Velamma 51 Maid in india

Velamma 51 Maid in india

Velamma’s shy, chubby neighbour Chitt fantasizes about getting rich and ripped and making Velamma his maid–who is made to satisfy him!

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Hot Blooded Bang


This is my first attempt to write something like this ever. I would be sharing an incident which I recently experienced and I hope this turns you on and you like it.

I’ll start by telling you a bit about myself. My name is Gauri (Name changed for safety reasons) and I belong to Delhi. I graduated from an American University from where I completed my degree in fashion designing. I belong to a very affluent family and hence my family doesn’t allow me to work. Like all affluent families, my family wishes to get me married at an early age too. My father gifted me a Mercedes Benz on my 18th birthday. This was just to provide you with an idea of how affluent my family is.

I’m 22 by the way, 5 feet and 8 inches tall, weighing 52 kgs and I am proud to have a very sexy body. My body stats are 34-24-26. I have a very fair complexion, with brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair. I have very delicate features. I’ve won many modeling competitions and have been a model for many products as a hobby. Overall I’ve been told I’m a gorgeous looking girl. I’ve always been the pretties of my girl friends. You would call me a rich spoilt snob if you ever saw me in public. Velamma 51 Maid in india

Being born in a very rich Punjabi family in Delhi, you’re automatically chained for a list of things. For example not going out late nights, not interacting with boys, not drinking etc.. Although I never had a steady boy friend, I did lose my virginity to a friend in school. After which we had sex only a couple of more times and later I put a stop to it. Pertaining the circumstances of my family I never could get more opportunities for some easy unattached sex.

Although, I looked like a very innocent girl and gave an impression of someone who would never let a guy touch her before marriage, I was very wild inside and always wished I could explore more before I settled down finally. You may call me a slut or whatever, but I did want to experience a few things in my life. And one day I got such an opportunity.

One day I received a call on my cell phone, which seemed like a marketing call. A guy on the other end said that he was speaking from Hutch and wanted some information from me. Everyone is sick of such calls and hence I tried to do what was natural and said that I was busy and should call me later. To which he responded:

“Kya aap kissi aur ke saath ek raat guzarna chahengi?”

This guy had a very uneducated touch to him and seemed from very low class strata of the society. Hearing what he said I was really amazed shocked and frankly very insulted. I replied,

“Excuse Me?”

He repeated himself and added:

“Kya aap kissi aur ke saath ek raat guzarna chahengi? Extra pocket money ke liye?”

I still couldn’t believe this guy on the phone and was speechless. I got furious and replied:

“What the hell are you saying? Is this a joke? Who are you?”

He replied back in a very calm fashion:

“Madam, mein ek agent hu. Mein shokeen ladkiyo ko shokeen ladko se milwata hu, lekin bilkul safe tareeke se. Isse aapke kuch paise bhi baan jayenge, aur mein ek chotti si commission leta hu. Saara intizaam mein karwata hu, aapko sirf location par pahoochna hota hai. Yeh koi joke nahi hai madam, hum sabki sex ki zaroortey hoti hai aur mein bas woh zaroorat ek safe tareekey se poori karwata hu. Kuch aisi house wives hoti hai jinko apko husband se satisfaction nahi mil pati aur mein unko apni service se help karta hu. Aap ek bar try karke dekhiye, aap bar bar karna chahengi.”

I still was speechless and didn’t know what to say.

He carried on by saying:

“Madam aap kuch time soch lijiye, mein apko kuch dinno mein phir phone karronga.”

And he hung up!

My jaw was on the floor. I couldn’t believe what all is happening in the world nowadays. I knew about prostitution but I never heard of something like this.

I completely discarded the idea as it was way too pathetic to take part in it. But after a while, at night, I started thinking about it again and got excited. Even if I wanted to do it, I was very scared to do something like this. Who knows what this was? It could be a scam, a joke, a way to blackmail me later or any of the other horrible possibilities.

But my cravings really made me think about it again. The concept of having sex with a complete stranger was very enticing. Anyway, after a lot of thinking over a few days I still couldn’t decide what to do. Ultimately, I let the concept go.

After three days I got a call again from him. He said:

“Hello Madam, kuch aapne socha?”

I don’t know what happened to me and I replied:

“Kya procedure hai? Karna kya hoga? Aur apka naam kya hai?”

He replied:

“Mera name Baake Lal hai. Aur madam karna kuch nahi hai, bas ek din aap mujhe bataye jan ab free hai, mein ek location aapko bataonga, aap waha pahuch jaye, aapko ladka wahi milega.”

That brought me to my next obvious question:

“Ladka kaisa hoga? Agar woh mujhe pehchanta hua to? Mein isse secret hi rakhna chahoongi.”

Since, I socialized in all the high society circles of Delhi, whether it was IAS officers or industrialists, I was very concerned about protecting my identity and this naughty endeavor. I assumed that people who would be paying for such things would be affluent people and hence it could cause a problem for me.

Baake lal replied:

“Madam mein high level ka khhiladi nahi hu. Meri fees bhi bahut kam hain aur apko bhi kum hi milega. Mein sirf Rs. 200 kamata hu ek meeting se aur aap Rs. 250. Aur location bhi mein aapke ghar se kafi dur rakhoonga takki koi problem na aaye. Agar apko location pasand na ho, to mein change kar doonga.”

Hearing him I was kind of shocked but also relieved. Thinking that a girl like me would be getting Rs.250 for a night was kind of appauling. I used to spend more on lip gloss than that. But this was also a very good thing for me as a person who can only afford around Rs.500 wouldn’t really be a problem for me as he would probably belong to the low class strata, maybe a laborer or something. This did creep me out a bit as to what kind of men would they be? But I was excited as I always had a fantasy to be with such a person. For them it would be like finding a hidden treasure. I just wanted to live the old fantasy of the rich girl with the servant etc.

So I asked him:

“Kab shuru kar saktey hai?”

He replied:

“Madam jab aap free hai mujhe bata deejiye, mein arrangements karke aapko phone karta hu.”

For me getting out on weekends was a big problem due to my family and also nights were banned. So I had to plan it for the week and during day hours. So I told him:

“Thursday ko subah 11 bajey?”

He then asked me about the location:

“Theek hai madam, kya Sonipat theek rahega?”

Sonipat is a satellite town to Delhi. It’s a highly industrialized area and the type of crowd that lived there was of either the low or middle class. It was very far from South Delhi, where I live. I knew nothing about traveling there but I thought it would be safest option as the farther the better. So after a few moments I said:

“Theek hai. Par waha kaha?”

He replied:

“Alka Hotel, Room Number 9.”

I acknowledge that and we hung up.

I was very scared but also excited.

The day came and I made up a story at home and said I’ll be late. I wore a full length black skirt, with a body hugging white top over it. Under the dress I wore all black lingerie. My nipples were still popping out but I didn’t notice that till I was out of the house. I took my car and parked it at a market location and took a taxi from there as it’s better than finding the place on my own, plus Sonipat isn’t the place for a girl to be driving an expensive car.

After quite a drive I reached Alka Hotel at 11:10 AM. It was the most shaddy hotel I had ever seen. It was like a 30 year old building, which didn’t look like a hotel from any facet. It was one of those dirty and creepy lodges which people name hotel. Velamma 51 Maid in india

When I entered the reception I saw a plastic foldable table on which a torn register was kept for signing in. Behind the table sat a short little guy who was wearing a dhoti and was having tea. His eyes lit up looking at me and I could see the lust in his eyes. He couldn’t stop looking at my breasts. I asked the slimmy bastard:

“Room number 9 kaha hai?”

He pointed the finger to the left and I started walking there. I was able to find the room after some inspection. It had cobwebs over the windows and a turmide infested door. The entire place smelled of pee and I was nausea. I was extremely scared of finding someone I knew behind that door and I almost turned back. But then I pulled myself together and though that it was then or never. So I knocked on the door and after a few moments the door opened.

We both couldn’t stop looking at each other. We both were absolutely shocked to find each other. The guy was wearing a dhoti, a sky blue kurta which had pan stains on it, and slippers. He was a Muslim and had a beard and wore one of those white caps on his head. Velamma 51 Maid in india

He smelled like he never had a bath in his life and was chewing something filthy. He was a huge guy, maybe 6 feet 2 inches and probably weighed more than 90 or 100 kgs. He wasn’t muscular but huge. He had a ponch coming out, which is typical to orthodox Muslims. He gave me a top to down look and gave me lustful slimmy smile. It was like his dreams came true that he got the princess of the kingdom for his pleasure tonight. He said:

“Aaja, undar aaja.”

I walked in the room. It was a very small room. With a wooden bed, maybe 50 years old and a dirty looking bed sheet over it. There was a small little bathroom where I could see cockroaches crawling. It was an Indian toilet and not a western to my despair. The room also had a small wooden sofa set and a small plastic table. The room was lit by a tube light and it gave it a very gloomy look. There was a bottle of alcohol kept on the table, maybe Indian alcohol with some namkeen. The guy said:

“Aaja beth. Mera naam Raza hai. Piyegi kuch?”

I replied:

“Nahi. Thank you. Mera naam Gauri hai.”

Raza said:

“Tu tu puri memsahab hai. Kya baat hai. Khub mazza aayega.”

I almost threw up!

To my amazement, looking at me he starting scratching his crotch. He then gulped down a good 50 mL of whatever crap he was drinking. I then sat opposite to him on the bed. I was wondering where the hell am I. I was rethinking what I am doing. I thought a number of times to just run out of there but didn’t have the guts. While I was in the middle of these thoughts, Raza got up and said:

“Chal shuru karey?”

I got up immediately and said I had to goto the bathroom.

I locked myself in there and just stared in the mirror. I didn’t know what to do. But then a part of me wanted to do it with him. It would be like giving food to a starving guy. He would just gulp it down. I knew he would just eat me up, and FUCK ME like an animal.

A part of me wanted that. So I decided to go for it. I removed my skirt and my top. I was in a black bra and a black panty. The bra revealed a lot of my breasts. The panties just clinged on to me in the correct places, making me look irresistible. I took a deep breath and unlocked the door and walked out. Velamma 51 Maid in india

Raza was staring at me with very greedy eyes and I could see him drooling. He started to scratch his dick more and then he gave it a nice squeeze. I guess he wasn’t wearing anything under his dhoti. He gulped down more of that alcohol and then came close to me. Immediately he squeezed one of my breasts and then both of them. He pulled me towards him and started kissing me on my neck and worked his way up to my mouth and pushed his tongue in. I could taste his pan masala in my mouth and my tongue and when he moved his mouth to my neck again, I still had a little bit of his masala in my mouth. I spitted it out. My mouth was all red too.

He then pushed my bra down and started sucking on my tits. I have pink nipples and the perfect shape. He started getting wilder and started to bite them. I started screaming as it hurt and asked him to stop, but that just made him go wilder and harder. I was squeezed in his arms and he was eating up my breasts. He then picked me up and threw me on the bed. I felt like a little lamb in front of a hungry lion. He took off his dhoti and I saw the most disgusting thing in the world. His dick was so ugly and was surrounded with so much pubic hair that it looked like a jungle there. He was very hard and had a bloody huge dick. Velamma 51 Maid in india

I don’t know what was it’s actual length as a lot of it was hidden behind the pubic jungle, but the part that was out of it must be at least 8 inches. So even if it was 2 inches under his jungle, which must be, I had a massive 10 inch dick to slaughter me. He was completely naked and then he asked me to come to the edge of the bed and suck his dick. He said:

“Ithar betho memsahib. Aur choosna shuru karo.”

It was a very huge dick. There was no way I could engulf the entire thing in my mouth. Not to forget it’s size. But whatever I thought, didn’t matter, as he just held me from my hair and positioned my mouth in front of his dick and pushed my head towards it. I took around 3 inches of it in my mouth and my jaw started hurting like crazy. I was in agony. It’s no surprise that it smelled like pee and I started throwing up on his dick. But he didn’t stop. Then he said:

“Arey itney se kya hoga. Abhi to itna saara bahar hai. Pura undar le”

So he kept on pushing and I was gagging over his huge dick. The dick had reached my throat, I had tears coming out of my eyes and spit out of my mouth, which was dripping all over the floor and my body, and of course Raza’s dick. While I was sucking him, he kept moaning and saying:

“Aur undar le saali. Aaj tujhe dikhata hu chudhai kya hoti hai.”

Although it was really insulting that a guy who looks like a butcher and would probably be saluting me in general life was abusing me and telling me how he would fuck the life out of me, it still turned me on and I started licking with more passion.

He started squeezing my breast and asked me to rub his balls while I was sucking his dick. Then he took his dick out of my mouth and said:

“Tatte choos ab. Agar mazza na aaya to teri kher nahi. Samajh gayi na?”

He lifted one leg and put it on the bed and pushed my head under his dick and on his balls. I swallowed both his balls and started sucking on them. He moaned like an animal. Velamma 51 Maid in india

Then he said:

“Chal ab teri choot to dekho. Aaj teri choot ek randi ki jaisi phad doonga. Tujhe aaj randi bana kar rahoonga, yeh mera wada hai.”

Then he pushed me on the bed, took off my panties, which were wet by now. He then turned me around on the bed and made do a 69 position with him. He was on top. He spread my legs wide apart and started to fingering my pussy. That made me feels great and then with a jerk inserted the finger in the pussy which let a scream out of my mouth. He smiled and said:

“Yeh to meri ungli hai, jab mera lund ghussega teri choot mein to tera kya haal hoga ab pata lag gaya?”

He then started to lick my unshaven white pussy like an animal and fingering it. I started moaning like crazy. I was moving my ass all around with the pleasure but he held me from my ass firmly. He then put his dick on top of my mouth and pushed it in it. He started to fuck my mouth like an animal. His pace was so fast that I couldn’t even breathe. His dick reached till the center of my throat and I kept on gagging on his throat and hence spitting out every time he went in. Velamma 51 Maid in india

After a few minutes of that position he turned me around and spread my legs apart and came on top of me in the missionary position. He had his dick at the opening of my pussy, then looked at me and said:

“Chal ab tujhe janat ki ser karata hu aur tujhe aaj ek randi banata hu.”

I replied back:

“Please araam se karna, dard bahut hoga, please”

He smiled and said:

“Tu aaj meri randi hai. Agar mujhe koi bhi cheez karne se mana kiya to tujhe maar maar ke behaal kar doonga samjhi saali? Tu aaj bas chikhne ke liye ya mera lund choosney ke liye apna mooh kholegi, agat bolney ke liye mooh khola to maar daloonga.”

I reply:

“Theek hai”

He slapped me!


“Kya bolla tha? Bolna nahi!”

He then started to push in his dick in my pussy and my screaming started. He couldn’t get it in more than 4 inches as I was very tight. He started to push harder and managed 6 inches. He then started to go in and out slowly and I was also able to enjoy it. Then after a few strokes he started to go a little deeper with every thrust. After a few strokes like these he suddenly gave a very hard thrust and almost all his dick entered me. I tried to push him back and screamed like anything. He then started the real FUCKING. Velamma 51 Maid in india

I was in a tremendous amount of pain and was screaming like a whore, but that just made him go harder and harder. It was like someone was pushing a leg in my pussy. It was so huge. My screaming kept on going louder and louder. After a few minutes Raza was able to push all of his meat in my pussy. I felt like a cheap whore. I had a look of the site and my legs were spread as wide as possible and I saw this beast of a man on top of me sucking my boobs like a dog sucks on a bone and his dick totally in me. He then saw me looking at his dick and then said:

“Itna bada kabhi liya hai kya?”

I shook my ahead signaling no as I knew he would slap me if I spoke. Velamma 51 Maid in india

He then took his dick out slowly. It took like 5 seconds for him to take his dick out of me, it was so deep in me. The he said:

“Aaja ab apni choot ka raas chaat saali rand.”

He then moved up to my head and put his legs on either side of my head with his dick directly over my mouth. His dick was all white with my pussy juice and some of it was dripping on my face. He made me lick all that and then I sucked his dick for a few minutes. Then he asked me to sit on top of him. I got up and saw my pussy. It was drenched with my cum and I was drenching wet.

He then lay on his back and I sat on his fat dick. He grabbed my ass with his hands and directed me to move up and down. My boobs started jumping and I started screaming. He then pulled me towards his mouth and started to bite my nipples while fucking the shit out of my pussy. After a few minutes this, he then pushed me over on my back with his dick still in me and started to fuck me with all his power. Velamma 51 Maid in india

He was again on top of me. My head was hanging off the edge of the bed. I was moaning and screaming at the same time. I felt like heaven. His big dick in my pussy was now making me feel like cumming all over his dick. After a few more strokes I cummed all over his dick and he knew I did that so he said:

“Kya bola tha saali? Raandi bana doonga na! Mazza aa raha hai na? Abhi to shuruwat hai.”

He kept on fucking me and then started to suck my tits again.

Since my head was off the ledge I could see the opposite wall upside down. There was a broken window in that wall. That window was facing the back of the building where no one came. So I guess that’s why no one fixed it. I saw two guys sneaking in through that windows and watching me get fucked. It was the guy at the reception and some other guy. I was so engrossed with the on going fuck that I didn’t have the power to react to those peepers so I just let it be and acted like they weren’t there. Velamma 51 Maid in india

Then all of a sudden I cummed again. And this time it was even harder and I moaned real hard when I cummed.

Raza then picked me up and pushed me against the wall. He held me in his arms with both my legs above the ground, my pussy tearing with his dick in it. He started to fuck me that way and started to kiss me on my mouth while doing that. I started to respond to his kissing and I hugged him tight with my hands and moved my hands all over his head making it a very passionate kiss. That made him more horny and his thrusts got harder and so did my moaning. Velamma 51 Maid in india

After a few minutes he threw me on the bed and fucked me with him being on the top and he cummed in my pussy. He screamed when he did that. I could feel a stream of his cum in me. It felt very warm and good. I felt like I was stuffed with his sperm. After he cummed in me he just fell on me and started to squeeze my breasts. Velamma 51 Maid in india

After a few seconds he got up took his dick out of my pussy and got it close to my mouth and said:

“Usko saaf teri ma karegi. Kiski wait kar rahi hai. Choos haramzadi.”

I sucked his dick which was dripping in a mixture of his cum and mine. Then he inserted his fingers in my pussy which was dripping with his cum and scooped his cum with his fingers so it was full of it and put it my mouth. He did that with all his cum on my pussy and even the cum which had leaked to my ass and made me eat it all. He said:

“Yeh bahut kimti cheez hai. Zaya nahi jaana chahiye.”

Then he rolled me over and spread my ass with his hands and started to lick my asshole. He inserted a finger in it and kept on licking it. He started getting hard again and then said:

“Ab teri gaand ka korma banata hu.”

I was teriffied and replied:

“Nahi please, waha nahi.”

He slapped me twice this time and I started bleeding a little from my lip. He said:

“Phir bolegi? Teri gaand nahi maroonga to tu randi kaise banegi? Tu dekh tujhe isme bhi bada mazaa ayega, baad mein mujhse bheekh mangegi teri gand marne ke liye.”

He then made me kneel in a doggy style position and started to put his dick in my ass. He spit on it to make it more lucrative and started to push it in. I can’t explain the agony I was going through as there are no words for it. He managed to put in around 3 inches and then he started fucking and making it deeper and deeper with every thrust. He was just able to get half of it inside.

He seemed happy with that for now and start fucking it. He then came closer to me and started to squeeze my boobs and kissing my back. His weight was so much that I couldn’t take it anymore and I fell on my chest with him on the top. He started fucking me harder and harder with me screaming. Then someone knocked at the door. Velamma 51 Maid in india

Raza shouted:

“Kaun hai be?”

Someone replied:


So he got up took his dhoti and wrapped around his waist and went tot he door. He opened the door and it was the receptionist with another guy. So Raza said:

“Kya chahiye tujhe?”

He replied:

“Humain nahi saath mein khilaoge kya Miya? Akele akele hi mazza kar rahey ho. Thoda humarey saath bhi to batao?”

Raza smiled and said:

“Kyu karoo? Tujhe room ke paise to de diye na, to duffa ho ab.”

The receptionist replied:

“Miya tum room ke paise bhi le lo aut upar he yea Rs. 500 bhi le lo. Par humein bhi zaara thukai ka mauka do, aisa maal kismat waalo ko naseeb hota hai, aur jabse usse dekha hai lund tadap raha hai uski choot marne ko.”

Raza laughed and said:

“Chal aaja milkar thooktey hai. Saali randi hai ek damn aur taaza maal hai.”

I was lying naked on the bed and I was shocked to see these three men enter the room and see me that way. Then Raza said:

“Yeh dekh saali raandi, tere customer aa gaye. Teri badi demand hai aaj. Sabko theek se thokiyo, aaj teri training hai.”

Within seconds all three of them were naked. The receptionist was a short thin fellow maybe 40 years of age. He was unshaven and had a medium size dick which was saluting me. The other guy looked like his friend whom he called. He was a tall fellow, heavy bodied and had a dick like that of Raza but a bit shorter.

They both swarm on the bed and started to feel my body like they’ve found gold. They sucked my breast, licked my pussy and Raza had his dick in my mouth. They were enjoying themselves. Velamma 51 Maid in india

After a while, the receptionist got up and shoved his dick in my pussy. The third guy was sucking my breast like he’s never seen breasts. The receptionist didn’t last long and cummed in my pussy. Then he said to the third guy:

“Abey yeh thok ke dekh yar, kya choot hai, kya mammain ko choosney pe laga hua hai. Kya raand hai saali.”

Then the third guy started to fuck my pussy and Raza kept fucking my mouth. Then Raza said to third guy:

“Choot mein maat chadiyo, saara paani isko pilana hai.”

Then Raza took his dick out of my mouth and lay down besides me. They positioned me so that the third guy was on one side fucking my pussy and Raza was fucking my ass from behind. The receptionist put his dick in my mouth and made me suck it all this while. Velamma 51 Maid in india

They kept squeezing my boobs while fucking me and then the receptionist cummed in my mouth again and made me swallow all the cum.

About 5 seconds after that the third guy cummed in my mouth and Raza followed him. I was made to drink all that cum. I was exhausted with all that fucking and I just collapsed the way I was and I became unconscious.

These guys went and sat on the sofa and started to drink. Raza made a phone call and called a friend of his. After about half hour he came and he started to fuck me while I was unconscious. When I opened my eyes I saw this friend of Raza’s, a new man, on top of me fucking me and smiling at me. I was shocked to see him and then he said:

“Utha diya tujhe?”

Then they all started to laugh. Velamma 51 Maid in india

My legs were spread wide and this guy was on top of my thrusting my pussy with his disgusting dick.

After a while he came up to my face and cummed in my mouth.

There I was lying down like a cheap used trashed whore in front of these four disgusting guys. I managed to get some energy and I went to the bathroom were I had kept my purse. I saw the time and it was 3 pm already. I should have been on my way back home by now. So I went to Raza and told him I have to go and he said:

“Jaana hai? Tu aaj raat kahi nahi jaa rahi haramzadi. In logo ne paise diye hai tere liye. Tujhe dekhne ke liye nahi diye hai, teri thukai karne ke liye diye hai. Woh unki khoon paseene ki kamai hai, woh vasool nahi karenge?”

So then I called up a friend of mine made up a story so that I could tell my parents I would be staying at my friend’s place. Then I told Raza to send the Taxi driver back and give him the money which I handed out to him. Raza gave the receptionist the money and asked him to go and give it to the driver.

Then Raza took me to the bed and started to fuck my pussy again. To my amazement the door opened and the the receptionist walked in to the room with my taxi driver. The receptionist said:

“Ussko meine bola ki ti teri madam ki choot mar rahey hai aaj raat ko, to tu yeh paise le aur phut. To isne bola ki yar paise tum rakhlo aur mujhe bhi woh maal ki marney do? To mein usse ley aaya, ab yeh paise bhi apne ho gaye. Ha ha ha”

The driver quickly stripped and started to kiss my mouth and my breasts. Then he said:

“Saali ko jab se dekha hai sirf iski choot markey ke sapne dekh raha hoo. Taxi chalatey hue ankhaen sirf iske mammain par thi. Ab is randi ki choot phad doonga.”

Raza moved away and the driver started to fuck me. He started to fuck me like a rabbit. He was so hard and so fast that it made me cum. He fucked me for around 20 mins and then cummed in my pussy.

There I was covered in cum in front of these five guys now. Velamma 51 Maid in india

The receptionist picked me up and took me to the bathroom and made me sit on the Indian toilet which still had traces of someone’s shit. It smelled real bad.

Since these guys were drinking they wanted to pee so the receptionist started to pee on me, then all the others followed. I was cover from head to toe in their urine. Then Raza said:

“Saali Rand lodda teri ma saaf karegi?”

So I sucked on all there dicks and made it clean of any pee. After which they gave me bath with their hands and took me the room again.

It was around 6 pm. They got something to eat and fed me too. Forced me to have some Indian alcohol. Then all these five guys fucked me turn by turn till the next day afternoon. On my way out Raza put Rs. 200 in my bra and said:

“Yeh teri mehnat ki kamai hai. Jo aaj sikhaya hai apne baaki ke customers ke saath kariyo samjhi rand?”

The taxi driver took me back to my car the next day evening.

I got a call from Baake Lal after a few days asking me if I wanted to meet a new guy again.

I smiled and said ‘Yes’!

I hope you enjoyed reading what really happened to me. I surely enjoyed my first experience. IN fact Raza told Baake Lal about how I looked, even Baake Lal organized a meet with me and fucked me. Velamma 51 Maid in india