Velamma 17 The Hunt

Velamma 17 The Hunt

Velamma had had enough of the blackmailer and wants to put an end to the lewd things he makes her do. She confides in Shazia, her friend in the law enforcement and together they form a plan to nab him. But things don’t go as planned and Velamma is at his mercy again.

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Hi friends this my first experience let me first introduce myself my age 23 I am studying for professional course and a graduate my height is 5”10 I am good looking good physics and I am very eager to sex all time lets come to story I have a girlfriend named Resha (name changed) she is average looking 5”1 colors fair we were having good relation ship between us but we were only friends but one day when we are talking general the topic suddenly turned towards sex we have discussed about pass son we came to know that she is still virgin and same here I was too a virgin then I suddenly discover that she is too interested in me but I have changed that topic then I have started getting bulges whenever I use too see here. Velamma 17 The Hunt

I have started discovering her like her looks her behavior and her body then came the time for what I was waiting for higher studies she went to Pune and I followed her then we started meeting and dating we stated liking each other I proposed her and she said yes that day first time I touched her by holding her hands then we came too much close to each other very fast and started discussing each and every thing one day we were in a corner of a park and I kissed her we smooched each other for 30 min we both were sucking each others mouth tongue like anything we have exchanged each others saliva for many times I was in in7th heaven we were doing this first time I was moving my hands on her back.

My hands want to her boobs and I started pressing them she was enjoying it a lot she was wet and we have stop there we decided to have sex on one Sunday we went to a hotel we checked in and when we went to room I have stared kissing her badly and she also responded in same manner on that day she was wearing a jeans t-shirt and I made her remove her t-shirt and I discovered a great thing her boobs were firm and medium size her nipples were brownish and straight pointed and firm they were firm in here bra and looking me ant teasing like they were playing hide and seek with me this encouraged me more I hold them firmly and started pressing them she started moaning like oooohhh aaahhhhh. Velamma 17 The Hunt

This encouraged me more my 9’’inch penis was now rock hard then slowly I removed her bra and playing with them sucking ,biting, and pressing she was too enjoying that then I removed my shirt and pant now I was in my shorts and she was in here jeans I started removing here jeans she hesitated firstly but I convinced here and started removing here jeans she was wearing pink panty I got more excited seeing that then I removed panty too then she hided her love hole with her hand but I removed that hand and started her love hole her clit was stuck to each other I started suck them and then I separated them I noticed that there was a birth mark on here upper thighs I kissed that when I was sucking her clit she got mad she was moaning like anything like oooohhhh uuuummm yes and many more she had just hold my head by my hairs and pressing it more and more she was too wet her love juices started coming out like a pulp.

A have taken all that then I started fingering her but she was too tight but I managed that now I also removed my shots when she saw my dick she was shocked she said “my god you are to big I will die” I told “you will not die but I will ride you in heaven” I told her too suck my dick but she strictly denied I have forced her by seeing her sucking my penis my echo get satisfied and I was feeling more male this made me come in her mouth first she heisted but she liked she has drunk my full load readily at same time she was moaning I have started fingering her she was in heaven then I came on here and separated here legs and guided my dick towards here she said too be cool as these is first time I told her to relax and be calm I guided into her and found to hard I was just 2 inches in she started shouting I neglecting and stand still until she was relaxed. Velamma 17 The Hunt

Then I removed and pumped again I was more 2’’ inches in she started crying and start telling bhar nikal me mar jaunge tune phadke rakh diya mujhe please nikal me mar jaunge and stop mmmmmmar gayeeee all this but I neglected and removed and once again pumped inside with full pressure and locked her mouth with mine I was full in she started shivering I found something wetness there and noticed that blood was coming out I laid on here for 5 minutes then she got relaxed then I kissed here she was still crying with pain then I started pumping here again I increased my speed now she was too wet and moaning like ummmm aaaahhhhhhhh yes come on yes go on be fast more faster this encouraged me and I started at great speed she was also responding me I was about to come.

I picked more speed and I cummed in here I shot my full load in here at that time she just lifted her buttocks it was great she just then lied there and I was up on here we both enjoyed it lot then we both kiss each other for a time being then we went to bathroom and clean each other that bathroom story is again different some other time when we came out she told “thanks for giving me at most satisfaction and making me lady” we both smooched each other then.