Velamma 64 – BlackMailed 2

Velamma 64 – BlackMailed 2

To get back at her blackmailer, Velamma contacts her friend on the police force, Shazia, who sets up a sexy sting operation.

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Weekend Fun

We again met at Neeru place along Sanjay (neeru’s husband) and Ankita’s husband Akash and Shalu. We three couples planned for a day out at some resort in the outskirts of delhi as we all being tired from daily chorus of life. Since i have relations with Neeru, Ankita and shalu but Akash was not aware that I have fucked Ankita before and Shalu is my friend. Akash made arrangements at one of his friends farm house and which was around 85 Km away from delhi. Sanjay was eager to take ranjana along with us so he requested me to work out some strategy. I gave an idea to Neeru that why don’t we call Ranjana and one of my friend can act as her husband. She readily agreed because she understand that sanjay wants her badly. When I approach Ranjana for the same she immediately agreed but she told me that she also wants Priya and veena to join us ( I hope you remember those twin horny sisters). I agreed to that and informed Akash that we will be total ten people as a group for an outing.

We planned to move on Friday afternoon and will be back on Tuesday evening. Shalu has to convince her husband that she had to go to some official tour for these days and ranjana convinced Priya and veena parents for the same. Sanjay was very happy that he is going to again have ranjana, Ankita along with veena and Priya. He was very thankful to me So the final day came and we all gathered at Neeru place. Sanjay, Akash, Ranjan ( mine friend who was as Ranjana husband) and myself had some beers before starting the journey. We all in joyful mood and headed in a tempo traveller, where in we can go and come together. I had already informed ranjan about everyone and he was very excited. In the bus I sat with Veena on one side and ranjana on another. Akash sat with neeru. Sanjay sat with Ankita. Ranjan with Shalu and Priya. In a journey of 2 hrs I was noting that sanjay was playing with Ankita breast and akash was doing the same with neeru.

Ranjan was also enjoying with Shalu and Priya. I was obviously enjoying as veena was holding my dick and I was busy with Ranjana boobs which keeps on changing. We reached around 4:30 PM there and it was really a nice place with big lawn, swimming pool and other luxuries.. There were separate rooms also and one big hall too. Everyone was hot at that time because of journey explorations. We had a formal introduction with each other where we hugged and kissed each other to start our program. Neeru announced that we can have a rest for one hour and then again we will meet up in the hall. After that every couple took one room and I along with shalu went to one room. Priya and Veena also went to their room. I and shalu had one fast round as we were also meeting after 6 months. I was lying on the bed without any clothes when she took bath and joined me again on bed. Shalu now moved towards me and by hugging me she pushed me and started kissing on my forehead and then quickly moved to my chest and made circles around my nipples. I closed my eyes and started enjoying it.

Shalu moved her tongue from my chest to my tummy. Now Shalu got hold of my dick in her and started doing to and fro motion. My dick started to become hard and rigid. Then Shalu moved herself in between my legs and took my entire length dick inside her mouth and made to and fro motion. I brought my hand to hold her head. But Shalu moved my hands away and asked me to keep my hands aside. Then Shalu took her hands away in which she was holding my dick. Shalu placed her hands on both my thighs and without holding my dick with her hand, Shalu started doing to and fro motion with my rigidly grown dick. I closed my eyes and just concentrating on what Shalu is doing now.

Then i kneeled in front of Shalu and got hold of her right leg and placed in over my right shoulder and for balance now she was holding my head. Then, i immediately buried my face deep inside her cunt and then pressed my tongue on her clit and Shalu started pushing my head further. Then i slowed down and started running my tongue.

Along her cunt and inserted my tongue deep inside her hole which started to become moist with her wetness. I could feel her legs getting weak because of the position so i stood up and made Shalu to lie on the bed on her back. I then pushed Shalu’s legs wide apart and kneeled between her legs and bent down to grab her breast with my mouth and started flicking her nipples with my tongue and went near her ears and whispered saying that “Shalu you have a terrific body with good shape and your breast have grown more. Do you remember I use to say I need to see your 44+ size and I think it is even more than that”. In turn as a compliment, she turned and kissed me. I started giving her intense kisses on her lip and we got into a lip lock for sometime. I started sucking her right breast and massaged her left one with my hand. Again she closed her eyes and started enjoying my action. Slowly i started rubbing my dick head on her cunt and ran my rigid dick along her cunt slit. Then i slowly kept my dick on her cunt entrance and started to push inside. Now her legs were wide apart and i could now see her cunt inviting my dick. I slowly placed my dick on her cunt and tried to insert mine inside her. Velamma 64 – BlackMailed 2

When i did that, the same time Shalu also slowly raised her hip to get my dick inside her cunt. Now my dick head alone got inside her cunt, now i further pushed my dick inside her cunt and it went smoothly inside her cunt like a knife on butter. As i gained good access and confident, i push mine further inside and kept mine inside her for sometime to feel the warmness which is emanating inside her cunt. Then slowly i pulled mine out till just the head of my dick is inside her cunt and then again i pushed in full force again inside. Now Shalu gasped in ecstasy. Knowing that Shalu is enjoying it and i am proceeding in right direction. I started moving my dick in and out. I moved both her legs over my shoulder. In this position, i could penetrate more inside her. Now Shalu really started moaning loudly. So i continued moving mine in and out faster. After sometime Shalu said she wants to switch position by getting over me. I asked whether she didn’t like the present position for which Shalu said she never attained her climax in this position before and feel more comfortable by driving from top. So i pulled mine out and lied on my back on the bed. Shalu sat on me with her legs on both side of me and raised her hip slightly above and got hold of my rigid dick on her palm and peeled down my foreskin on the dick. Then by placing my dick on her cunt entrance, she applied her full force and pushed her hip down completely. Shalu came down till crotch met my crotch.

Since my hand are free now, i caught hold of her nipples and started rolling it, kneading it and rub it. While Shalu is riding on me, she lowered her head and started seeing the motion of her cunt wrapping my dick completely. Seeing it, i too thought of enjoying that scene. So i also bending my head started viewing that action. By seeing such an erotic scene we both realized we are peeking at the same time. As riding time keeps increasing, the length of her motion increased. Shalu made my dick come out of her cunt till just my head of the dick is inside and came down heavily to cover my dick completely again. By doing this pressure inside her cunt increased. I could sense that pressure is mounting inside her heavily and she is reaching the peak. So while Shalu is riding me, i told her when she is going to explode let me know so that i can feel the contractions happening inside her through my dick. Shalu just lowered her head and started riding me by watching her action below. As Shalu was reaching her climax, she suddenly bent herself back till her hands could reach my thighs and started moaning “yes yes yes Bobby, yess please Bobby, yes aha ama Bobby Bobby” and by saying this she came with shudder and it created many contractions inside her hot cunt. By this action and because of the contraction happening inside her cunt, i too was reaching my climax and i raised my body towards her as she was bending backwards. With fraction of seconds, i too released my cum deep inside her cunt. I won’t say i released loads and loads of cum inside but at least, i released 3 to 4 spurts of cum inside Shalu’s hot cunt. Being so tired with shudder bent forward now and kept her head on my chest and rested her self with heaving breathing. I too was breathing heavily at the same time. For the first time.

Shalu asked me “how it was, Bobby?. Did you enjoy it?” i replied her saying i am speechless, Shalu. I don’t know how to explain but it was terrific. She smiled and kissed me on my chest and said she like to lie down on me for some more time. Slowly my dick started to get shrink inside her cunt. Then slowly Shalu pulled her self from my dick and fall next to me. We hug each other and we were sweating like anything. After some time, Shalu got up and went to bath room by wrapping herself in towel. After freshening herself, Shalu come out in towel and collected all her dress which was lying all around the room and went to the corner of the room to dress herself. By lying in the bed, i was watching Shalu wearing her red panty and then her red bra. And Shalu took her top and started wearing it. I than got up and again hugged her kissed her cleavage and pressed her butts.

Shalu asked me freshen myself and come down as she is leaving down to the hall now. I went to bathroom and freshened myself. I dressed my self and quickly move to the hall When i came down i saw Ranjan and Ranjana were chatting with Priya and Veena. Ranjan came over to me and said, “ Brother, It was Great. She is real SEX. I don’t have nay words to thank you.” I replied, “ If you really want to enjoy that have fun with every female here, As all are real HOT babes.

We again joined the ladies and I sat with ranjana and said, “Thanks sweat heart, ranjan is praising you a lot.” She replied, “ Oh Bob he was really great I too like his company. Than Priya came and sat on my lap and we started kissing and Veena moved to ranjan.

After some time Neeru, sanjay, Ankita and akash were coming from he same room. We all were smiling at them and sanjay said, “Hey, We started with swap.” Everybody started laughing. It was dark outside by now due to winter season so we headed for drinks. I proposed why don’t we all sit in the hall and play cards along with drink. Everybody agreed for the same but ranjan proposed lets play poker and loser will have to take off his/her one clothes and winner can do anything with loser for 5 minutes. Everyone agrees. Velamma 64 – BlackMailed 2

Ladies started arranging for drinks and snacks and we males were making sitting arrangements. After half an hour everyone came and sat on their respective places in a circle. Drinks were served to everyone and we started playing. I was first one to loose and Ankita was a winner so I was to take one cloth off my body. I took off my jeans and she came near me started running her soft hands all over my thighs. Her tongue was rolling over my legs and I was getting horny and my dick was getting hard under my boxers. Everybody were hooting

After 5 min. Play again resumed. This time Ranjana lost and Sanjay won, so Ranjana took off her T shirt and she was not wearing any bra and it was a treat for sanjay. Sanjay immediately attacked her boobs and was sucking and kneading like anything. Ranjana was a nice sport to it and she was herself putting her nipples into his mouth and was rubbing hard on his face Now thirdly neeru lost and Ranjan won. Neeru was smart. She removed her jacket and there was nothing much for Ranjan. But she obliged by kissing him.

Now fourth time, Ankita lost and I won so now its the time for tit for tat. Ankita also removed her shirt and she was also braless. I moved near her and started sucking her nipples. I was rolling my tongue over her tits and she was getting excited because her nipples were getting hard. She was moaning. He hands were moving over my head and she was forcing me suck more and more. Since we have a lot of time, so everyone was enjoying. Drinks were flowing regularly.

Now fifth case, Priya won and Ankita losses and so ankita removed her skirt and to everyone surprise she was not wearing panty. It was a party for Priya. She immediately moved over ankita. She started with a kiss and than her tongue rolled from her neck to her breast and than her belly and finally at her cunt. Her hands were kneading ankita boobs and tongue was playing with her cunt. Ankita came before 5 minutes and Priya was declared a Grand winner and awarded with a any gift i.e. New pair of Bra and Panty along with a very sexy nighty. She was thrilled and kissed everyone.

Everyone was feeling tipsy after 2 drinks. We ordered for some snacks and ankita since lost the game completely looked over arranging the snacks for everyone and neeru declared than anyone who want to do anything with ankita can do and same will be followed by next loser. We moved over to next game and this time sanjay was a loser and i was a winner. So sanjay removed his shorts and he was without underwear and I opted to pass on the benefit to Veena. She gave him a nice blow job. Next loser was sanjay again and ranjana was a winner. Sanjay was fully nude now and ranjana and sanjay again hugged ranjana and was sucking her boobs, neck and lips and she was holding his cock. Velamma 64 – BlackMailed 2

Now ankita and sanjay were out of the game so they started there game outside the game ring. Akash was watching the scene and was laughing a lot. Next winner was ranjan and loser was neeru. She removed her top and she was also without her bra. Ranjan gave her nice suck and she was also moaning on his hard cuts on her nipples. Next loser was ranjana and winner was me and she removed her jeans and she was also not wearing her panty. I gave her her nice pussy twist with my fingers and while sucking her boobs. She was also out now. She too joined sanjay and ankita. Since 7 people were left so neeru announced anyone who either wants to quit can either remove clothes and can join sanjay or anyone who want to cut short than remove some of there clothes so we unanimously decided that lets be here with only 2 clothes on us but Ranjan, Akash and veena quitted the game by removing all there clothes.

Now in next game Neeru lost and I won. She removed her shorts and she gave him a nice blow job. Neeru was out In next game shalu lost and Priya won. This Priya gave her a nice suck and with this shalu was also out. Now its me and Priya left. I was still having my 2 clothes i.e. My T shirt and boxer were there and Priya was having her bra and panty. We saw that ranjan was busy with ankita and sanjay was busy with veena and ranjana and akash too joined ranjana from back. Whole room was filled with smell of liquor and sounds of sex We got into the game. First round I lost and Priya won I removed my boxer and she gave me a nice suck on my cock and in next game she lost and she removed her bra and I gave her nice tit fuck.

Now it was a final round and she lost and removed her panty and I gave her nice fuck there and than. I was declared the winner and was awarded a Bottle of champagne. I opened a bottle and slowly started throwing champagne on the pussies of all the ladies and was drinking from there. All the females were over excited. Than neeru announced that from now onwards bobby has a authority to ask any female to come for love game at any time till the time we are here. All the ladies were clapping. We had dinner asked about everyone experience. Everyone was overwhelmed.

So we asked everyone about who wants to have which partner for night and things came like thissanjay wants to go with Priya. Akash wants to go with shalu and ranjana as he was crazy for her big boobs. At that time also he was holding her boobs in her hands. Ranjan wants to take Neeru and ankita. I was left with my darling babe Veena.Neeru proposed that why don’t we can start here and can later on move to rooms. Everyone agreed with a loud noise.

Sanjay took Priya at one sofa and they both hugged each other. Since all were nude so there was no restriction of any clothes. His hands were roaming over her butt crack and her hands were pushing his face towards her boobs. Bothe were eager to make love with each other. Priya face was clearly saying that she desperately needs his dick in her. Veena was standing with me watching her sister and smiling. Veena hands were also holding my cock.

Akash also took another sofa and set in between two gorgeous ladies i.e. Shalu and Ranjana. Both big boobs females. He was holding there boobs and shalu was kissing him and Ranjana was playing with his dick. Ranjan was busy with Neeru and Ankita. Both the sisters were trying to lure Ranjan by their own means. Later Ranjan was busy with Neeru big boobs and ankita was sucking his balls and playing with his cock. Velamma 64 – BlackMailed 2

I also find out a place for myself and Veena. I lied there and veena was licking my whole body and was messaging my whole body with her boobs. It was really lovely. I asked her, “Veena, are you enjoying her or do you want to go to room”. She replied, “ Its not an issue but room is a better option”. We immediately shifted to our room and had a nice programme for nearly one hour. After that we cleaned up each other and again hugged each other and I don’t know when we went for a sleep. Morning at 8 AM i woke and saw veena was still sleeping naked with me. I got and went to take a bath.

After that when I came out of the room. I was surprised to see only Sanjay and shalu were awake and rest everyone is sleeping. Shalu was wearing a saree and sanjay was in T shirt and shorts. Shalu was really looking sexy with sleeveless deep cut blouse. We all exchanged good morning and shalu served me a coffee. We all were sitting in a lawn and were chatting on the everyone experience last evening. Velamma 64 – BlackMailed 2

Sanjay said, “ It was really great experience. I have never imagined that we all will have so much fun. All the ladies are so co-operative and they don’t have any feeling even though some are meeting me for the first time. I really had a great fun with in night. What a beauty she is and perfectionist in everything. I was crazy about Ankita and Ranjana but now I feel that there is no limit to this. She co-operated in such a way that I am really thrilled.

I said, “ That’s true she is a very nice girl. But here all the females were aware that this going to happen so everyone was mentally prepared and they equally enjoy the same. It was never a forcible plan. Everyone was eager to come and join us for this outing and I can assure that nobody will forget the same in future too. I am right Shalu”

Shalu, “Yes Darling, you are 100% right. It’s a nice arrangements and all are likeminded people. We can’t do this with family members and its the friends like these who can enjoy this way. Akash met me for the first time but was such terrific guy that I can’t explain to you. He managed so well with me and Ranjana. He could satisfy both of us at the highest level and we supported him fully. At night due to liquor, I could not notice but now I can feel that my boobs and particularly nipples are paining because everyone was eager to suck them and I too was enjoying a lot.

Sanjay said, “ If you want I can give you a nice message so that your pain can be relieved” Everyone started laughing. Sanjay said, “ Do you need a medicine because neeru also faces this problem and I give her one medicine and she get relieved” Shalu said OK. And sanjay gave him one tablet. By this time Neeru also joins us in saree and we all exchange greetings After that we notice that all the ladies were coming in sarees as it was pre planned by them. Now it was 11 AM and we all ten people gathered in lawn for breakfast. Velamma 64 – BlackMailed 2

Everyone was telling there experiences and thanking neeru and me. Sanjay came to me and asked, “Bobby, How is veena.” I said, “ she is a replica of Priya and is more aggressive on bed” He smiled and said i have decided her as my today’s partner. I congratulated him. Than Neeru came to and asked me to come her room. We both moved to her bed room. She hugged me as soon as we enter the room and started kissing me. She said, “ Bobby, what are you up to. Do you know my choot is paining for your cock and you are concerned for others”

I said, “ darling I am also waiting for you but no need to worry we have another 3 days with us so need to worry, your choot will be taken care.” I picked up her saree and removed her panty and start stroking her there and then she was also thrusting back with full support and within 10 minutes i released in her. She cleaned my cock with her tongue and we moved out. Sanjay was smiling and understood that his wife is banged just a short while back. He too moved toward shalu and took her to bed room. They also came after 20 minutes. Shalu winked me when she came out. We all planned to have beer and ladies were asked to strip dance in the hall. Everyone shouted Great. Velamma 64 – BlackMailed 2

So we all males sat in the circle and women in centre. It was just like a beer bar and first one to come was Ankita. A good item number was played. She performed in a very sexy way and slowly her saree came down and her boobs were clearly coming out of her small blouse. Slowly she removed her blouse than pattycoat and now she was in yellow bra and panty. After some time she also removed her bra and than panty and showed very terrific dance with her shapely swinging her and there. I called to her to sit on my lap. She immediately came and hugged me. We kissed each other and start pressing her boobs. Next was Veena and Priya together. They too performed the same and were called by sanjay. He also started his act. Than Neeru came and after her dance she sat with akash Finally Shalu and ranjana came in with only blouse and petticoat. They started there dance and when the clothes were off from their body they showed some lesbo acts and join Ranjan. Again everyone was hot and session took place there in the hall.

I had a anal sex with ankita. After around one hour everyone was tired and slept there for some time. In the evening we planned to play to football in the ground but everyone needs to be in there undergarments only. We played for hour and it was really fun but funniest part was that Akash was more concentrated on women balls rather than football and it was a nice support. It was dark again and all were feeling hungry. We had some snacks and started our drinks. Ranjan came with an idea that lets play a game than ladies have to use their feet to erect the cock of their partner and who ever one will be awarded and after that men will have to use only tongue to get the female orgasm. So teams were formed this way Sanjay with Veena, Akash with shalu, Ranjan with Priya and Myself with ranjana. Now neeru and Ankita were left. They were made the judges and finally whoever will win will have to do with the judges as well. So things started and this time Veena and sanjay won the game.

Wine was showing its effects and neeru came up with idea that she wants all the 4 guys should make love with her and we all readily agreed. Sanjay took the position of her arse, Ranjan her pussy akash her mouth and I her boobs. All were aggressively fucking her and ladies were shouting. After sometime every one shoot their loads on her and she was very happy. She thanked everyone. Ranjana and Priya cleaned neeru with there tongues and again in night everyone took there partners and enjoyed the night. Next morning everyone got up and came out of breakfast because all were hungry. Today all the ladies were in bikini’s and most sexiest one was of Shalu. I asked her from where she got it and she said that her husband get her these when ever he goes abroad. It was just string at bottom and hardly covering her nipples at top. We noticed that neeru and veena are not present there. Velamma 64 – BlackMailed 2

After heavy breakfast Ranjana announced that today all the ladies wants to have sex with all the males as what neeru did yesterday. I went to there room and saw that both of them were involved with each other and were in 69 position. They also dragged me we had a session there.After the sex session i told them the plan of ranjana and they got excited and came out for breakfast. We planned to start at 2PM with a gap of 2 hrs. First was Shalu she was brutally fucked by all 4 of us. After 2 hrs came ranjana, same was the case with her. This way whole day was spent fucking each other. Now at night everyone was tired so maximum people slept but Shalu and Neeru wants sex so they requested akash for the same and he obliged both of big butt ladies. At night around shalu came over to me and woke me up. I asked her what is the issue and she said that her cunt is paining and she wants something to be done. I woke ranjana who was sleeping with me. She gave her medicine and she slept with me only. Velamma 64 – BlackMailed 2

Now it was Monday our last day as tomorrow we all have leave. So both ranjana and shalu and me had a bath together and again went to bed where I was sucking Ranjana choot and shalu was giving me a blow job. We remained like this till 11 AM and then came out and were surprised to see that Sanjay was missing with Priya and veena and akash was fucking neeru in one corner and ranjan was fucking ankita in the lawns. I was surprised to see everyone capacity. After some time sanjay came out with Priya and veena. All were very happy. Sanjay face was showing that he had not slept for whole night. Velamma 64 – BlackMailed 2

Than I and Shalu went with veena to have some discussion since shalu was keen to know veena and Priya story. We went to our bedroom and shalu sat on sofa and I laid on bed with veena. Shalu asked, “ Veena, Bob told me everything about you and your family, Is it still going on or your mother had restricted from doing all that stuff”. Veena,” No She actually have gone more bold now and she is aware now that we know everything since we were caught once watching her so now she openly comes and do whatever she feels like. Even now the people who comes along with her also try to give pass on us. It was around week back she came with her two colleagues, one was her boss and other was of same rank. So when he boss was busy with her in bedroom than other guy came to me and I was alone in the house. He bought some gifts for me and Priya. I thanked him. After that he tried to touch me here and there and I just stopped him so he said ,” Listen your mother knows what all you do and than what is the problem with me. You are fucking around with number of guys”. He also showed me the recording of me and peter (my cousin) which was given by my mother only to him. I was speechless. He fucked me that day very brutally and later on I saw my mother was talking to him saying, Mr. Nath I hope you enjoyed. Is my promotion confirmed now. And her boss immediately agreed for the same and she became the Director of her department. Velamma 64 – BlackMailed 2

She continued, “ Now you can see that for her promotion she is using us. She has got friendly with us now and always says” Do what you want to do and enjoy fully.” “Now when some of our neighbour uncle comes to our house she prefer to sit in dining room only which is the centre of our house and sucking and smooching is done in open. They without any tension removes her blouse and play with her tits and she plays with cock.” On Thursday very strange thing happen, “My masi (mother’s sister) along with her husband came to our house in the afternoon in the impression that my mother will be alone because she had taken off from office. They sat in dining hall and uncle was sometimes hugging my mother, sometimes he was pressing her boobs over the blouse and sometimes pressing her butts over her saree in front of masi and all were laughing as if it’s very common. Than masi got up and removed her saree and my mother saree and than the blouses and she said to her husband to suck than he started from my mother and ended at masi. This thing went for 3 hrs in which they had a sex also. We both were watching from our room. After 3 hrs we both came out and when they saw us , all started laughing as if we are idiots. Than masi said, You should also take care of your husband as I am taking than he will always be happy. Velamma 64 – BlackMailed 2

Shalu was listening quietly and came over to bed and hug veena. Veena had tears in her eyes. Shalu consoled and kissed her some time so that her attention can be diverted. Then she said, “ veena whenever you and Priya feels that there is any tension you can come to me and we will enjoy a lot and promise me that you will never cry in future.” Veena started smiling and hug shalu in such a way that there boobs get crushed. They kissed each other on lips for some time and my hands were moving over shalu butts and inner thighs. Veena moved to shalu breast and started sucking her boobs and shalu was kneading veena boobs. Again things were getting hot here. I planned to play a fast shot and removed veena’s shorts and inserted by dick in her anus. She screamed initially but later gave a full support. We went out after completing our task. Velamma 64 – BlackMailed 2

Outside in the lawn neeru was lying naked and Priya was sucking her cunt and ankita was sucking Priya cunt. Ranjana was being fucked by akash, sanjay and ranjan. Now I was sitting alone with beer can when ankita and sat on my laps started sucking my nipples. She was trying to ignite me. I also started playing with her boobs and pussy. After an hour we had our session when she made me ready by sucking my cock. I told her wear bra and panty and come to my room because i don’t like fucking a naked female. She came with nice red top and short mini skirt. I holded ankita hand and took her to bedroom. We both sat on bed. She came near me and put her head on my lap and we started chatting. My hands were moving over her top. She said,” Shall we start”. I said,” Sure”. Velamma 64 – BlackMailed 2

Then she took off her top and I started kissing her cleavage. Ankita, “ You have very nice pair of shapely boobs, I really liked them” I said. She thrust her right nipple in my mouth. I eagerly took her nipple between my lips and started pressing it. Here, take more of my breast in your mouth and suck on it. I did as she told me. Then I cupped her other breast in my hand and started caressing it. After a while, she said “You like my breasts. Don’t you Bobby?” and she hugged me closer to her. Her voice was unsteady a little bit and I became aware of her heavy breathing. She was moaning. She drew me closer to her and hugged me. I kissed them fondly. She was excited. I sat against the wall and asked her to lean on me and cupped her breasts from behind and gently fondled them. I caressed her nipples slowly and they became erect. I kissed her neck . I could feel her trembling against me. After a little while she said, “Pls suck them hard, Suck my nipples. I sucked and fondled her lovely breasts. She moaned with pleasure as I teased her sensitive nipples with my tongue and when I gently fondled her breasts cupping them nicely in my hands. “Bob, your hands and lips feel so nice on my breasts. I wish I can have you do that all day”. Velamma 64 – BlackMailed 2

Then I showered kisses on her breasts and shoulders and neck. She hugged me and moaned with excitement. Then she said, “Bobby, take your shirt off too. It is not fair if only I have to take off my top and bra”. I was only happy and immediately peeled off my shirt and threw it on the floor. Immediately, she hugged me and kissed me. She felt my muscles and said, “Bob, I am so happy to have you with me”. She started fondling my prick. My prick grew large. But after she fondled it for several minutes, I had to ejaculate and let out several hot jets of my semen, pushing into her boobs each time a jet came out. She directed my cock with in her both boobs for tit fucking. I cummed on her boobs. She hugged me and said “Oh my darling, You are great lover, You know my panty is totally wet and I had three orgasms till now. I removed her skirt and panty and saw her cunt where her pubic were cut in a very nice design. I asked her Who did it. She said its didi who always says that pussy should be kept smart and fresh and she only take care of it. I gave a kiss on her cunt and my hands were moving under her thighs. I took off my pants and underwear and asked her would you like to a taste my prick”? She shook her head to say yes. I was excited. “Ankita, just like I suck your nipples, you can take my cock in your mouth and suck it. Then, soon, you will get the thick milk”. She did like I said and her soft lips encircled my prick and started massaging it. I held her head in position and slowly pumped my prick inside into her mouth. After a while, she wanted to go to the bathroom. While she was going, I noticed the swivelling moments of her arse. When she came back, I asked her, ” Ankita, I want to fuck your arse, can I please?” She smiled and nodded. Velamma 64 – BlackMailed 2

I could see the glistening petals of her love flower nestling sexily between her thighs. She spread her legs a little and I caressed her vulva gently and lovingly. She closed her eyes and started moaning a little. I got between her legs and kissed her thighs and all around her vulva. She smelled very nice between her thighs and there was a fragrant warm aroma rising from her vulva. Finally, I hugged her around her thighs and put my lips over her soft love fruit and kissed it. She jerked a little when my lips contacted her sensitive vulva and pressed my head down on her vulva. Then I started licking her juices that tasted like honey to me. Then I put my tongue inside her vulva and touched her clit. She slightly raised her hips as I did that and I pressed my mouth closer and took her clitoris between my lips and gently pressed it. She jerked her hips several times as I did that and pressed my head down harder into her vulva. Soon, she let out a long moan and warm sweet juice poured from her cunt. I sucked all of her juice as it poured and licked her vulva clean like a puppy. Then I moved up and ankita hugged me and kissed me passionately. We kissed for a long time with more intimacy. Velamma 64 – BlackMailed 2

When our lips parted, she said, “bob, you are showing me so many pleasures. I feel so nice when you are between my thighs kissing my clit”. I started showering kisses on her wet and warm vulva. Then we lay down on the bed and hugged each other tightly, with my penis pressing over her arse hole. After a while, she put one leg over me and started making pushing motions pressing my prick more tightly over her arse. I was excited and said, “Ankita I would like to put my cock first in your arse and than your pussy. She co-operated and we started the session. After half an hour, I filled her holes and were totally exhausted. Velamma 64 – BlackMailed 2

Both hugged each other and went for a sleep. While sleeping my mouth was dug under her breast and she was holding my cock. We woke up after 2 hours because of knocking on the door. It was neeru. She came in sat beside me. Neeru said, “ Have you both enjoyed.” We both nodded yes. Ankita was looking satisfied and even neeru was looking satisfied. Neeru and priya also had a session. Neeru was totally naked. I pushed her towards me and kissed her. She hugged me. Ankita was seeing all these. Neeru and me got hot again. Neeru took my cock and put it in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob. I was lying on the bed sucking the breast of ankita. After 10 min. Neeru came over me. I started sucking her boobs. Neeru said, “ Ankita if you want to enjoy out you can go.” Ankita replied, “Didi I want to see you and bobby, Pls allow me to stay here.” Velamma 64 – BlackMailed 2

I said,” Ankita if you want our show, you have to suck neeru cunt” She agreed to it. Now neeru was giving me a blowjob and ankita was sucking neeru cunt. I and neeru both came simultaneously. Both the sisters drank the juices and were happy. We all lie on bed for 15 min. Talking to each other and than decided to o for a bath. Both these sisters washed me with there boobs. It was just like a boob message with soap. We bathed for 45 min. And came out. Put on my clothes. Both the sisters were in there bra’s and panties. By this time sanjay also came in. Ankita was in sanjay lap holding his cock and neeru was in my lap holding mine. I was amazed to see that both the sisters are so much horny. Ankita bent down or her knees and start giving a blow job to sanjay. I was totally tired by now. Day ended with lot of tiredness and everyone slept early after having dinner and some foreplay. Velamma 64 – BlackMailed 2

Next morning everyone was awake by 8 AM. I had a quick session with Priya and ranjana and same is the case with others. We started back at 2 PM and during our return journey everybody were slightly depressed because after so much fun now don’t know when we will meet again. During the return journey every male moved to each and every female for hugs and kisses and exchange there numbers to be in touch in future. But sanjay tried to spend maximum time with shalu and akash with Priya. We reached delhi by 5 at neeru house and departed to our place. Velamma 64 – BlackMailed 2