Velamma 29 Between The Pages

Velamma 29 Between The Pages

While Velamma is busy browsing books in a store, the seller, Adil, spies on her and is eventually discovered by Velamma in an inappropriate state. An angry Velamma starts to leave so Adil must do his best to stop her and, possibly, live his fantasy.

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Hot maid on a rainy day

This happened a few years ago in Chennai. I used to be a bachelor then living in a shared apartment. My room-mate had a sales job and used to be gone for days each month. We never had a maid servant as we were out most of the time and we would clean up the place ourselves on weekends. There used to be 4 apartments on each floor so other apartments had maids coming and going. We never paid much attention since we would be gone most of the day and return only late in the evening.

The rains in chennai can be really heavy. It was the weekend and I was home alone. My roomie was gone on one of his trips. It had been raining on and off the whole week. The roads were flooded and it was damp and cold. That day there was a heavy downpour it was simply not letting up. I stayed indoors with a cup of tea and watching cartoon network on TV. It was around 10 am. Velamma 29 Between The Pages

I heard a knock on my door. I opened the door expecting some guy selling vacuum cleaners or something of that sort. Instead I say this lady completely drenched in the rain. She was about 27-28 years old. medium complexion, sharp features and a well proportioned figure. She asked me if the neighbor had left their house keys with me. I said no. So she went off and I closed the door. On second thoughts I opened the door again. She was still there looking out of the passage way at the pouring rain. There was slight breeze and she shivered. I felt sorry for her and called out to her.

“Come on inside” I said, “or you will catch a cold or worse, pneumonia”. She hesitated. I smiled and said, “don’t worry, its Ok” So she came in and I closed the door to keep the cold out.

I gave her a towel to wipe herself and get dry. I told her “I’m sorry I do not have any ladies clothes to offer, but I can give a lungi and a shirt if you want to change and hang out your clothes under the fan” At first she said “No, its ok, I can manage for a few minutes” Then she shivered again. Then I insisted she change. I gave her the clothes and sent her into the bathroom to change. I heard the shower go on. She must have seen the hot water geyser and decided to take a quick shower. She came out smelling fresh and clean.

I offered her a cup of hot tea. “thank you” she said, “you are very kind and nice. I hope you did not mind me using your shower. I just could not resist the chance of a hot water bath. I don’t have the luxury you see” As she spoke I got my first good look at her. She was confident, had good personality and was attractive in her own way. The shirt was a white shirt a bit transparent. Her nipple were erect due to the cold and clearly visible. She was possibly not aware of the fact. Velamma 29 Between The Pages

The rain continued to pour. She’d put up her clothes under the fan to dry.

“why are you watching this kids stuff?” she asked refering to the cartoon netwrok on TV. “Would you prefer someing more adult?” I asked. “how about an english movie?” “I don’t know english” she said. “I will translate” I said. And with that I pulled out a 2x DVD and popped it in to the DVD player. I just wanted to see how she would react. I sat down on the floor close to her in front of the TV and hit the play button. This movie had hot and heavy scenes but nothing hardcore.

As the movie started I began translating what was happening on the screen. She moved closer to hear better. We were leaning on the Sofa. I casually lifted my arm and placed it on the sofa behind her. As the hotter scene came on, she looked a bit uncomforable. I let the movie go on. As the scene got hotter I could see her breathing had become irregular. From my point of view I could look at her boobs from the top of the shirt. She glanced at me and with a small smile said, “I am feeling shy and embarrased.” “Why” I asked “this is normal adult stuff” as I spoke I dropped my hand from the sofa to her shoulder. She flinched a bit but did not do anything else. Feeling encouraged, I pulled her closer and kissed her cheek. “what are you doing” she whispered,”I have to go” “don’t you like me” I asked. “I am just a maid” she said. “it does not matter, I like you” I said. Velamma 29 Between The Pages

With that I placed a kiss on her lips. Lightly nibbling her lower lip and just brushing my tongue on her briefly. She closed her eyes, threw back her head savoring the kiss. I moved still kissing her on her neck, under her ear and as I kissed her I unbuttoned her shirt. And there in front of me were her breasts. Firm, just the right size, not small not huge, just the right kind with the gentle curve, the nipple pointing up…oh so inviting. I flicked my tongue on her nipples. They were stiff with excitement. She moaned as I suckled on her breasts. I moved her up so she was sitting on the sofa. With one tug the lungi fell away. She had trimmed her pubic hair. As I kissed down her flat tummy I could smell my soap on her. She was shocked when I first kissed on her cunt. She was not expecting it and as she later told me it was a first time for her. She spread her legs to give me better access. I spread her dark cunt lips to see the bright pink insides. She was already moist and as I rubbed her pussy, strands of her juices stuck on to my fingers.

I just dove in licking and sucking with wild abandon. She started moaning and writhing on the sofa. She grasped my head and pushed it in towards her cunt asking for more. As I licked I pushed in my index finger and middle finger into her moist slippery pussy. She just rocked off the sofa, her moans getting louder. I pulled out my middle finger and tickled her anus with the slippery finger. As she relaxed, I slowly pushed my middle finger in to her ass. Now I was finger fucking her cunt and her ass while sucking on her clit and with my free hand I was playing with her breasts. As she approach her climax, she was bouncing her waist on the sofa and the it happened. She clenched her fists, she held my head tightly with her thighs, her anus tightned around my middle finger and she let out this deep growl and then she fell back completely relaxed like a rag doll. My sofa was wet with her juices. I pulled out my fingers and slowly kissed my way back up. As I did that I got rid of my tshirt and shorts.

She opened her eyes and looked at me with an adoring look, grabbed my cunt juice smeared face and kissed it all over. I took her to my bed. I positioned myself on the top of her and glided in. She wrapped her legs around me pulling me in. I started with slow long thrusts and as I fucked her, I licked her shaved armpits inhaling the funky odor and flicked my tongue on her nipples. She started going wild again. I increased my speed and a few minutes later came inside her. I was all sweaty and tired with the activity. I rolled over beside her. “thank you” she said, “I have never felt this way before” with that she kissed me and laid her head on my chest and we drifted off to sleep.

I awoke suddenly to a strange sensation, good but strange… She was sucking on my cock. She wanted to go one more time before she left. In seconds I was ready to, I took her doggy style, going back into the cunt which still had some of my sperm in it. I went hard and long, while slapping her ass. she moaned and said “more more” and I obliged. and finally I came in her again.Velamma 29 Between The Pages

She took at shower again and got dressed in her still damp but relatively dried clothes. ” whats your name?” I asked. “Vidya” she said with smile. With that she left. I saw her around a few more times but we never slept again together as we did not get the opportunity. I moved out of chennai a few months later. It was one rainy day I will never forget.