Velamma 66- Heart to Hard On

Velamma 66- Heart to Hard On

Ramesh brings home his young, hip friend Siva, who’s fallen on hard times and needs a job. Staying in Veena’s old room, Siva walks in on Vela fucking her brother-in-law, Surya. While confessing to Siva her inability to stop always being taken advantage of sexually by the men in her life, Velamma finds herself… being taken advantage of sexually by another one of them!

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Ramu Fucked Me Hard

Hi my name is Sunita I am 21 years beautiful girl with size of 38-28-38. Here is my story with Ramu our servent. Ramu is 42 years old; he is 6 ft strong muscular man. Often he used to work just in vest and many times in the garden I have seen him working wearing shorts only. He used to call me Beti and treated me nicely always. Lately, however, I have noticed him staring at me often. Sometimes he had given me mischievous smiles also. When I asked him he used to say he was thinking of some movie scene or some such thing and cover up. Then one week back, Vijya my brother had to leave for a wedding in Kolkata and then papa’s friend died and so papa and Vijay both left the next day. After dinner, I was in my room sitting in front of the dressing room mirror, combing out my hair. I was about to change my clothes and go to sleep. My pallu was off to a side and I could see the top half of my right breast in the mirror. I was admiring myself when Ramu entered the room. Velamma 66- Heart to Hard On

I hurriedly covered myself up. “Beti, I brought you milk,” he said. I told him to leave it on the bedside table and then I started combing again. I heard the door close. I placed the comb aside and dropping my pallu down I unhooked my blouse. I had got two hooks undone when I felt there was someone in the room. I looked in the mirror and was shocked to see Ramu standing behind me leering at me. “Ramu what are you doing in my room. Can’t you see I am changing? Please go out.” I hurriedly covered up my half undone blouse with the pallu and got up. “Beti, I came to see you change only and also to enjoy your lush body.” I was shocked to hear him talk like this to me. I got angry and shouted “have you no manners; you are talking to me like this. Get out of my room.” He stepped closer and grabbed my open hair in his hand and pulled me closer. “I know what this decent girl does with her brother’s friend, bitch,” and he slapped me hard on my cheek. It was so hard my cheek stung with the blow and tears were in my eyes. Through watery eyes I looked at him. His eyes were lust filled. “I have waited three months for this day, whore. I have been watching you slut it with Ajay, my brothers friend. Velamma 66- Heart to Hard On

Now is my turn.” I was stunned to hear from him about me and Ajay. As I stood shocked and surprised, his rough hand pulled my pallu off. I tried to pull it back over me, but he was very strong. Then I felt his rough hand on my boobs. His calloused hand was pressing my boobs. “what melons you have Sunita. Let me see them fully,” saying this he slipped his hand into my half open blouse and pulled. The remaining hooks broke and my blouse hung open. He pressed my round white boobs over the bra, then roughly hurting my soft boobs he pushed my bra up. I looked down in shame at my naked boobs hanging down like ripe melons and his dark rough hand over them. He took my left boob in his big hand and cupping it round, squeezed it tight. “Ahhhh,” I gasped. His rough touch was doing things to me. I could sense my cunt respond to the rough handling of my boobs. I could feel wetness start to moisten my cunt. As he squeezed I saw my nipples harden and swell. Still holding my hair so I couldn’t move, he bent his short cropped head down and took the turgid nipple into his mouth. “Ahhhhhhh,” it was an exquisite feeling that I had not experienced with Ajay. Whether it was his rough touch or that he was so much older to me or that he was a servant forcing his mistress, I don’t know. All that I knew was the intense stab of pleasure I felt as his mouth closed on my hard nipple and sucked. As he sucked alternately on my nipples I felt my cunt moisten fully and all I wanted to do was to take my hand down there and finger my itching pussy. Ramu seemed to read my mind. He was nuzzling my boobs and he took one of my hands in his and placed my hand on his cock. “Oh my god,” I blurted again. I couldn’t see his cock but to my hand it felt gigantic. Velamma 66- Heart to Hard On

Out of fear I tried to take my hand away and to push him off. But his hand was over mine pressing my soft hand on his hard cock. “Don’t worry. Once you take it in, you will forget Ajay, bitch.” I could not reply. All I could do was whimper and moan as he ravaged my soft young boobs. I could not take my hand away now. His hand left mine and I felt him insert his hand into the sari at the waist. He pulled it off and it pooled around my feet. Then he untied the string of my petticoat and pulled it down. I was standing in panty and with my full boobs hanging out of my open blouse in full view of my man servant. There was a molten heat in my cunt. I felt his hand cup my pubic mound over the panty and trace my plump cunt lips. “HaHaHa, bitch, you are just like your mother, all decent but whores inside. She also used to get wet just with my touch.” It was a shock to know that he had fucked my mother but now was not the time to ask questions. As he touched and probed my cunt I ground my cunt against his hand. I was moaning by now. He left me and removed his vest. I saw his muscular chest all covered thick curly hair. Then he undid his pajama. It was stuck to the huge pole sticking up from the inside. He pulled it off his rampaging cock and dropped it down. “oohhh my,” I turned to run out of the room. He was quick. He caught me by my waist and pulled me back. Then removed my blouse, bra and panty and made me totally naked like he was. Then putting his hands on my shoulders he pushed me down on my knees. Up close his cock was frightening to look at. It was a huge piece of meat, easily 13 inches black monster cock, so thick my fingers wouldn’t close round it and the bulging mushroom shaped head was as big as a child’s fist. “What are you looking at, whore. You know what to do.” His hand pushed my head towards his cock. I was eager and also reluctant at the same time. But he was pushing my head close. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and tried to take his monster cock in my mouth. Ramu was not the kind to wait for niceties. He roughly shoved his huge meat pole into my mouth and holding my head in his hands began to immediately fuck my mouth. His huge cock filled my mouth almost gagging me.  Velamma 66- Heart to Hard On

There was a faint smell of stale urine and sweat. His big bulging balls hung down in a huge hairy sack below his cock. I took one hand to his sack and hefted them. They felt heavy and full of cum ready to fill many cunts. He fucked my mouth with 13 inche monster black cock for 20 mins and cummed in my mouth and forced me to swallow his cum. Then he pulled out his cock and pulled me up. He hugged me tight crushing my soft boobs into his chest and kissed my lips. He lifted my up in his arms and carried me to the bed. When he put me down on the bed, I opened my legs wide, on my own. I was looking up at him eagerly. I was lying like a wanton whore on my bed waiting to be fucked by my own servant. But Ramu had other ideas. He just stood there unmoving. I was getting impatient. My cunt was almost boiling. I wanted his cock in my cunt. I wanted to be fucked like a whore. But all Ramu did was to stand and look at me. “Ramu, please.” “Please what, bitch, tell me what you want.” I was beyond shame by now, “Ohh Ramu, come and fuck me. Fuck my hot cunt, Ramu.” This seemed to please him. He stepped up to the bed and taking my ankles he pulled me to him so my ass was at the edge of the bed. He pulled up my legs to his shoulders. Then taking his cock in his hand he rubbed the monster head on my wet cunt lips. I couldn’t bear the touch, my cunt was swollen so much and was sensitive. He was rubbing my clit hard with his cock. “Please Ramu don’t tease me, fuck me now.” I felt his cock nudge my cunt lips. I bit my lips in anticipation of the huge cock penetrating my tight cunt. Velamma 66- Heart to Hard On

“Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,” I screamed as the massive cock thrust into my tight cunt, ripping it apart. I felt as if a burning steel rod had been thrust into my cunt. I had never felt pain like this before, not even, when I lost my virginity. I felt my cunt walls stretch so much I felt they would tear. “Ramu, please take it out. I can’t bear it,” I cried with tears in my eyes. Ramu just smiled. “Relax bitch, you will be begging for more soon.” He held my waist with his hands tight and slammed his cock inside once more. I almost fainted with the intense wave of pain and pleasure. I looked down at his crotch and found that the 13 inch massive cock was fully buried in my wet aching cunt. He kept his cock buried in my cunt without moving and leaning down took my nipples in his mouth and started to suck them. His hands were pressing, kneading my soft melons, while his mouth was alternately sucking my nipples. The pain in my cunt started to fade and was replaced with a feeling of fullness. I was wanting more by now. On its own my ass was starting to lift up. As he felt my ass move he grinned. Then supporting his body with his hands on either side of my body, he began to stroke. First he started almost gently. Long full strokes easing my tight cunt open for his massive cock. As he stroked in his thick cock rubbed my clit and I was loving the feel of his cock in my cunt. As his speed built up I was matching his strokes by lifting and lowering my ass to take his cock in deeper. I could feel waves of pleasure building up deep inside the molten core of my pussy. I closed my eyes and let the feeling flow over me. He was still stroking when I came for the second time that evening. My body spasmed and shuddered and my cunt lips twitched as I climaxed. He didn’t stop nor even slow down as I was shuddering in the throes of another massive orgasm. He kept ramming into me. After my climax his style changed. He began to slam into me really hard. His thrusts were moving my body up the bed, while his hands clutching my thighs kept me in place impaled on his cock. He was fucking me rapidly now. His heavy ball sack was slapping into my ass as he rammed his cock in. He was brutally using my cunt now. Velamma 66- Heart to Hard On

Rapid thrusts going deep inside my cunt, his fingers dug painfully into my thighs. His bull like head was bent down as he pistoned his cock in and out of my wet slopping cunt. He was grunting and groaning as he pummeled my cunt. Then he threw his head up and I felt his cock stiffen more I knew he was about to flood my cunt with his cum. I locked my legs round his back heels pressing his ass. He groaned and sunk his cock deep inside. His cock throbbed inside my cunt sending hot wet globs of cum splattering onto my cunt walls. He kept pumping so much cum I wondered when it would stop. Then he collapsed on top of my body. I felt his cock still throb inside me for a long time before it shrunk and slipped out. I rolled his heavy body off me and sat up. my cunt felt sore and full. I looked down and saw the lips all red and raw with white cum sticking to the outsides. My cunt was gaping open like a cave and there was sticky gooey cum intermingled with my own juice oozing out. I felt very happy. I leaned and kissed his lips and his wet cock. He smiled. “This was the best fucking I have had in my life, Ramu.” “Don’t you worry, Sunita, there is more to come,” he caught my hanging boobs in his hands and squeezed them. I slapped his hands away and got up. “Where are you going, whore.” I only smiled at him and walked to the bathroom door. He whistled, “Wow what an ass you have Sunita, and keep the door open, I want to see you.” I obediently kept the door open although I felt shy as I had never done it for even Ajay. Velamma 66- Heart to Hard On

I peed then cleaned myself up and went back to the bed. Ramu was grinning at me and pointed to his semi hard cock. “See what the sight of your sexy ass has done to my cock.” I sat down beside him then leant over his crotch and sucked his wet cock. There was a tangy taste to his cock what with his cum and my juices drying on it. I licked it clean and as I sucked and licked it stood up to its full length once more. Ramu sat up and pulling me down on the bed and straddled me. He sat on my belly and pushed his cock down between my boobs. “push your boobs, slut, I want to fuck your boobs now.” I pushed my big boobs together from the sides trapping his cock in between. He half knelt and started to stroke his cock. As his cock came up it hit my chin and I bent my head to give it a flick with my tongue. Soon he was really hard and my nipples were hard and pointing like small penises themselves. I felt his fingers dip into my wetness and then going further down rubbing the juices on my asshole. “ohhhhhh no don’t touch me there Ramu.” But since when did Ramu listen to me. His finger kept rubbing my asshole with my own pussy juice and I was liking it. No one had touched me there before. I found that it was thrilling and my cunt got wetter as he fingered my asshole. Velamma 66- Heart to Hard On

Then slowly he inserted his finger into my ass. “Relax Sunita, it will be good for you, and a new experience.” “oh god surely he is thinking of entering my ass with that bazooka of his ooohh my ass will tear apart.” His finger went in and he started to finger my ass while sucking my boobs. The pleasure was unbearable and I could sense another mind-blowing orgasm building. Then he started to use his other hand in my cunt. Fingers digging in deep groping around my cunt walls for my ‘g’ spot. “aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh” as his fingers massaged my clit and g spot my orgasm burst. I was thrashing about and shouting all kinds of nonsense as the orgasm coursed through my body. Then I felt Ramu turn me around into doggy. I couldn’t even balance myself properly I was shaking uncontrollably and then I felt him enter my dripping swollen cunt. I grunted and thrust my ass back to take him in fully. He held my waist tight and thrust into me while I was still shuddering from my orgasm. Then I felt him draw his cock out of my cunt. I moved my ass back to keep him inside. Velamma 66- Heart to Hard On

But he was aiming to fuck my virgin ass. His thick cock head was forcing itself on my asshole. I felt terrible pain as the mushroom head forced its way inside my tight asshole. I tried to crawl forward out of reach of his ravaging cock. But Ramu held me tight so I couldn’t move. And thrust in relentlessly. Slowly my asshole stretched wide and he got his monster inside me. I hung my head down panting like I had run a marathon. Sweat was dripping off me. My cunt was reacting to the ravaging of my virgin ass by dripping more. Ramu’s hands held my hanging boobs and were milking them. I reacted by moaning and pushing back my ass driving his cock more deep. Then he sunk three fingers into my gaping cunt and fingered me. As I moaned and groaned in pleasure he rammed my asshole, roughly ripping my insides. But I was beyond caring. The cock in my ass, his stubby fingers in my cunt and hands slapping my ass cheeks and milking my tits were all making me a wanton slut. I was begging him to give me more cock and shamelessly like a whore getting my ass fucked by his meat pole. Because of the tightness I could feel Ramu’s cock begin the slow throb on its way to cumming. He fucked my ass for 40 mins. And then another big orgasm hit me as his cock throbbed deep in my ass. As he shot his load of sticky cum into my asshole, I folded my hands fell on the bed and buried my head in the soft mattress as I shuddered my way to my biggest orgasm so far. I just collapsed and curled up in fetal position. Then I felt hands softly prying my legs apart and warm wet towel touch my sore ass and cunt. I looked up to see Ramu wiping my privates softly with a cloth cleaning up his cum, my juice all mixed with a little blood and muck from my ass. Velamma 66- Heart to Hard On

Then he hugged me and kissed me. I drifted off to sleep. The next morning, I opened my eyes when Ramu shook me awake. As I opened my eyes I found him standing all naked offering me a cup of tea and his cock pointing straight up at me in salute. “Madam, what will u have?,” he grinned wickedly. He stood grinning at me and stroked his cock. “Bitch you want this cock, don’t you?” I nodded my head shamelessly eyeing his cock. “then come and get it”. I got on all fours on the bed and crawled to him. I was facing away from the door and all naked on fours like a dog. All I could see was his cock pointing at me like a gun. I gave his cock a kiss and a licking. Ramu seemed in a hurry. He pulled my face up by my hair, hurting me and thrust his big black cock into my mouth fully. I was not at all prepared for this sudden and rough attack on my mouth. But soon I was sucking him and he was holding my head tight in his hands and fucked my mouth.  Velamma 66- Heart to Hard On

He fucked me for three hours in the morning when no one else was home. Night at 9 o’clock, papa was watching news on TV. I went to the kitchen to heat milk for both of us. Ramu was there finishing up and closing down the kitchen. When he saw me he gave a very wicked grin. I recognized the grin and tried to stop him, “No Ramu doesn’t even think of it now”. Papa is in the drawing room and Vijay is upstairs.” But when did Ramu listen to me. “You keep doing your work, Sunita”. I was standing near the stove heating the milk. I was still in sari as papa didn’t like me to be seen in nightie outside bedroom. Ramu came behind me and started to rub his hard cock on my ass. I tried to move away but doing that rubbed his cock more and he put his hands round me and held my boobs and was pressing them “just relax and enjoy Randi” he said. Pressing of my big boobs was making me also hot. I pushed back with my ass recklessly. Velamma 66- Heart to Hard On

I felt him stoop down and raise my sari and petticoat and I felt cool air on my ass. “Bend down slut” and he gave a tight slap on my ass. Papa heard the noise and shouted “Kya hua.” I hurriedly tried to push down my clothes. But Ramu wouldn’t let me, “don’t worry papa will never leave the news and come here.” He shouted back, “Nothing babu I was slapping a mosquito here.” I chuckled to myself thinking of the mosquito that he had slapped. “Ok ok Ramu be fast now.” I also wanted his big cock inside me, the thrill of doing it with the servant of the house, when papa was sitting just few feet away, made me very horny. I was wet already. I felt his big cock touch my pussy lips. He was brutally rough, just slamming his cock in and out so hard that my boobs were rubbed raw inside the blouse on the kitchen counter. Both were mad with lust and the fear of being caught gave both an extra thrill. I chocked back the scream by biting my lips so hard I could taste the salty taste of my own blood. I wanted him to penetrate me deeper and I pushed my ass back taking him in fully. Such a hot fuck was not to last too long. Soon we both climaxed and had just pulled down my sari when papa walked in for a glass of water, as the news had got over just then. I felt our juices trickle down my inner thighs and smiled “what would papa do if he knew of the ‘breaking story’ right in his own house. His beti was breaking his servant’s balls in the kitchen” With that wet feeling and my heart jumping with joy I went back to the bedroom. After 11 pm when everyone had gone for sleep Ramu came to my bedroom, and started to undress me. He made lie on the bed in such a way that half of my body was on the bed and my legs on either side of his neck. He was almost in a standing position, as he spread my cunt and slowly entered his big monster cock inside my wet pussy. I moaned loudly with an aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, rammmaaaaaaa ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. What strength he had, he showed after that. His strokes were hard and were tearing my pussy. I was shouting yessssssssssss rammmaaaaaaaaa tear pussy, you are realllyyyyyyy strong my darling ramaaaaaaaaaaaaa. He was pumping me with so many strokes and was amazed with long resistance of not cumming. I reached my orgasm, but he kept on pumping me hard and I was close to cumming for the second time. Such an amazing cock, I have never had before and decided to have his cock for the rest of my life. Velamma 66- Heart to Hard On

I was shouting with excitement yesssssssssssssssssssss my darling I am cummmminnnnnnng and I came for the second time. I was sweating and was breathing heavily as he slowed down seeing my condition; he said I will now fuck your ass. Before receiving my reply, he turned me to a position that my arse was positioned towards his cock. He moved forward without any warning and directed his big cock tearing my tiny arse hole. I shouted in pain, ohhhhhhhhhh rammmmmmmmmaaaaaaaa slowly rajaaaaa it is painnningggggggg your pooolll is tooooo biigggg. I was screaming with pain and pleasure as he showed no mercy and rammed his cock so hard that I started to feel I was cumming once again. Then I heard what I never heard of for such a long time of my fucking with this man. He said that he was cumming and removed his cock from my arse hole and directed it straight into my mouth. I was so excited and sweating with pleasure. I started to suck as hard as I felt his cock hardened as never before, as he held my head hard and his semen started flowing into my mouth. I was having problem swallowing his semen because it was hug amount of semen. Velamma 66- Heart to Hard On

I started quickly gulp his semen and didn’t want to waste a single drop his precious semen. As I finished, I saw a relaxed and satisfied Ramu. He held in his strong arms and kissed everywhere in my face. He really deserves it for what he is capable of. After relaxing for sometime and bringing ourselves to normal, I took him to the bathroom. We both were under the shower and I soaped entire body as he closed his eyes with excitement. His dick was harder than before, as I washed his balls, felt them against my cheeks, ran water on his dick and slowly started to suck him. He raised my head and told me that he wants to lick my pussy while I sucked his cock. We were lying on the floor of the bathroom in a 69 positions and started to suck and lick each other’s organs. After long time of sucking and licking, we exchanged our juices in our respective mouths. Then he understood my desperation, Ramu withdrew his tongue from my dripping pussy. I wondered how he would fuck me as there wasn’t enough space in the bathroom. I expected him to take me out to his bedroom. However, he had other plans. He pushed the bucket and a small plastic tub to one corner, then grabbed me by my hips and helped me settle on the limited space on the bathroom floor. It was an awkward position as my legs were high and resting against the wall. He positioned himself between my legs and lowered himself. I watched deliriously as he lowered his waist. I felt his fingers holding his cock as he fumbled at the opening. He found the right place and planted the tip. Then he pushed forward. His thick cock moved easily in my dripping cunt. He didn’t have to make any further efforts as my cunt was well lubricated. He lowered his hips until the entire length of his cock was buried inside me. Velamma 66- Heart to Hard On

Intuitively, I wrapped my legs around his waist. He buried his face between my undulating tits and started fucking me with his massive cock. His movements were slow at first probably because of our awkward position, but he soon found his rhythm and began fucking me harder and faster. I could feel his gigantic prick fucking deeper and deeper into my dripping cunt hole. With every stroke, it was driving me nuts. I clasped my thighs tightly around his waist and tried to wiggle my hips, trying to get his raging cock even deeper into my willing cunt. His face was buried in my tits. His lips were mercilessly kneading my soft flesh. He was groaning loudly with lust. “Sunita… what a cunt.” He was out of breath with exertion. He pounded my pussy relentlessly. His lewd words worked to aggravate my longing for his ferocious cock. I began working my cunt muscles over his cock. I tried to hold his cock tightly inside by squeezing my cunt muscles. Ramu moaned with pleasure. Both of us had completely forgotten the water that was continuously falling over our burning bodies. “Aaahhhhh… aah… aah…” I realized that I was actually moaning with lust with every plunge he made into my hungry cunt. My pussy was dripping profusely under his onslaught. Over and over, Ramu fucked his mammoth cock deep into my wet slick pussy. I couldn’t take it anymore. My orgasm hit me like a flash of lightening. “Aahhhhhhhhhhh…” I moaned shamelessly, completely oblivious to the fact that I was actually coming while fucking my servent who is double of my age. I enjoyed my orgasm with wild abandon. Ramu sensed my orgasm. Velamma 66- Heart to Hard On

He began pumping my pussy even harder. “I’m coming… Sunita… its coming.” He moaned and fucked his cock all the way into my ravenous pussy. He cried loudly as his cock began shooting inside me. Wads of thick sticky cum spurt from his massive fuck tool and gushed into my ravenous pussy. He pressed my body against the floor. I put my arms around his neck and enjoyed the hot molten seed erupting from his rigid shaft. Slowly, the throbbing subsided and his cock began to soften inside me. My legs were still clenching to his waist. He rested his face over my tits, desperately trying to control his erratic breathing. We remained there in that position, trying to catch our breaths. Then I lowered my leg on the floor. He got up. His limp cock slipped out of me. His cum oozed out of my freshly fucked pussy, dribbling along the crack of my ass, mixed with the water pouring from the shower. The water helped in rinsing a part of our fuck juices from our bodies. He gave me a satisfied grin. “God knows Sunita,” He smiled. “I never fucked a cunt like yours.” After so recklessly enjoying a mind blowing fuck with my servant. I suddenly found myself turning red with shame and embarrassment. Ramu helped me in washing my cunt. He took his time in working his fingers up my pussy and cleansed every drop of cum deposited. Still, he was not satisfied. We showered together and only then, he relented and released me. I hurriedly fled to my room, naked, leaving my drenched clothes lying on the bathroom floor. He entered my room and came behind me then he slipped his arms around my waist. I felt his hardness pressing into my back. His hand slipped inside my panties, and his hand touched my juicy, swollen cunt lips and quickly found my clit. He began to rub my tiny love-button. “No… Please stop… not anymore.” I resisted, but he didn’t listen to me. In a flash, he slipped my panties off my legs. Then he unhooked my bra and dropped it on the floor. “Now look,” Said the horny old man. “So… beautiful.” I stared at the petite naked woman, with only a pearl necklace around her neck, staring at me from the mirror. A pair of hands was working over her hairy pussy from behind. I had never been in such a position. A sudden wave of arousal rushed through my body. I felt his cock poking into my ass cheeks. Then I realized that Ramu had already dropped his lungi, and he was standing completely naked behind me. He grabbed me from behind and forced me to bend forward. “No… No.” I tried to stop him. “What’re you doing?” He didn’t listen and pushed me. Velamma 66- Heart to Hard On

I bent forward and grabbed the edge of the dressing table. I was now on all fours with my ass high in air and my hands gripping the dressing table. He positioned himself behind me. I held my breath as his mammoth manhood touched my glistening pussy. I felt his cock head gently opening my inflamed cunt lips. He gripped my hips and gave a massive push. His cock began its journey into my already creaming pussy. In one stroke, it was completely buried into me. His crotch banged against my ass. “Ahhhhhhhhhh…” Ramu cried in excitement as his cock plunged into my cunt. He began fucking me vigorously. I waited for a moment and then began responding to his strokes. Ramu fucked me harder and faster. I was surprised at his energy. Only fifteen minutes ago, he had fucked me in the shower, and now his cock was again buried inside from behind and he was pumping my pussy like a madman. I could never recall being fucked by Ajay twice in one day. I had a sense of exhilaration for being such a turn on for my servant. His cock was moving in and out of my ravenous cunt like a piston. With every stroke, he was pulling his cock completely out of my pussy and then immediately ramming it back into my horny depths. I began to squirm. I lifted my head and stared at the woman at me from the mirror. Her face contorted with lust; she was groaning, moaning, begging the old man to pump her pussy harder and harder. It was entirely a different woman. The simple homely girl of 21 was lost somewhere, and I was looking at a cock hungry whore who was so lecherously enjoying her ordeal. He was groaning with effort. Velamma 66- Heart to Hard On

His movements were increasing with every passing second. His strong thighs slapped against the back of my thighs again and again. My whole body reveled with the exquisite feeling. “Aarhhhhhhhhhhhh…” He moaned loudly as he plunged his hard on into my pussy. I sensed his impending orgasm and thrusted my ass to take his plunge. His cock exploded like a massive volcano, releasing a big load of thick fresh cum deep inside my pussy. I felt his jerking within the velvety folds of my pussy and releasing gob after gob of fresh cum. It triggered my own orgasm. My pussy twitched violently around his cock. I forcibly squeezed my thighs trying to milk his shooting cock. His cock jerked inside me for the final time, and then his ejaculation stopped. He withdrew his slick cock out of my cum filled pussy. Ramu was an extremely horny old stud. He fucked me everywhere in the house; on his bed, on my bed, on the dining table, in the shower, even in the open courtyard. I can’t recall if there were anywhere left in the house where we didn’t fuck. Once I lost my reservations, I began to explore every facet of lovemaking with my servant. I did many things with him which I could never have dreamt of doing with Ajay. I began watching porn movies with my him. I found it repulsive initially, but later I started enjoying it. Often, when we were alone at home, we watched movies together. Then he would fuck me in the various styles shown in the movies. I loved the way he sucked my cunt. He was an ardent cunt licker. Every time he went down on me, he drove me crazy with pleasure. Velamma 66- Heart to Hard On

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