Velamma 71 Rohan’s Revenge

Velamma 71 Rohan’s Revenge

Velamma visits the hospital where Ramesh is admitted after an accident. There, his ex-employee, Rohan, who has a grudge on Ramesh, financially aids them and takes his revenge in the process.

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Fucking a Virgin Indian

Hi all! This is Aaditya, 23, from New Delhi this is a true story/incident of my life, if u like this, send ur feedback to “[email protected]”.

It was perfect. God must have sketched this scene like an artist just for me. How amazing every detail was! I was 18 back then, wearing a black shirt and dirty rugged jeans and below that was a pair of worn out black canvas shoes. It was the perfect attire for any occasion if you asked me. I stood there on a muddy lane, surrounded by greenery and on the other side of the lane appeared a girl, barely 17, adorned with clothes of the brightest colors and her ever-so-cute accessories. The way her hair barely touched her shoulders only made her hotter. Her fair skin was almost flawless. She looked like a doll. “here’s your book..” she murmured, handing out a white book to me.

Her eyes looked gleamed with innocence and I watched in awe. I quickly grabbed the book from her. “thanks a lot” I said. She was a friend’s friend and she came that day to return a book she had borrowed from me. She dint have to take such pains to come all the way to the park near my house on a Saturday afternoon, I knew she liked me. I scanned my brain for conversation starters. “so what are you doing now” she asked me. “nothing!!” I shouted. A silly conversation ensued after that for a good 15 minutes and I was too intimidated to make a move. “all right I need to make a move !! ” she said. No ! Don’t go ! – I thought but couldn’t say it aloud. Talk about luck, just then god heard me and it rained.

The most beautiful drizzle ever. “oh man ! I cant go now !” she sighed. It sounded so fake, I knew she wanted to spend time with me. I ran for shelter, looking here and there and there it was- the perfect place. A heap of rocks underneath a blanket of grass and weed. It looked like a warm cave.. She followed me inside. And watched the rain pour down like cats and dogs. “looks like we are stuck” – I said and a smile ran across my face almost instantaneously. Her face turned towards me. Suddenly I felt I looked at angel.. She started talking, and all I could hear was my heart beating heavily.. Her luscious lips moving in slow motion.. Her breasts expanding, the way she moved her legs..

Her hair dripping of cold water and the way they slid down her neck.. I felt my blood heating up and my heart pumping faster than ever. I felt like I smoked pot, everything seemed dreamy..I used up all the tolerance I had I could not resist from pouncing on her anymore. She was busy talking about all useless things I had to make the move..

Everything paced up my mind was exploding with questions and I interrupted her – ” hey ! Are you.. A.. Virgin ?”. She stared at me with shock. There was awkward silence there for a minute. I snapped back to reality and started to sweat.. I wiped off my sweat and was about to apologize to her and get out. Her lips were partly open, she was going to say something. Velamma 71 Rohan’s Revenge

She moved towards me, she grabbed me by the shirt near my chest and pulled with immense force towards her.. I was almost leaning on her. I could hear her breathe..all this happened too fast for me to figure what her intentions were.. She moved her lips towards my ear and whispered-“find out for yourself” she chewed on my ear and moaned ever so slightly. My eyes burst open. I was hard. We had transformed from mere humans to animals. I wondered if it was the same girl with the innocent eyes and a childish smile..she transformed into a tigress..she ripped my shirt open and ran her tongue all over me it was my turn… I removed her t shirt and locked her lips immediately. . We were frozen in time.. Her lips were wet..

I slid down to her neck and bit her. She sighed looking at the roof of the cave..I teased her lips with mine as I removed her white bra. And then I got to see her bare breasts. She looked like a goddess her breasts were big and her perfect pink nipples erected as I came close.. I softened them with my lips and she held my head and pressed me closer to her and moaned..

I bit her nipples and sucked her hard and she moaned louder every time. She looked down at me with huge expectations as I went further down.. I pulled her jeans down and removed her panties and held her ass in my hands..I pulled her pussy towards my mouth and when my wet lips touched her pussy she shuddered.. As though a wave of current traveled across her body. Velamma 71 Rohan’s Revenge

I grabbed her ass and moved my tongue further inside and looked up at her.. She almost screamed and threw her head in the air and her hair flew up and from between her beautiful breasts I saw her moan “fuck!”..she caught my hair like she was falling off a cliff and thrust me further in her pussy and moved her hip like Shakira as I licked her..

I moved my hand up to her breasts as they felt ignored. I squeezed them as I entered her with my tongue. The result was a shrill cry and a shudder that vibrated my body as well.. She panted like she just ran a race.. Her sweat dripped on to my face and she wrapped her long legs around my neck almost strangling me to death every time she had an orgasm. I loved every bit of it. Very soon I found myself kissing her again. This time she was desperate.. She ripped my jeans apart and held my cock in her hands. When she held my cock in her hands and pressed it hard I felt I raced to heaven and got back.. Cum almost exploded but I resisted. I moved towards her and thrust my hips towards hers and she scratched my back with her nails.. Every time I did. I slid my cock into her dripping wet pussy and it was sucked inside as though it craved for one for years.. I began fucking her. All I remember after that was – tears dripping out of her eyes.. Her mouth open and her face towards the sky..

I pulled her hair as I went into her and bit her neck.. She scratched my back several times, her tits stroke my chest every time I squeezed her ass and it felt blissful.. We panted we sweat.. I felt the heat radiating through our bodies..her moaning was a pleasant song to my ears.. And then.. While we kissed.. It happened.. Our eyes wide open. We screamed in union. Our bodies froze. She pierced her nails deep into my back and I held her ass as tight as ever. Vibrations ran throughout our bodies and we shuddered. We felt the earth come to a stand still. Our sexual organs exploded juices onto one another. We saw nothing but white. We heard nothing but silence. All our senses were numb for a moment. Together we felt love.

And it rained like crazy. Sometimes we fall in love at a time when we least expect to. I dressed up and lit a cigarette and smoked. It was the best smoke ever. I turned back to offer her one and she was gone by then. I never heard of her again. I got to know that she had a boyfriend at that time. Funny, how we create relations, commit, distinguish people based on caste creed religion finance etc and yet we meet at the craziest places share the best of times, experience life at such weird moments defying all rules of society. Who scripts all this? Velamma 71 Rohan’s Revenge