Velamma 81 The Salesman’s Offer

Velamma 81 The Salesman’s Offer

Velamma and Veena in episode 81 decide to spend some mother-daughter time together. However, their shopping plans go awry when Veena sees something she must have, leaving Velamma alone in the presence of a sly and predatory salesman. Will Velamma be able to fend for herself? And what did Veena see and could not resist? Will her newfound aggressive behavior be her undoing? Find out the answer to all of these questions in this episode of Velamma series.

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Dear all

This is not a fantasy, but a real experience almost 10 years ago.

I am Tania Nair, from Palghat in Kerala. Though born and brought up in an orthodox family in Kerala, I had a lesbian feeling when I was small. I liked to be with the females whenever I get a chance, Bathe, wash clothes in the river or pond, There was enough female flesh to see at all times. The dressing without covering the top used to be the normal fashion for the ladies, mainly the servants. So there was an ample cleavage to be seen and enjoyed. While bathing in the ponds or river we normally tie the petticoat above the breasts and remove all the under garments. We get a wonderful feeling in the water when the cold water rubs against us and the cunts. I used to dip myself into the water and swim underwater for sometime and look at all the beautiful display underwater. Most of the cunts are not shaven in the villages as there is no private time for all that. So what if there is hair out there, it increases the sensual feeling. Let’s come to what happened many years ago. Velamma 81 The Salesman’s Offer

When I finished my 1st yr bsc, way back in 1996, my cousin (sumi) staying at Nagpur invited me to stay there with her as her parents were to go for 10 days to USA from their company on an official tour. I told them that I will be reaching there before they left for the tour. The dream of being away from my home and to be with sumi who is bred in the city and to be together for almost 10 days was making me wet down there.

On schedule I reached Nagpur Railway stn and alighted from the train, I spotted sumi and Uncle and waved to them. Sumi looked stunning in the jeans and T shirt. She had a medium built body, but with erect tits and smooth stomach, a small ass. My uncle was a handsome man about 6ft and a well maintained athletic body. Sumi came and hugged me tight, it was fun to start with. The rubbing of the boobs was nice. We drove towards our house and it was nice ride in the car holding each others hands and exchanging the news from both sides. Velamma 81 The Salesman’s Offer

Sumi stayed in their bungalow, with a lot of garden space ,spacious house and a servant’s out house. They had a big German shepherd and a Pomeranian dog. I never had a pet dog so I was a little scared to touch them, They were ferocious but I being in the company of its owners was treated by the dogs as a member of the family. Their security Guard was a Nepali who came and picked up my bags and took it inside the house. Later on I came to know that the security was the husband of the Nepali maid and stayed full time at the house. Aunty was also a stunning beauty, well maintained figure and whitish complexion. She too greeted me with a loving hug. Wow it was really a nice warm hug. She asked me to have a bath and then come for lunch before retiring for a short rest.

I finished my bath and then we all sat for lunch, then my uncle and aunty said that some last minute purchasing to be done and they went to town for that. Sumi and I were left alone at home, so we switched on the TV and were sitting together and watching a channel, when the Pomeranian dog came and was pushing its nose between my legs, I felt a little odd and was pushing the dog away, when sumi saw that and told me that It found something interesting that’s why its doing that. My dogs are trained to keep me happy, see I will show you that and called the dog to her side. She was wearing a Below Knee level skirt, she pulled it slightly up and the dog was sniffing her cunt. Do you want to enjoy this, and then spread your leg for him, he will take you to heaven. Saying this she lifted both the legs and spread it on the handles of the sofa, she lifted her bottom and pulled the panty down exposing her shaved cunt to the dog. She spread the cunt lips and the dog was busy licking it up. After few minutes she said she was cumming and the dog was lapping up the juice without wasting a drop. I enjoyed watching the scene, I was wet down there, and the dog came over to me and was pushing its nose in between my thighs. Sumi told me to pull off my panty and spread the legs for him to do his work. I was a little scared that he would bite, but sumi said he is well trained to give fun and he has been doing this for the last 3 years everyday. After the panty was gone ad the lips of my cunt were spread he went about licking it and within few minutes I came into his mouth, He licked the complete juice off from my cunt. While the dog was busy down there, sumi was busy on my upper part, she had pulled my T shirt up above my tits, unbuttoned my Bra and was sucking my Breasts. I was in heaven really.

After that sumi asked me if I have ever been fucked. I said no, only masturbated most of the times, she too said that she has never been fucked by any man but by both the dogs, that got me excited, but we kept that for the night. Because Uncle and aunty were expected any time. Velamma 81 The Salesman’s Offer

In the night we retired to our room. The pom also came to our room and settled on the bed. Sumi went into the bathroom and finished a shower before coming to the sleep, she wore only a nightgown which clearly showed her shape with the light at the background. She went and bolted the bedroom door came to the bed. In one moment she pulled her night gown off and was standing naked at the foot of the bed and asked how she looks. She was wonderful, nice tight breasts, trim stomach and a lovely shaved cunt. She looked like an angel, a naked angel. She asked me to strip and enjoy the party. She helped my out of casuals, bra and panty and said that when you sleep you should be completely free of any clothes, sleep like a baby. She held me close and told me that we should enjoy our stay together, she asked me to lie on the bed with my feet on the ground, she spread my legs and kissed my cunt, she darted her tongue all over and inside my cunt, it was great, she tongue fucked me and I came fast, she drank all the juice and said that it was great and now it was my chance to do her the favor. So I spread her legs and smelt her cunt it was wet and slippery, I slowly licked the lips and started doing it inside the cunt, and I too started enjoying that I could stop after that as I liked it and she came twice and I tasted her complete nectar. We hugged each other and lay on the bed for some time. But the pom was restless as its chance of screwing us was getting late.

Now sumi lay on her back she pulled a pillow under her butt and raised her cunt and spread her leg, the pom was quick to start the licking and sumi spread her cunt so that the pom could go deeper and enjoy the love juice. After some time she came and the pom cleared everything. Now she pulled the pom closer to her and started rubbing his cock sheath, he started getting an erection, the red prick started popping out from the sheath and was getting bigger and thicker, she bent down and slowly sucked him, he was enjoying it, after that she got on to her knees and applied a little Vaseline on her asshole and guided the prick into it, The timing were set so that he started pounding her and she was responding well. It is said that the dogs have a great stamina and can hump for longer time. After sometime she pulled out the penis and she laid one her back and allowed the pom to mount her from the front, the pom gripped her with the paws and screwed sumi, it was a new experience that I watched and wanted to try it. Sumi said keep getting wet because the pom needs a break before it can take her and it was already pushing the whole thing into sumi’s wet cunt. Then suddenly it stopped and turned around like it does when it attaches itself to a bitch, I saw a lump stuck inside sumi’s cunt and it would not come off. She says that this is the time when the dogs transfers its sperms into the cunt of a bitch and stays locked for some time. But the feeling is nice as it grips well inside. I was scared that she would become pregnant, Sumi said that she applies a cream inside before is takes these things inside. They stayed like that for about 15 mts before it reduced its size and came off. By then I would have come about 2 – 3 times. Velamma 81 The Salesman’s Offer

Next day morning we went to the airport and saw Uncle and aunty off to Bombay from there they would fly to USA. We took an auto back home and then started where we stopped the earlier night.

How’s the experience, I will continue in the next mail about the fun that went on for those 10 great days of my life. I will surely keep a dog, all my life for it can keep you very happy. Velamma 81 The Salesman’s Offer