Velamma 74 Strip Search

Velamma 74 Strip Search

Velamma is shopping at the mall when she catches the eye of a horny security guard, who plants stolen merchandise on Vela in order to search her sexy body…intimately!”

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Great Holi

I am a professional aged 32 yrs from Bhubaneswar. My wife is also a professional aged 27 yrs. She is at present in Mumbai for a training for 6 months. My sali is about 23 yrs. She has completed her graduation and joined her post graduation. She has a beautiful figure though not very fair. I used to fantasize about her since our marriage 4 yrs back. Velamma 74 Strip Search

I got this golden chance during this Holi. My wife and her mother were away in Mumbai. I reached my in-laws place around 11.30 am my father-in-law was out celebrating Holi at a friend’s place leaving my sali alone at home. She usually doesn’t celebrate Holi so she had already taken her bath and was dressed up in a long skirt & a white top with her hair wet & open giving her a very sexy look.

Seeing me with colors, she started pleading not to put color on her. I agreed to just apply color on her cheek instead so she doesn’t have to take bath again. When I proceeded to apply the color, she suddenly started to run. I followed her and tried to catch her. In the dining hall, I caught hold of her, nailed her down to the floor and applied color to her face and purposefully let some color to slip into her top. Then she struggled out of my clutches and tried to run again but slipped. I tried to hold her so that she did not fall on the ground and injure herself.

In the process, her top got raised and as I was helping her from behind, I accidentally cupped her breasts. After getting up, she ran into the bedroom & locked it. Even though I enjoyed the happenings, I never indented to do that as I was scared of the matter going to the notice of my in-laws & wife. I was scared and so I left immediately hoping she doesn’t disclose it to anyone. I thought to explain it to her at some other time.

I came home and took bath and was changing my clothes when I got a call on my mobile from my in-laws place. I was scared about whether she disclosed the earlier incident to someone. But as her mother & sister were away, I was hopeful as she won’t be disclosing it to her father. But still I was scared. I picked up the phone and she just yelled, “Bhai today what you have done? Just come here immediately”. So I had no option but to rush there hoping to sort out the problem somehow before my father-in-law came back. On the way, I called her and she picked up the phone.I asked her if my father-in-law has returned. She said he will be back only in the evening.

I was very relaxed thinking I have some time to make her understand. When I reached her home, the door was locked. I rang the bell and she opened the door. Seeing me, she smiled and went inside. I followed her. She then asked me what I think about the thing I did in that morning. Was it right? I said it was an accident. She said, no you have to make amends for it. I had no option but to agree. First, she asked me to clean up the color mess in the dining room which I did with a mop. Velamma 74 Strip Search

When I turned around, I was stunned to see she had unbuttoned her top with now only her bare breasts (with colors) in front of me. With a wicked smile, she asked, “Bhai who is going to clean up this mess!”

I couldn’t believe my luck. I went close to her and tried to clean her boobs with my hand. She again smiled and asked me to come to the bathroom and do a proper cleaning.She asked me to leave my clothes outside so that I won’t wet them. Once inside the bathroom, she became topless. I cleaned her breasts with a towel and then with my fingers. I pinched her nipples & massaged her boobs. She started moaning, “aaaahh.. bhai it feels so good”.

I was in a towel and so I turned on the shower and started to apply soap to her glowing body. She was slowly losing control. I thought it was the best occasion to fulfill my fantasy. She also told me that she use to fantasize about such scene with me for some time and so this is her fantasy coming true.

But she told me that she is a virgin and she will only have oral sex. But I was sure to deflower her that day.

Suddenly I removed her skirt and panty in one go. So now there was a virgin standing fully nude in front of me. Immediately, she pulled my towel making me nude too. We hugged each other. My penis were poking her lower belly. She caught hold of it and started massaging it. I asked her how she knew about masturbation. She said, everything is available on the internet. While applying soap to her body, I rubbed her vaginal lips and she was again moaning out of control. She suggested to finish the bath and do a 69 on the bed. I was very happy at that as if she wanted to do this with me since long and had everything to perfection. Velamma 74 Strip Search

I carried my nude sali in my arms and dumped her onto the bed and jumped on her. She said, “no I am a virgin”. I didn’t listen and sucked her breasts one after the other while my one hand started to finger her pussy. I could put one finger in her pussy and she just held me tighter and said, “Bhai what are you doing I am just going crazy”. I said, “I will give you all the pleasure that you always wanted” and kissed her lips pulling her lower lip into my mouth.

I was charging her body and she was not a virgin as I could easily put my finger inside her. She said it could have been because of the horse riding classes she used to take. I agreed it could be but can be otherwise too. She said, “you are very naughty, you are the first adult male who has seen me nude, that too because I wanted this with you”.

I slowly picked up speed in massaging and was observing that she is going out of control easily. I was also feeling the urgency in me. So I started fingering her fast and she started moaning loudly and pulled me towards her tight. I removed my hand from her pussy and asked if she will allow me to just rub the tip of my penis into her vaginal opening for my satisfaction. She said, “yes but don’t put it inside” as she could get pregnant. I said, ok.

Then I asked when she had her periods. She said she will have it in 2-3 days I was much relieved. Then I started to rub my penis tip at the virginal lips. She was going crazy throwing her head both sides and holding one of my hand tight. I also explained to her that as she will menstruate in 2-3 days there is no chance of getting pregnant. I started to rub the penis faster and intermittently pushing it in a little.

Suddenly I saw her expression changing and she moaned, “Bhai please put it in I can’t tolerate it anymore.. please..”.Then I positioned myself in between her legs and with one thrust my dick was inside her and she was in a bit of pain.I continued my strokes slowly and increased my speed. I was fucking her like a bull. She was yelling and so I put my mouth on hers and kissed her while fucking her pussy.

Suddenly she started shivering. I could feel her coming and I could no control myself either and shot my cum deep inside her. She had her orgasm simultaneously and was fully drained out. We slept for about 10 minutes in that position. Then we got up, went to the bathroom and cleaned each other. Then I asked her was it her planning? She said somewhat but not fully.

Once I pinned her down for coloring, she started all the planning. She has seen me fucking my wife once in my in-laws place about 2 yrs back which she had watched through a crack through the window. And she had fantasized about me, and another thing is its safe with jiju as they have to keep it a secret and are experienced. Since then we have fucked many times within last one and half month. I am writing this with her permission and she is here with me. Hope all of you like our first encounter. Velamma 74 Strip Search