but this time it was different . She came to our house looking very hot just a miniskirt and a sleeveless top .She may be 3 years younger but trust me she was almost as tall as me so it didn’t make a difference I was 6″1and she was 5″7.

They came over at around 8 pm and everyone was talking normally and having some drinks and all but then my dad ran out my Coke he asked me to buy some from the nearby grocery , Before I left Sarah asked me if she could come along too she was bored anyways and wanted a change so I said “ok not a problem come along” . We lived on the outskirts of the city so the grocery wasn’t walking distance so I took my bike, on our way we were talking and she asked me if I ever had sex or anything like that since we were pretty free in talking stuff I told her honestly that I didn’t but used to dream about stuff like that she told me that she really liked me and always used to think about me in a sexual manner and told me ” Rahul you’re a real hottie, All girls would die for you” I kept quiet for a while but thought in a way she may want to have sex with me , we got down since we reached the grocery and we bought the things and went home.

Once we reached and gave all the things , After around 1 hour I was really bored and asked Sarah If she would come for a walk with me she gladly agreed and I thought this could be the chance I was looking for , We started talking about many things and later on we sat on in the stairs the stairs was a closed area so most people used to use the lift so hardly anyone used to use the stairs and it was a good place to talk about private stuff.

We sat down and asked me If I ever dreamt about her and A honest man that I am ” Yup I have” And then the light at the staircase went off ( the light was auto-switch off) and then suddenly she touched my cock and was moving it up and down and I asked her what she was doing, She said don’t stop me now Rahul I know your older than me but we both are virgins and so let’s do it ” Ok, but are you sure?” she said ” yes I am , but let’s wait for the full intercourse baby your and my family are going to Abu Dhabi next week for a conference for 2 days let’s do it then but now I want to feel you”.

It was dark and we didn’t bother to switch on the light either , she pulled down my pant a bit and saw my cock and felt it , she started licking it and I told her not to do so much as I didn’t want to cum all over her and then we would have to explain to our parents and then were started smooching badly and she was breathing heavily she switched on the light had a look outside if anyone was there and started doing a strip show for me , in about 10 minutes she was completely nude and I was surprised when she asked me to have a look in her bag ,she told me finger her and told me to break her hymen that and told me that she wanted to lose her virginity to me , she told me to look in her bag, there was a dildo in there , she asked me to remove my pant I gladly did so and she sat on my lap and then starting playing with my cock and asked me to insert the dildo into her I did so and she was moaning and then a call came from her parents they asked her where she was and she said ” Dad imp below the building just talking with Rahul” he said it was late and you need to come back because they were going back.

She kissed me goodnight for the last time that night and put on her clothes and we went home and when we reached his father asked me “Rahul yours and my family are going to Abu Dhabi in a week’s time we need someone to take care of Sarah , I’ll pay you PHs 100 for it ” I said” Not a problem uncle”

So it was a week soon and before they left I reached their house it’s a very spacious house and like that and soon uncle said “You children have fun” I said ” We sure will” , They left and after half an hour we got horny we were suspicious just in case they come back for something you know cautious. So after half an hour we had a candle light dinner and later on we got up went to the bedroom she got a nice porn movie which she had rented we got naked got into the sofa it’s a small sofa so I lay on the sofa and she was on me it was very romantic and occasionally I used to start squeezing her boobs as the porn seems came in she used to giggle and also moan a bit and as the movie got over we both were very horny. Velamma 3 How Far Would You Go For Your Family

I took her to the bedroom , threw her on the bed and inserted my cock into her hole she was moaning “faster Rahul faster” It started to get wild …we got into a 69 and have loads of fun after around 30 min fuck she got up went to the washroom she wanted to have a bath I suggested” Let’s do it together ” she was really happy went I said this and she filled the tub with water and we got in , She started sucking my cock in the tub and made me cum all over her face I inserted my cock again and she was riding me and moaning very loudly , We cleaned ourselves and went to bed , there I got restless and started licking her pussy and drinking all her juices , we both got tired and went to sleep after that and that day she told me that she loved me and wanted to marry me later on , We smooched and slept .

Next day morning when I got up , She had got up too with me I said” Good morning baby” And gave a tight kiss and responded back with her tongue ” Morning sexy” . We got up and we realized that tomorrow our parents would be coming back and decided to have more fun by afternoon , she had classes so she had to go and she told me she would bunk half the day and come home early , I had not gone to college that day but she had to unfortunately .

She came back by around 2 pm and gave a kiss when she entered and I got really horny I took her to the bedroom literally took all her clothes and I inserted my dick into her hole as soon as she entered and she started moaning and she later on gave me a awesome blowjob . We also had tit fuck and later she started riding me real fast. I came all over the bed over her and she said ” Baby clean me up again” And she caught my and put me in the bathroom and asked me to cum all over her bra and panties so that she could treasure the moment and she made me cum and I cummed all over her lingerie and we had a bath again and fucked again .Velamma 3 How Far Would You Go For Your Family

It was almost the end of the day so we started to clean up not to leave any traces of our beautiful night together it was 8 pm and our parents would be home by 11pm and she kissed me told me ” I love you, I don’t think we could ever do this again because our parents won’t go out for a long time sadly” I said” Don’t worry , lets finish it off to top it all off , Fuck once more ” She was delighted to hear me say it and We went to the washroom since we didn’t want to leave more traces.

She stripped completely and did a lap dance for me and I ran down after that to get a packet of cream , I got it and ran up , I applied it all over her pussy and tits and started licking them she put it on my dick and starting licking like crazy and gave me another blowjob by the time we ended it was around 10:15 pm and our parents would be home soon so we winded up everything and sat on the sofa watching some T.V and our parents came home in about an hour and before they came we didn’t fuck but we either smooching or licking each other .

They came in and asked us what we did the whole time we said” Nothing much went out to some malls , hanging out and all” They said” I’m happy you’ll had fun. Sarah said” We sure did” looking at me with a grin.