Velamma 54 Sex Teacher

Velamma 54 Sex Teacher

Young Babu’s girlfriend Tara is eager to please him sexually. Unfortunately, her lack of experience is making pleasure painful for both of them. So Babu proposes that the couple visit the person who taught him everything he knows about sex: his naughty neighbour Velamma, who tutors Tara in the art of love.

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Malsej Mein Mauj

Hi friends, its me again. I got your responses and I am very excited to post one more of my experience on this site. Also guys, remember, I am not a whore. Do not expect me to accept invitations for meets and other stuffs. I would like to keep my experiences to this site and my self only. I do not wish to sound rude, but enjoy sex, however that is not my profession guys. So learn to respect this please.

Now coming to my experience at Malsej Ghat, some 100 to 150 odd KMS from Mumbai.

This is story of me with my friends Nitin and Snehal. Actually speaking, we were a group of 24 college friends who all had hired a bus and had left for Malsej Ghats on one rainy morning.

As there were a couple of seats short, I let Nitin share thecouple seat on which I was seating along with Snehal.

The journey was long and exciting. As usual, we all were playing Antakshari and Dumb(o)sherras. But on every jerk possible, Nitin did not miss a chance to brush my body.

I was wearing a sleeveless top and a 3/4th jeans. Goosebums were easily visible when nitin touched me.

Something about Nitin guys, he is a short guy and has a height of only 5.4. but has biceps to die for. He is kind of a cute guy. Loved by every one. Always cracking jokes and stuff. Snehal was his crush and he had also given her a rose on the Rose day and from then on, snehal used to avoid her. So I was in between them now in the bus.

Snehal, she is a healthy rajput girl and has a good body to die for. She is 3 inches taller then Nitin.

Coming back to the story, we reached Malsej and it was raining very heavily. I wanted to enjoy the nature so I decided to not take any of my rain gear. So did Snehal. Snehal was also wearing a sleeveless top and knee length shorts. We all 24 guys went near an isolated water fall and were enjoying the rains and water. I am sure, guys were also enjoying the frontal parts of the gals as well.

Now, I had a habit of smoking in my college days. People say that gals should not smoke, but peer pressure!!

Nitin was also a habitual smoker. I asked him for a cigarette and decided to go up the hill where there would be no one. Even though, I was the bindass kind of gals, I feared going alone. I asked Snehal to accompany me.

We both went up the hill and walked for nearly 20 minutes. Then we found a small cave like structure, where we decided to stop. I lit my cigarette andwas puffing through it and chatting with snehal. Velamma 54 Sex Teacher

Just then Snehal had an urgent desire to pee. I said, “I also want to pee, but in open!”. She said, “Jungle mein Mangal, who will come and find us here. Let’s do it”. I said okay, we both went near the nearby bushes and pulled down our respective bottoms, and just then we saw Nitin standing there.

Can anyone control their Pee and cover themselves? We could neither.

Snehal got wild on Nitin and started shouting at him. I asked her to calm down. But, Nitin was in a different mood and seemed to be drunk.

He said, “shutup snehal and strip or I will fuck the hell off you”. I could not believe what I was seeing. Nitin came near Snehal and gave one tight slap to her.

Tears came off Snehal’s eyes. She was sobbing. I asked Nitin, what he wants. He said that he wanted to have fun with Snehal and asked me to go away.

My head asked me to leave and get some help. But body, wanted Nitin to have me and forget about Snehal.

In the meanwhile, Nitin had caught Snehal and had slapped her once again and had torn her top apart, exposing her bra covered boobs. I just stood there watching him. I was actually is a state of shock. But Snehal was being raped by this guy. Though he was short, he had a good built and could easily control Snehal’s rash movements and efforts.

He removed his tshirt and pulled down his shorts and started squeezing snehal’s boobs wildly.. And then removed her bra.

Snehal was topless and all muddy due to rain water and wet mud. Nitin pulled down his underwear and shoved his dick into Snehal’s mouth.

Now this was enough for me. I did not want to be a spectator. After all this guy teased me so much while in the bus.

I removed my top, bra and my 3/4th and joined the two. I pulled out the dick from Snehal’s mouth and took it inside my mouth.

Nitin did not react but kept on moaning. But he did not leave Snehal.

He caught Snehal and pulled down her shorts completely and her panties as well. He also pulled down my panties.

He caught Snehal and pushed her on the ground and entered her pussy. She started crying loudly as it was painful also being her first time and she was being dishonored by a guy she hated so much.

I very much wanted to get fucked there, but Nitin was only interested in Snehal.

I was left as a mere spectator and I had to masturbate myself.

Finally Nitin lost consciousness and just fell down on Snehal with his dick still inside her. He had not come inside her, but due to rash fuck, Snehal was bleeding very heavily.

As Snehal’s top was torn, I had to quickly wear my clothes and get an extra Top for her from down the hill, from the bus.

When I came up, I saw something, which I could never have imagined also. Velamma 54 Sex Teacher