Velamma 13 In the middle of journey

Velamma 13 In the middle of journey

Ramesh is in inebriated state after a party so Vicky offers to drop Velamma and her family home. On route, he cannot keep his eyes off her massive tits and “grabs” the opportunity when Velamma requests to make a stop in the middle of the journey.

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I’m Your Wife

You are asleep, fingering my pussy. You call out a name, it’s not mine.

I listen carefully, you say Sunita. I grab your cock, it is erect. You moan in your sleep and I pleasure your cock till it explodes. I catch the cum and rub it on my breasts. They are 34C and nicely browned, like my skin. Not dark, but creamy. My nipples are perfect, not to big, but quite long and erect.

You love the way they poke through my blouse on summer evenings. I can’t lick them, so I wipe your cum and suck my fingers clean.

Slowly you wake up and smile. Your finger is still in my pussy, deep and wet. You take it out and put it in my mouth. I suck it as you start to eat my juicy cunt. I grab your hair as I ram my flower into your mouth. Your tongue is deep in me, sending me wild.

I pull you up and put your cock in my mouth. It is long and hard, but I take it in deep, caressing your balls. You are about to come, but I don’t let you, I take you out and put your cock between my tits. You titty fuck me till you erupt a load of your hot cum into my mouth and on my face.

I smile at you whilst rubbing your juice on my face. I see you who Sunita is. You look embarrassed, but tell me she is the maid next door. She is the sister of our maid Anjeli.

Yesterday when I came home you were fucking Anjeli’s cunt as she leaned over the bath tub. You made her wash me and clean my pussy with her tongue before you fucked me on the sink. You made me suck your cum out of Anjeli’s cunt while she sucked mine on the bathroom floor. We made her sit on the floor whilst we pissed on her face, then when we showered she had to clean the floor with her sari and wear it home.

I decide to let you fuck Sunita. Tomorrow is Saturday, we will both be home.

Anjeli comes at 10am. I tell her to bring her sister and do the work next door instead. She goes without asking. Sunita is fair skinned with green eyes. Her breasts are big, pressed against her blouse.

I tell her to go into the lounge and stand on the table, she looks confused. I tell her she is going to dance for you. She looks worried, her eyes wide with fear. I slap her hard and tears fill her eyes. I slap her arse, round and firm, then push her into the lounge. Velamma 13 In the middle of journey

You are sitting there naked, your 10″ cock in your hand. She gets onto the coffee table and I turn on the music loud. Her eyes are on your cock, but the terror in her eyes has gone. You motion for her to dance and I join her on the long table. Her Sari is thin and I take it off, now she is in her tight blouse and petticoat. I unzip my top and let it fall away. My lacey black bra is cupping my breasts, but you can see through its sheer fabric. Sunita is enjoying this now and peels off her blouse. She doesn’t have a bra, and her 36C bounce in front of you.

I take off my bra and slide off the mini skirt you bought me last week. The one that hugs my butt. I am naked now as you never let me wear panties at home. My crotch is shaved because I know you like the feel of my silky skin when you eat my pussy.

I undo Sunita’s petticoat and it drops to the floor, revealing her pink love hole. It is covered with hair. You tell her to come to you and you feel her breasts. They are larger than mine. You enjoy sucking them whilst I continue to dance. You force her head into your lap and she kisses your cock.

I tell her to take it into her mouth and watch her suck you as I dance for you. You let her suck you for 5 minutes, before you shoot your load into her mouth. I tell her not to swallow it as I step down to kiss her. Her mouth is full of warm spunk as we French kiss. She swallows some, but I take most. You start to suck her breasts again so I go and get the razor and cream. You lie her on the table, legs open wide. I wet her pussy and start to shave her whilst you watch. I was her clean and pat her dry. Velamma 13 In the middle of journey

You get between her legs and start to eat her fresh 19 yr old pussy. I sit on her face so she can lick mine. You told me not to wash it after you pumped it this morning, but Sunita licks it clean as you suck her flower. You pull her onto the rug and mount her. Her virgin cunt is tight, but you push in with your cock. She screams as you penetrate her, then writhes in pleasure as you pump her. She has 3 orgasms before you slide out of her, still erect and hard. I take your cock into my mouth. It is wet with her juice. I suck it for a while till it is nice and clean, then you pump you cum into my mouth. Sunita is laying beneath us, looking into my pussy. I bend over and pour your cum into her mouth, before mounting her in a 69. I can feel her pushing your sperm into my cunt with her tongue. I kiss her flower and eat her pussy as she eats mine.

We go to have a shower and I tell Sunita that she must clean the house naked. She agrees with a big smile.

You take Sunita outside and wash her with the hosepipe. The yard is not overlooked so there are no prying eyes. You make her dance under the water as she washes herself. Velamma 13 In the middle of journey

She cooks our afternoon meal still naked and feeds you whilst sitting on your lap. Your cock is clamped between her legs and I kiss its head as the shaft presses against Sunita’s cunt.

Sunita gets dressed and I pay her for the day’s work, she puts the money between her breasts and kisses you goodbye.

We go out for a walk, I am wearing my mini skirt and tight blouse without a bra. Men are looking at me, and you are enjoying it. Two 18 yr old boys are sitting on a wall drinking Coke and smoking, we walk up to them and they can’t stop staring at my boobs. You talk to them.

You tell them that I am the best fuck of your life, you unzip my top and let them glimpse my breasts. Then we walk back home.

I wonder who you will dream of tonight. I hope it is my friend Layla. I had great sex with her at college. Or even better my sister Neha. I want you to taste her cunt.