Velamma 27 His Wedding

Velamma 27 His Wedding

Prakash, one of Velamma’s earliest lovers, is getting married. However, the groom has some trouble accepting the fact that he’s going to have to settle with just one pussy for the rest of his life. The two bump into each other and Velamma takes it upon herself to make him get over his wedding jitters.

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Neena And Richa

Hi I am Mannu. At present I am 40 years and 6.2 ft tall, slim and still maintaining a good health and physique, but due to my jovial nature I get lot of responses especially from young and teenage females. I am always interested in sex films, stories and eager to read and hear experiences, like to watch young females with good physique. One thing I know very well that IN LOVE, IN FRIENDSHIP, IN SEX no age, cast or status matters. It is only your feelings and thoughts matter. Anyway now do share your feelings after reading this story on [email protected]

This is a story about me my bhabi’s niece Neena and her friend Richa. Both these girls are aged 18 and in FY B.Com . As I said Neena is related to me, I use to occasionally visit their house and recently I noticed a great change in her. She is fair complexioned and has a good height 5.6 and a very good feminine physique 32 24 34. I was naturally attracted to her as said I am fond of watching good females. Velamma 27 His Wedding

Neena was also very fond of my jokes and me and comes very close to me when we meet occasionally touching each other in jovial mood. May be she was innocently doing that but I used to get turned on. One day I had gone for a movie with my friends, there I met Richa with Neena during interval. Neena introduced me to Richa . I immediately observed Richa, she was damn attractive with statistics better than Heena esp. her boobs, however a little short. I bought cold drinks for them and we started chatting, in the meanwhile I cracked few jokes to which both girls giggled and enjoyed and we parted to see the balance movie to meet after the movie got over.

After the movie my friends left as I was waiting near the gate and after some while both girls came. I offered them to go to a restaurant to which both readily agreed. We went to a quiet good restaurant nearby and sat facing each other ( Richa in front of me), ordered some snacks and started chatting, after snacks were over I asked them if they would have cold drink, to which they said they were in no hurry and would chat for some more time. Neena started praising me and my jovial nature to Richa and Richa with adoring looks started requesting me to tell some Adult’s jokes. I was stunned at that and gave a look at Neena, she nodded assertively at me. Then one after other I started telling them solid jokes. I could see Richa eyes glimmering and during the giggling and laughing she was occasionally touching my feet. Richa was wearing a short black skirt and her fleshy calfs could be felt during this.

She and Heena also started clapping and pressing my hands during this, I was getting electrifying feelings but what to do I thought, this was the end of it as there was a big age gap (of around 26 years). After that I dropped them at there homes and went. Through out the night I was just turing on bed and could hardly sleep, (I masturbated twice) but hardly could get any sleep lastly thinking that any nothing was going to be possible.

Next day in office I got a shock of my life, Neena gave me a call at 10 am on my cell and said that she and Richa wanted to meet me at around 12 pm. I could not believe my ears but this was true. I was confused whether to say yes or no as Neena was my bhabi’s relative, And was it correct? May be I thought there may some thing else (not really what I wanted).After thinking a lot I said ok and left my office. I reached the same restaurant; 15 mins earlier.

Today it seemed to be more quiet, only a couple was sitting in a corner. Neena and Richa came exactly 5 mins after I reached, both girls were looking stunningly sexy, Neena in tight jeans and a very sexy blue T shirt and Richa in a short black skirt and sleeveless maroon top. They asked me to come to another secluded corner and to my surprise sat in front of each other. Velamma 27 His Wedding

I was signaled by Neena to sit next to Richa. Waiter came and took orders for juices. First 10 mins went in utter silence, I was waiting for them to talk but none talked. Finally I broke the ice, and asked them what was the reason they called me, to which Neena told me, Richa wanted to meet me, for what I asked she said Richa is interested in me. It was a shocking pleasure. I said we have a long age gap to which Richa first time opened her mouth and said there is no limit for love and affairs. Looking at Neena I hold Richa’s hand, OOohhh… what a heavenly feeling it was.

Slowly I move towards Richa and slid my hands on her thighs and started caressing her, she gave a welcome smile and there was no stopping till I reached in middle her two fleshy thighs. After a while I looked at Neena and saw that she is feeling embarrassed.

I suggested that me and Richa go to a secluded place and Neena goes home, to which Richa objected and said Neena, has to necessarily join us as she has got permission from her mom only if she goes with Neena. Within 15 mins we reached at my friends flat it was a cozy two bedroom flat with all amenities. I wasted no time and told Neena that me and Richa are going to one of the bedrooms and she can watch movie from any CD’s (My friend always used to keep 3X CD’s in his collection). We entered the master bedroom as I saw Richa walking in front of me I noticed her sexy figure more closely and felt the mind boggling…Aroma… of her body. I deliberately kept the door open which Richa did not notice. Velamma 27 His Wedding

Even though my friend was a bachelor the room was superbly decorated with mirrors on side walls and on the ceiling. While putting on the AC and spraying special room freshener I saw a mixed feeling on Richa’s cute face of fear and ecstasy, of excitement and rawness. She asked me is it going to hurt. I asked what? She replied, off course we are going to make love isn’t it and that she should not conceive. I gave a very broad smile and took her in my arms and said Richa dear I am an experienced man and would not hurt you and see that you are safe. I asked her why she wanted to have an affair with me. She told me that her sister Nisha who was 4 yrs elder had an affair with her real uncle around 40 yrs and seen them having sex in their bedroom.

Nisha used to tell about their sessions but never allowed Richa to go near their uncle, hence when she met me I reminded her of her uncle and coaxed Neena to arrange today’s meeting. While thanking Nisha and their uncle and also Neena, I slowly kept my lips on her lips and started kissing her gently, while doing this my hands were roaming all over her body.

Slowly my kissing started getting more rigorous, I started slowly nibbling and biting her cute rosy lips and entered my tongue in her warm mouth. Now moaning and breathing heavily ignited her UUUFFFF OOHHH ITS SOO MADNING AAAHHHHHHHH KISS ME MOREEEE YESS DOO ITTT YAAAA. I thought I should not delay further and started removing her top buttons, one by one as I was opening her buttons I was staring and looking at her firm and sexy boobs, her cleavages. She was wearing a black designer bra, which was further revealing her globes except her boobs; the black bra was looking very sexy on her fair body background. Velamma 27 His Wedding

Richa asked me to close the lights; I told her that we shall enjoy more in the lights. I removed my clothes except my underwear and saw Richa was watching me. I said how I look, she giggled and said your are my dream man I want you. I slowly started caressing her again and in the process removed her skirt, which had only one hook and a small zip.

Now she was all in front of me like an angel from wonderland, sexy, beautiful and inviting. I was thanking my fortunes. I lifted her and slowly dropped her on bed and said, Now, the real act starts… she smiled and opened her arms to embrace. I planted a solid kiss on her lips and started caressing all her body.

After a while I sat and slowly lifted her to get rid of her sexy bra, as I released her bra hooks it came off like a spring thrown out by her boobs. OOOhhhh it was such a beautiful and wonderful pair of boobs I had ever seen, light brown nipples standing and inviting me. I immediately pushed her on bed and started sucking and nibbling her boobs. I started pressing them with force and licking her body in between. She was now at the highest level of ecstasy and started taking her hands to ward’s her panties. She closed her eyes and told me to FUCK ME PLLZZZ DO FAST jaldi karo mere ko jaldi se kero OOOhhhhhh .

I felt I should not delay much as may be I may ejaculate. I slowly slipped her panty (which had the same design of bra) and got another beautiful and wonderful part of her body the clean-shaven PUSSY OOHHH it was so sexy and beautiful and Clit AAAhhhh . I could make out that she was virgin and this was her first time.

I separated her legs and put my head between her thighs and reached the final hot spot. I gently started licking her kits and massaging her broad buttocks. As I entered my tongue into her pussy I became a little harsher on her boobs and buttocks. Juices started flowing from her clit and while drinking them I knew she was ready. And now she was moving her body and moaning loudly OOHhh PLZZZ AAAHHH YAARRR YOU ARE KILLINGGG ME PLZZZ OHHHH NEVER FELT THIS KIND OF FEELINGSSS UUFFFFFF OOOHHH PLZZZ SUCKK ME MOREEEE .

Finally it was high time and she whispered in my ear that she wants me inside. Velamma 27 His Wedding

I was waiting for her invitation and removed my underwear, slipped condom over my 7 inch. cock and got over her. I spread her legs and started rubbing my cock slowly over her clit; she was reminding me that it should not hurt. I told her it may hurt in the beginning, but then she will get the heavens pleasure. I slowly inserted 1/4th of my shaft in her clit and she started moaning very loudly AAAHHHHHHH UUUUUFFFF PLLLZZZZ ITSS KILLINGG MEE

PLLLZZZZ GIVE ME MOREE OOOHHHHH YSSSS GIVE MEE MORE BUT MAKE ME GET MAD AAAHHHHHHH . (I was sure Neena outside might have heard this and may be watching also). I slowly started pumping and as I was shaking with one hand was pressing her boobs and nipples very hard so that attention is diverted. She started pulling me on her and then I gave a final blow, Richa wanted to shout loudly but I pressed my lips on her and silenced her but she was now pushing me away as it was paining. I reduced my speed and started kissing and caressing her, she recovered after a while and said PLZZZ FUCK MEE NOWW I WANT YOU COMPLETE INN OOHHHH YAAAA DOO IT NOW , (ab phir se shuru karo se fuck kero), It was like a signal for my speeding shafted motor. Velamma 27 His Wedding

Now Richa was pulling me over her body and started shaking upwards from below making a rhythmic move with my strokes. It was nothing but heaven for a 40 years old man screwing an 18 years old beautiful, sexy, virgin nymph. It was a peak and I felt my balls are getting more heat so I asked her should I make it fast, she smiled and nodded.

I started in full speed IN OUT IN OUT IN OUT AND SOUND WAS FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKKK and then exploded in the condom and she also made a typical sound UUUFFFFF I AM FEELINGGG YAAARR WHAT IS THISSS OOOOOHHHHHH AAAAHHHHHHHH YESSSS FEEL MEE which may be that she was also was over. For full 10 mins I lay over her with my cock inside. Kissing and caressing her and her boobs were red with my kisses and bitings and thanking her for giving me this lovely experience. As I got up I saw the condom cling to my cock (now slump) and traces of blood over it, few stains were also there on the bed sheet. I looked at her and felt a lucky victorious man, having sex with a beautiful and young girl like Richa.

Suddenly she got up collected her clothes and ran towards the attached bathroom and came within 5 mins, in the mean time I cleaned up myself with a towel and wore my clothes.

Richa asked me, what Neena should be doing outside as it is almost 1 hour we are inside, I told her she may be watching movie or watching us as I had kept the door little open. Richa pinched me and said , you are very smart, you want to have with your niece also , I replied why not Infact, I have seen her few times only in bra and knickers and always dreamt of taking her to bed , but only if she wishes, I am not going to force her. After this we came out the bedroom, Neena was sitting on the sofa with her legs crossed, with a red face. Velamma 27 His Wedding

She smiled wryly at us and said, I hope you had a good time, Richa jumped besides her and said it was heavenly and wonderful and enjoyed every moment of it. I and Neena were trying to avoid each others eyes. I suggested I shall make hot coffee for us and we shall have it with some snacks and cookies (which my friend used to always keep). As I came out of the kitchen, with a tray of coffee mugs and munching, I saw Richa and Neena giggling and pushing and pulling each other.

I started fondly looking at those teenaged sexy girls and wondered, what was in the store for me further. After we had coffee and munching Richa came near me, while Neena with an excuse of going to toilet went in another bedrooms toilet. Richa told me that Neena had watched our total act and was very hot, she had asked Richa to request me to sleep with her and that she always adored me. I was stunned and started thinking Venus God is blessing me to the fullest.

After one sexy girl Richa it was Neena who wanted me. I agreed but only on one condition that I shall have with her alone and not a joint session. Richa was little disappointed but agreed saying that since Neena was her best friend she was allowing me to have sex only with Neena and no other girl. I told Richa to ask Neena to go other bedroom, since I wanted to have fresh place with fresh beautiful and sexy nymph, my own virgin niece 22 years younger than me of whom I always used to dream of daily. Velamma 27 His Wedding

I quickly went to the master bedroom, had a quick bath and sprayed Brut perfume all over my body (including my shaft) and came out. I was feeling more eager to have Neena in my arms. I was not wearing any undergarments inside. I thanked myself of my idea to keep the door open during orgy with Richa. I entered this bedroom again with mirrors all over, (I thought my friend is a very innovative and smart guy who thinks of long term arrangements), this time Richa had put on this AC and sprayed the same room freshener for her friends, first wonderful experience.

As soon I entered, Richa went out of the room smiling and wishing us all the best by putting her thumb up. I knew this time Richa is going to keep the door slightly open to watch the episode. I knew it would be a better experience because now my body and mind both were in control. I looked at Neena, she was looking to me, a grown up lady in her teens, with a slender tall body, right curves and sexy innocent looks. I had seen her since her age of 8 and always was sure that she will grow up into a beautiful lady, and that I may have a chance to at least fondle and touch her.

But now she was in front of me totally and willingly offering herself to me. Neena was facing the dressing tables mirror but her eyes were looking towards the floor. I approached her with a thumping heart, with feelings of adventurous intercourse with this young, sexy, beautiful niece of mine. I went and stood behind her and kept both my hands on her shoulder and started moving my head thro her hair, smelling her hair aroma. Slowly my hands slid to her hips thro her arms and hands. I started caressing her gently and step by step.

I wanted to take a longer time now. I gently started massaging her hips thro her navel slightly lifting her top, while doing so my hands arrived at her boobs and started gently caressing them, they were little smaller than Richa but more firm and stiff, her entire body was athletic like, since she used to take part in games and do a lot of cycling. Till now Neena was quiet, but now she started moaning and murmuring OOOooohhh UUfffffff, I love you so much, please press harder I WANT YOU TO BE WILD AND HARD WITH YOUR ACTION DO IT AS HARD AS YOU AS I WANT TO FEEL YOUR HARDNESS ON EACH AND EVERY PART OF MY BODY YESSSSSS . I was in seventh heaven what an invitation from my lovely sexy niece. Velamma 27 His Wedding

I started pressing her boobs harder and kissing and licking her neck from behind. She started moaning and breathing more and more YAAAA NEVER KNEW IT WILL BE SO SEXYYY OOOHHHHHH PLZZ DO IT MORE AAAHHHHHH YESSSS I WANT YOU . I turned her towards me, she was trembling, her lips were trembling too.

I put my lips gently on her lips (she had applied red lipstick) and started kissing her with my thick lips and licked all her lipstick away, while kissing her I was pressing her slender and shapely buttocks and her entire upper back by lifting her T shirt, in the process her firm and stiff boobs were getting pressed against my chest. I slowly whispered in her ears are you feeling all right and that can I remove your clothes she nodded assertively. I lifted her T-shirt from her body, and could see her dark blue colour bra, tightly clamped over her firm and sexy boobs. I got by side and started unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans clinging to her body. It was not possible to pull out the jeans, hence she lied down on the bed and asked me to pull it off.

As the jeans were removed I could see her magnificent slender half naked body. She had only a bra and panty in dark blue colour on the background of her fair complexioned body (Neena was fairer than Richa). I pulled her up again in front of the large dressing mirror and started moving hand between the area of bra and panty from behind, I always get turned on more when I have sex looking in the mirror (and here was my dreams getting fulfilled both with Richa and Neena). Slowly I turned her face towards me and started kissing her lips and nibbling them. Neena was getting hotter as I could feel from her open body. Velamma 27 His Wedding

I unhooked her bra and removed it from her body her erect firms were inviting me to press and suck here nipples. She had reached the peak of ecstasy as I pressed her one boob and sucked and nibbled her other boob and its nipple one at a time. In the mean time with my knee I could feel that her panty near the crotch was wet with her cunt juices. Neena was now moaning and murmuring ,PLZZZ DO IT FAST I AM GETTING MADD PLZZ PUT ME ON THE BED AND MAKE ME FEEL OOOHHHHHH PLLZZZ DOO ITT AAAHHHHHHHH I CAN’T CONTROL LET ME FEEL YOU INSIDE MEEE plz do it fast , I am getting mad, plz put me on the bed and come on me.

I knew she was ready for the final act. Quickly I removed my cloths and lifted her in my arms and put her on the bed. I could see a nymph with a model like structure fair and slender, sexy and beautiful with cleavages and curves enough to make any body go mad, and here she was my relative, my 18 year old niece , 22 years younger than me stretched in front of me on a large royal bed, inviting me to enter her body. I lied besides her and started caressing her entire body.

Now Neena was so hot that she pulled me on her and bites my ear, I knew I should not waste any time now and go for the final kill (Richa also may getting over impatient outside). I tore off her blue panty and threw it aside and spread her legs and after having a good look at her shaven clit (surprised both had shaven, may be they were ready for this event, how lucky I was), I started eating her wonderful pussy nibbling it and licking her juices which were oozing out of her cunt. Neena had turned very hot as if she was having a fever (sex fever). She again started biting my ear and whispering , AAAHHHH YYAAAA I CAN’T STAND NOW OOOOHHHHH PLZ PUT YOUR COCKKK UUUUFFFFFF I NEED YOU plz jaldi, I can’t stand, put your shaft inside my cunt.

I slipped condom over my cock and started rubbing my armoured cock on her tight pussy. Neena started pulling me impatiently I asked to cool down and slowly started inserting my cock in her cunt. After I inserted it half way Neena started moaning and also crying in pain EEEEEHHHOOOOOOO IT KILLINGGG AAAAHHH

PLZZZZ ITS PANINNG OOOHHHHHHHHHH UUUUFFFFF . But now since I was in control I made no hurry and left it for 2-3 mins in the same position. Now Neena was getting expressions of relief (I knew since she used do lot of cycling and playing games her hymen would not be so stiff). As I saw relief on her face, I gave final jerk and rammed my cock totally inside her tight cunt , Neena groaned and cried UUUFFFF YYYEESSSSSS SSSOOOO SEXYYYY AAAHHHHHH VERY DIFFERENT I AM FEELINGGG GIVE ME MORE FUCK ME MORE I now started pumping and Neena started responding with same vigour from under me. Velamma 27 His Wedding

I was on the top of the world screwing my sexy niece at last and having her under me. My strokes started growing and Neena started moaning louder than before (not bothered at Richa’s presence outside) FAST YAAA MORE FAST COME HARD PRESS MY BOOBS LOVE THEM BITEEE THEM HARD KILL ME TODAYSSS AAAAHHHHH UUUFFFFFFF SUCK MY NIPPLESSS YES SUCK THEN BITE THEM MAKE ME FEEL MORE SEXY PAIN and all other things which in that hush I do not remember, I could feel that her cunt walls were clinching my stiff cock and that she is getting her orgasm YAAA I AM FEELINGGG OOOOOHHH WHAT IS THISSSS FEELINGGGG SEXYYY UUUFFFFF I CAN’T CONTROL NOWWWW .

I also felt my cock and balls getting more heat to cum out and went for the final shot and within 5-6 strokes I exploded in the condom. Neena pulled me over her and gave me a deep kiss, and said now I know why we love you. After 10-15 minutes of cuddling and pressing each other we came out in the drawing room, I and Heena covered in bed sheet. Richa gave us a broad smile and went and hugged Neena and congratulated her on her first experience.

Say an hour had passed (it was 4.30 pm by know ) and both my sexy girls wanted to leave latest by 6pm. We 3 had a bath under shower totally naked , while taking bath Neena made me sit on the stool and Richa came spread her legs near my face. I started licking Richa’s cunt and Neena lied down and took my cock in the mouth and sucked it till my cum filled her mouth. All 3 of us had orgasms one after other and completed a wonderful day. Had my wonderful experience with Neena and Richa. Velamma 27 His Wedding