Velamma 10 The Loving Wife

Velamma 10 The Loving Wife

Even though she always falls into situations where she has to satisfy the sexual urges of other men, her husband Ramesh is the only one that Velamma truly loves.

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Encounter Number 2

Hi Sex stories readers. I am back with another scintillating experience of mine. People have sent me accolades and praises about my first story entitled “MY FIRST GANG BANG”. Please read it.


Sex should be enjoyed the way it is. It shouldn’t be taken as an opportunity to screw someone or get a woman to bed but as a way to explore a person’s inner feelings rather. People reading this might be thinking that I may be blabbering some bullshit. But it isn’t. It is a hardcore fact.

As readers would know I am Kavitha, happily married with a kid. My hubby has gone up in the hierarchy in his career and so has our home. And currently, his tours of his sales career have gone up. He is almost out 20 days in a month, which leaves us with very less quality time to spend with each other. And he too realizes it and tries to compensate that when he is at home.

I always have the habit of going for walks and runs to keep myself fit. It is good. Ladies, please take this advice. It surely helps in many ways. Near our new residence, there is an empty land, which in time has turned into a jogger’s park. I have made a few friends there too.

Recently in the apartments where I reside, there were two guys who moved in recently. I hardly spoke to them but in due course of time they became my friends and would frequent my house and since my husband is out of station most of the time I preferred to have these two boys home once a while to get some work around the house done. And because of his absence sometimes some issues overshoot my mind and I forget to tell him and my current encounter remains a secret till date.

This sort of friendship with these two guys went on for over 6 months and we got to know each other really well. They both were Raghav and Karan. There was even situation where we went jogging together and sometimes shopping. Sometimes they help me select the right dress and vice versa.

Often when going for my morning runs I’ve noticed that the entire male crowd in the jogger’s park that is including these boys stare at my breasts and ass. That is nothing new for me. I dress very conservatively but still tend to turn heads. The strange thing was that these boys would often whisper into each other’s ears probably could be something about me. I never really cared about that. But the stare used to get me wet. I wouldn’t masturbate and release that feeling but would bundle it up and wait for my husband to come and give me a good hard lovemaking session which I often cherished.

As days passed by we often used to have a discussion on various topics and the topics would go one full circle and come and that would include sex too. Karan and Raghav were well versed about sex and stuff.

One day Raghav came running to me

“Didi, Karan is having a high fever. Please come and see what is wrong with him.”

As I was at home I was just wearing a loose nighty and panty underneath.

As I touched Karan’s forehead to check for temperature, it took me by shock as it was boiling hot.

I immediately called the doctor who lived couple of floors below and he checked him and said

“Nothing to worry. Just common cold.”

He gave an injection and gave some prescription and left. I told Raghav to go the local drug store and get the prescription. Meanwhile, I went home and put on a bra as I had noticed Raghav looking effortlessly at my breasts, as the nighty was loose while bending and checking Karan’s temperature. That made me sort of uncomfortable.

Since these boys were staying alone and one had a fever, I decided to give them dinner. I just made some soup and told them to eat it with bread. After dinner, I just went to check up on the sick one. When I went in one of them was missing and the other was sleeping with a hard-on in his pajamas, which kind of turned me on. I kept staring at it as it was slightly long. I was lost in thought s looking at it and suddenly the bathroom door opened and Raghav caught me staring at Karan’s hard-on and gave a smirk and I clearly understood what that meant. While Raghav came out of the bathroom I could trace his penis through his pajamas. Assumingly both these guys had cocks that could please any woman. That night I couldn’t sleep and had a dream n, which Raghav and Karan were fucking me royally. That had a very drastic effect on me and I had to masturbate that night.

I took a week for Karan to heal properly. After that, I saw a change in both these guys behavior with me. They would say adult jokes and laugh. I kinda felt odd in the beginning but later played along.

One evening while just chilling a question for Raghav took me by shock –

“Didi, why were you looking at Karan’s cock the other day?”

That put Karan and me in a very embarrassing situation then. I just tried to ignore it and later Karan to joined the tease. I was caught like a lamb among hungry wolves. I tried to escape from that situation but eventually succumbed to the pressure of them.

Then they said something, which was sort of made me angry and sort of kindled my inner desires –

“You have seen ours. So when will you show yours didi?”

I tried to deny them but somehow surrendered. Something struck me then. So I told the boys –

“I’ll show you mine only on one condition?”

Raghav said, “what is that?”

I said “drop your pants and let me see yours completely, then I’ll show mine only when I don’t see two erect cocks”

Both these guys were dumbstruck.

I never happened to me that I am flirting with 2 young guys but with the situation, all three of us got carried away.

They said ok and stripped down and sat in front of me on the chairs with the semi-erect penis. I could clearly sense that they both trying hard to control their erections. Then I slowly started my striptease

The condition was that they shouldn’t touch me now. And I would stop on seeing the first erect penis. I started by unzipping my nighty and let it bunch at my feet. I looked at their cocks and slowly both were growing. Then I went with the tease of removing my panty. I had hardly removed it. By then I saw two young cocks saluting me. So I just stopped and told these young guys that I had won the bet and so I am dressing up. They were totally dejected and asked when we could repeat this bet. But this time the odds were against me. They said –

“If we lose this time you can tell us to anything and we would do it. But if you lose, you should do whatever we tell you. Deal didi.”

I was confident that I will win for sure. I never knew that I am walking into a trap. But as the saying goes –


So I told asked, “when we could take this?”

They told any day whenever you’re comfortable with.

I knew I was crossing the limits of an Indian housewife, but the need to make love or get fucked was the only thing in my mind. Even Indian women have sexual desires and they too want to explore all their hidden inner feelings.

So I told them that this week I’ll send my kid off for the weekend to my parents’ house. We could have our adventure then.

They readily agreed and went away with cunning smiles on their faces. I had a sense of satisfaction and a sense of lust in me, which grew to considerable heights over the next two days.

So on Friday evening, I called up my parents saying that I am having the house cleaned so could you kindly take care of your grandson. They too agreed and everything was set in its appropriate place.

Then the great day arrived where I would win a bet and have things done my way. I took a long bath calming my nerves down. Then came out dried myself completely and wore a satin bra and matching panty and wrapped myself in a velvety purple sari which would just slide of my skin just to ease the removal during a striptease. I had earlier informed the boys to have dinner at my place and then would start off with the bet. I cooked something light and then ended with ice cream. Then we all moved to the hall, dimmed the lights and were about to start our adventure. Like the previous time, this time too had the same limitations. I strip and I see an erect penis I would stop.

Both these guys agreed and dropped their shorts immediately and sat down which kind of threw me back. Looking at their limp penis was a sight to cherish. Both were decently sized with their heads of their penis hanging just below their cum filled balls.

Then I turned on some music to enhance the situation and ease the striptease. The music played and I slowly started to remove my sari. Things were going on and I had only my bra and panty left to remove. Throughout the entire striptease, I had the majority of my attention on their limp penis to see when they would go erect and I could stop. But to my misery, I had to become nude finally. And thus the striptease ended. Then with whatever pride I had left I picked up the sari covered myself and told the boys –

“You guys won the bet. Now, what is your condition?”

Both these guys took time out and discussed something for a few minutes and then decided on a common answer. During the entire course of this discussion, I was standing impatiently just covering myself with my sari and nothing else.

I told in a affirmative tone – “Common guys, make it fast”

Then with some courage and a limp penis Raghav was the first to say – “didi we… we…”

I said – “what we… we…” “Common speak up. Say what do you want”

Raghav started saying – “didi, our condition is we want to have sex with you”

I know this would come; I acted as I were shocked and asked them in return – “you want to have what with me?”

Karan and Raghav in a uniform and feeble tone said – “Sex?”

Both these were not very new to sex. Both were hesitant with me for a reason unknown. I said ok to their conditions and after a long pause said – “YES”. This brought a smile on their faces and great excitement. In this excitement, both came rushing towards me to hug me and start. I hugged them and we exchanged kisses.

Before I could let these hungry lions prey on me, I told them you’ll do everything in a slow and soft manner. Then Karan asked – “didi, shall we start?”

Not to waste further time and mood I said – “ok guys lets start.”

Raghav came and hugged me and Karan hugged me from the back. They started to kiss me and play with all my private parts. During the foreplay I just casually asked them – “guys, how did you both manage to keep your erections controlled?”

Both of them laughed and said – “didi, masturbated before coming here?” “So that is the way you lost the bet and now you are in this situation”. I found happy and dejected at the same time about this. They both were getting vigorous, as time proceeded and had to warn them to slow down. During the entire kissing session, both of them gave me equal attention front and back. Both took turns in kissing me completely from top to down. While they were kissing, my left hand caught hold of Raghav’s penis, which was semi-erect, and my right hand caught hold of Karan’s erect penis. Karan had a 7-inch thin penis and Raghav had a solid 8” inch thick one; similar to my husband though not that thick. I couldn’t join my middle finger and thumb while trying to wrap my fingers around his penis. Then you could imagine the thickness.

All this was taking a toll on all of us as we were standing for a long time. I suggested – “shall we shift to the bedroom?”

Karan said – “didi, it’ll be nice here. We’ll do it here itself.” Raghav was busy sucking my nipples and just nodded to show his consent. All the foreplay had got me completely wet. I could feel a moist feeling in my vagina and the liquid running down my right thigh. And I could also feel both erect cocks leaking pre-cum. I managed to use that pre-cum to lubricate those cocks and ease the process of moving my hands over two young and pulsating cocks. It is a great feeling to get yourself aroused by two young guys, who are ready to pounce on you and eat you or should I use FUCK YOU. Both these guys must have planned out the entire fuck session as they were doing everything in a very coordinated and organized manner.

They made me sit on the sofa and made my headrest on the headrest of the sofa in a way in which my back part of the head was resting on the headrest and my face was facing upwards. Then they started their sexual assault.

Karan came on top of the sofa and positioned his cock in front of my mouth and told me to suck it. I obliged. Meanwhile, Raghav was busy between my legs working on my very sensitive clit. He must have been stimulating me maybe for 4 or 5 minutes and already I was going to cum. I started moaning and started to suck Karan harder. I came with a gush, which made the sofa and carpet wet. He kept tongue and finger fucking me for about 10 minutes; meanwhile, Karan came in my mouth with a huge groan. I didn’t drink it but forcefully made the cum flow out of my mouth. He moved from there and went between my legs. Raghav’s cock replaced my mouth. I found it hard to take half his cock into my mouth. But later he forced it into my mouth. During the process of giving Raghav a blowjob, he started to become aggressive and was literally fucking my mouth as if it were a pussy. I was gagging with every entry he made into my mouth. I started suffocating and my eyes started watering. On the other hand, Karan was bringing me to another orgasm. To say a truth, Karan mouth magic on my vagina was the best I’ve ever till now. Great techniques to make a woman wet and horny and make her groan and moan. I was nearing my second orgasm and wanted to groan when I ejaculate but was stuffed with a large cock because of which I bit Raghav’s cock and he too shouted in pain and ejaculated into my mouth.

After all the foreplay got over I was surely exhausted and both these boys were sitting beside me. I took their cum and saliva soaked cocks and stroking it to life again. It took a minute or so for their manhood to gain life. Then I ordered Karan to lie down on the floor as I wanted to ride him. He lay down on the floor and I gave his cock a quick to make it hard and wet so that it would ease the penetration. I lowered myself on him and slowly started riding him. In the meantime, I took Raghav’s cock and started sucking it like a whore. It really feels good to get satisfy two people and get satisfied by two people at the same time. I never so great while having group sex the first time too. Could be the fact that those were all amateurs. I was riding Karan hard. I was riding him so hard that he was groaning in pain and pleasure and my boobs were swinging up and down. Karan got hold of them and squeezed them so hard that I squealed. That hard squeeze was so stimulating that I started to stroke Raghav so hard and fast that he ejaculated and sprayed on me and Karan’s face and a few seconds later he too ejaculated inside my vagina and I could feel his hot sperm all over my vaginal walls.

All of us were exhausted and sweating after the second round. All of us were lying on the floor side by side. Each of my breasts was grabbed in a soft and sensual way. Both of them sucked on my nipple and aroused me again.

After a rest of probably five minutes, all regained consciousness and were getting ready to for the third round. I told Karan to sit on the headrest of the sofa and bent forward to suck his cock. Then I told Raghav to fuck my dripping cunt in doggy style. He agreed and positioned behind me, caught hold of my shoulders, and with one hard push and swift stroke, stuffed his entire meat inside me. That pain was excruciating. And after a long time, I felt completely filled. It is the same feeling I had during my first fuck session with my husband on the night of our wedding. He remained that way and started to fuck me at a steady pace from the beginning. He was fucking me like a hungry bull. I told him to slow down, but it had no effect on him. He just kept pounding me with all his strength. I was really surprised to see a guy with so much strength and vigor. I tried all my tactics to make him ejaculate soon. Even that didn’t yield any cum. So I just left and let him ejaculate at his own pace. He kept pounding me on an on and on. I could feel Karan and Raghav’s cock stiffen; probably both were about to ejaculate. It about 20 to 25 minutes that this third encounter lasted. In these 25 minutes, I came twice. Probably the best orgasms I’ve had so far. It is a great feeling to get a orgasms when your getting fucked and pounded. So ladies, don’t compromise on that. Even we have the rights to enjoy and reach those levels of sexual pleasure. Gone are those days when women considered it a taboo to express their sexual feelings even to their husbands. Karan shot his cum on my face and Raghav removed it just before he shot and sprayed all over my cunt dripping with my cum and ass. After that, all three of us collapsed on to the floor totally exhausted and dripping with sweat.

By the time we ended our first fuck marathon it was 2.30 in the morning. We all were so tired that we slept nude in the hall itself. I usually get up early in the morning no matter how late I sleep. When I got up, the room was stinking of cum. My pussy was aching because of Raghav’s immense pounding. I got up and had a long hot water bath. Washing myself of the cum and relieving myself of the pain in my vagina.

I woke up both these guys because it was time for the maid to come. I told them to freshen up and get dressed and go to their house and sleep. I told them that I would bring them breakfast. The maid came and cleaned the house and went away. I made a heavy breakfast and took it their house. I ate breakfast along with them. After that, we talked normally a day went by.

Then on Sunday afternoon, I invited them for lunch. After lunch I got myself double fucked with Karan’s cock in my ass and Raghav’s cock in my pussy. I told them earlier itself not to cum inside me and remove their cocks before they ejaculate. They did accordingly and I jerked them off in synchronization. Both ejaculated a lot of cum and my face was covered with their cum. Both kissed me and thanked me for this opportunity. I too thanked them with all my heart for satisfying me in all aspects. And after that my son came back and my regular work schedule resumed. In another couple of days, my husband returned from his business trip and we fucked every time we got an opportunity. He satisfied me completely. Now I had a hubby who satisfies me when he is there and two young guys to satisfy me in his absence.

I had a fuck session with Raghav in which he filled me with his meat in all my holes. He fucked me in my ass and it hurt for a couple of days. Till now only this has happened. I’ll keep you updated with other such encounters.